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Sri Lanka has a long string of impressive events to mark 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations
Korea and Sri Lanka celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relationship and the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Seoul has a long str...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-01-17 10:59
GM Brender of Grand Hilton hosts informal party for German, Korean celebrities
By Kim Sua, staff reporter of The Korea Post mediaGeneral Manager and Mrs. Bernhard Brender of the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul hos...
Kim Sua  |  2017-01-12 11:47
Korea, Poland have a lot of exchanges and events for the New Year
Ambassador Krzysztof Majka of Poland in Seoul said that there are a lot of exchanges and events slated between Korea and Poland in...
Yoo, Heui-Jin  |  2017-01-09 14:21
Saudi Arabia has many development plans, including the Kingdom's Vision 2030
Ambassador Riyad A. Almubaraky of Saudi Arabia in Seoul said that there are many developmental plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabi...
Yoo, Heui-Jin  |  2017-01-09 14:01
Colombia is developing infrastructure and various other projects, where Korean companies are welcome
“Colombia is currently developing infrastructure projects under the model of Public Private Partnership and we are encouraging eng...
Yoo, Heui-Jin  |  2017-01-09 10:45
Free Trade Agreement between Costa Rica and Korea will form a commercial bridge with great potential
Ambassador Rodolfo Solano Quiros of Costa Rica in Seoul stated that Free Trade Agreement between Costa Rica and Korea will form a ...
Yoo, Heui-Jin  |  2017-01-09 10:34
For Spain, 2017 is full of promises after confirmation of new government
Ambassador Gonzalo Ortiz of Spain in Seoul said 2017 is a year full of promises after the confirmation of the new Spanish Governme...
Yoo, Heui-Jin  |  2017-01-09 10:08
South Africa carries out Nine Point Plan to ignite economic growth, create jobs
Ambassador Nozuko Gloria Bam of South Africa in Seoul said, “We will continue to focus on the areas as mentioned in the 2015 State...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-01-06 18:23
Thailand well on the way to achieve main objectives of reconciliation, reform and elections
Ambassador Sarun Charoensuwan of Thailand in Seoul stated that next year Thailand will continue to see a series of actions or step...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-01-06 18:16
Panama pushes Fourth Bridge project over Panama Canal, a monorail train
Panama has a number of very important projects in the New Year, which include the Fourth Bridge Project over the Panama Canal and ...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-01-06 17:27
Acting President Hwang receives credentials from five newly accredited foreign ambassadors
Acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn received credentials from five new ambassadors to the Republic of Korea at the Presidential office ...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-01-04 17:09
Amb. Hernandez of the Philippines honored with Ambassador of the Year Award
Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez of the Republic of Philippines in Seoul was presented with an Ambassador of the Year Award by the Asi...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-01-04 14:42
Amb. and Mrs. Majka of Poland fulfil six years of successful tour of duty
By Lee Kyung-sikPublisher-Chairman, The Korea Post mediaAmbassador and Mrs. Krzysztof Majka of Poland in Seoul hosted an informal ...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-01-04 08:35
‘Summitries between Korea, Kenya greatly contribute to furthering ties’
On the occasion of the 53rd Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Kenya, Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Gello and Mrs. Khadija Gell...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2016-12-27 18:11
‘Ethiopia adopts Korean model, starts fast economic development, growth’
By Vice-chairman Choe Nam-suk of The Korea Post media“Ethiopia is on the fast economic track and it has adopted the Korean model o...
Choe Nam-suk  |  2016-12-27 11:12
‘Korea, Lebanon to further mutual understanding, cooperation in all areas’
Charge d’Affaires Elias Nicolas of the Republic of Lebanon said, “Equipped with shared values, the Republic of Korea and Lebanon h...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2016-12-26 13:57
Ambassador and Mrs. Majka leave Korea, leaving their heart behind here
By Lee Kyung-sikPublisher-Chairman, The Korea Post mediaAmbassador and Mrs. Zofia Majka of Poland in Seoul hosted a year-end party...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2016-12-20 15:40
Finland celebrates the 100th anniversary of national foundation next year
Ambassador EeroSuominenof Finland in Seoul hosted a reception at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Dec. 6, 2016 with the attendance of m...
Yoo, Heui jin  |  2016-12-19 18:23
Outlook of Laos is bright with 7.9% economic growth every year
The following are excerpts from an interview with Ambassador Khamsouay Keodalavong of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic in Seou...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2016-12-19 13:53
Paraguay invites Korean companies to aggressively explore her market
Ambassador Irieneo Raul Silvero Silvagni of the Republic of Paraguay in Seoul said that his government encourages Korean companies...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2016-12-16 17:07
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