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‘Tajikistan-Korea relations built on strong friendship, mutual respect and interests’
By Sean KimStaff reporter Ambassador Sharifzoda Yusuf of the Republic of Tajikistan said, “I would like with great pleasure to emp...
Sean Kim  |  2017-04-20 19:27
To promote relations, friendship and cooperation between Korea, Middle East
The following article was contributed to The Korea Post media for publication by Professor Kim Jong-Do of Myongji University in Se...
Sean Kim  |  2017-04-19 15:05
Pence warns against N. Korea testing Trump's resolve
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Monday warned North Korea against testing America's mettle with its saber-rattling, saying W...
Yoo Heui-Jin  |  2017-04-17 17:56
N.K. says it will conduct nuke test when leader decides: report
North Korea's vice foreign minister said that the country will conduct another nuclear test at any time upon the leadership...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-04-14 15:08
Tillerson says Carl Vinson carries 'no particular objective'
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group heading to the Korean Peni...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-04-13 08:51
White House: U.S. strikes on Syria show Trump's policy on N. Korea will be different
Last week's U.S. missile strikes on Syria show President Donald Trump will also be different from his predecessors in dealing ...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-04-13 08:49
Japan amb. to meet vice foreign minister amid girl statue controversy
Japan's top envoy to South Korea will pay a visit to a senior foreign ministry official on Monday in an apparent bid to voice ...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-04-10 18:24
U.S. commander confident in intercepting N.K. missiles
The U.S. military is capable of intercepting North Korean missiles before they reach U.S. targets, the commander of the U.S. North...
Park So-jin  |  2017-04-07 09:17
Trump kicks off crucial first meetings with China's Xi
U.S. President Donald Trump greeted Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday, kicking off a series of crucial first meetings where...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-04-07 09:13
Trump to pitch for China to use leverage over N. Korea
U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday he will try to persuade China to use its leverage over North Korea when he holds meeting...
Park Ho-min  |  2017-04-07 09:06
U.S. senators urge Trump to use summit with Xi to end Beijing's retaliation against S. Korea over THAAD
A bipartisan group of U.S. senators on Tuesday urged President Donald Trump to use his upcoming summit with Chinese President Xi J...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-04-05 09:49
ASAS joins Red Cross Gala Auction with Madam of the PM, bridges gaps between Korea and different countries
There is a very important attribute of virtue among the ladies in Korea, which is called Naejo (literally, ‘domestic support’). Na...
Yoo Heui-Jin  |  2017-04-04 18:48
Liberal party urges parliamentary inspection of land-swap deal for THAAD
South Korea's liberal Democratic Party on Monday renewed its call for a parliamentary inspection of the ongoing deployment of ...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-04-03 15:34
S. Korea, U.S., Japan hold joint drills against N. Korean submarines
South Korea, the United States and Japan on Monday began a combined naval exercise against North Korea's growing submarine thr...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-04-03 15:21
North Korea will be 'most important' topic for Trump-Xi summit: U.S. envoy
How to deal with North Korea will be "the most important conversation" when U.S. President Donald Trump holds talks with Chinese P...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-04-03 08:44
Russian envoy calls for restraint amid tensions on Korean Peninsula
The top Russian envoy in South Korea called on all relevant countries on Wednesday to exercise restraint from any action that coul...
Park So-Yeon  |  2017-03-29 16:25
U.S. House speaker picks N. Korea as one of four biggest threats facing U.S.
U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan picked North Korea as one of the four biggest threats facing the United States, saying the communist ...
Yoo Heui-Jin  |  2017-03-29 08:49
N. Korea asks Russia to help reopen nuclear talks: RFA
North Korea's deputy nuclear negotiator Choe Son-hui recently met a visiting advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Py...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-24 11:55
Tillerson told China its retaliation on S. Korea over THAAD is 'uncalled for': U.S. official
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has delivered a strong message to China that it is "uncalled for" for Beijing to retaliate a...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-22 14:01
Results of U.S. review of N. Korea policy to come 'sooner than later': senior NSC official
Results of the U.S. review of options to deal with North Korea will come out "sooner than later," a senior White House official sa...
Park So-min  |  2017-03-22 08:40
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