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Mahalla - An important element of civil society
A traditional self-government body known as Mahalla is the most important civil institution in modern Uzbekistan. Based on centuri...
이경식 기자  |  2015-10-15 09:51
‘Food is so tasty I wouldn’t have noticed if my husband died right beside me!’
Chef de Cuisine Bernard Butz of the Millennium Seoul Hilton rewrote a time-honored traditional Korean saying that is said in prais...
이경식 기자  |  2015-10-12 08:55
Experience the power of Ginseng at Taipan
Ginseng has been touted to have many benefits when consumed ? from boosting immunity to lowering blood sugar. An endurance booster...
이경식 기자  |  2015-10-05 16:44
Kenyans hold Annual General MeetingduringChuseok
By Jackson Ngari, Kenya Community in Korea (KCK) held anAnnual General Meeting (AGM) during the Chuseok holiday on Sept. 26, 2015,...
이경식 기자  |  2015-10-05 09:07
Saudi Arabia celebrates 85th National Day at a reception
Charge d’Affaires Fahad Almutairi of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Seoul hosted a luncheon reception at the spacious Dynasty Hall...
이경식 기자  |  2015-10-05 08:59
Chief Presidential Advisor extols envoys for introducing Korea to outside world
The then Special Advisor Kim Deo-gyong to President Lee Myung-bak at Cheong Wa Dae on National Unity in 2009 extoled the 70 ambass...
이경식 기자  |  2015-10-03 15:06
Attending the opening ceremony of 3rd Goseong Dinosaur World Expo
Some 50 ambassadors, spouses and other senior members of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps (SDC) attended the opening ceremony of the 3rd...
이경식 기자  |  2015-10-03 15:02
Namyangju kicks off a large international food festival on Oct. 8
You might have noticed, if you have watched Korean TVs, that almost all the TVs and other print and digital media in Korea are all...
이경식 기자  |  2015-10-02 18:27
Uzbekistan hosts international investment forum in Tashkent on Nov. 5-6
The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan is pleased to announce that it will host an International Investment Forum on Nov. 5-...
이경식 기자  |  2015-10-01 15:47
Kenyans hold Annual General Meeting during Chuseok
By Jackson Ngari, Vice Chairman of Kenya Community in KoreaKenya Community in Korea (KCK) held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) dur...
이경식 기자  |  2015-10-01 10:10
Kenyans plan annual general meeting during Chuseok
By Jackson NgariKenya Community in Korea (KCK) will hold itsAnnual General Meeting (AGM) during the Chuseok holiday on Sept. 26, 2...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-30 10:25
Korea’s largest folk religious (shaman) music, dance at Ansan Culture Center
The 9th Ansan Seonghwang Folk Religious Rite and Dance Festival is scheduled to be opened at the Dalmaji Theater of the Ansan Cult...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-30 10:08
Mungyeong to develop eco-friendly agriculture and tourism industries
As an urban-rural complex mid-sized city, Mungyeong is actively transforming its major industry from agriculture into the sixth industry. Leveraging its remarkable achievements and...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-30 09:21
Muhammadu Buhari, President Federal Republic of Nigeria
Nigeria’s newly inaugurated President Muhammadu Buhari commences the task of rebuilding Africa’s largest economy as a tall order in his inaugural address Buhari inaugurated as Nige...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-30 09:14
Saudi Arabia marks 85th National Day with development renaissance is apace
This year’s 85th anniversary of the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comes at a time when the development renaissance in the Kingdom is continuing apace. Indeed, the fou...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-30 09:08
Victorious Battle of Dabudong responsible for today’s free Korea
The Republic of Korea (ROK),a prosperous,free, democratic country with theworld’s 13th largest economy, wouldn’t be existing today...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-30 08:56
The Korea Post
The Korea Post expands its coverage of the international students in Korea. It is because the international students are invaluable assets to Korea and the countries where they com...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-30 08:41
Who will win in the National Assembly and Presidential elections?
By Lee Kyung-sik Publisher, The Korea PostWhich party will win in the 20th-term National Assembly general elections on April 13 next year and in the Presidential elections in Decem...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-30 08:37
‘World People’s Conference on Climate Change, Defense of Life’
The “World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Defense of Life” will be held in Tiquipaya, Cochabamba, Bolivia from 10 t...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-25 08:44
Chile first country in Latin America to recognize the Republic of Korea
Chile first country in Latin America to recognize the Republic of KoreaAmbassador Hernan Brantes Glavic of Chile hosted a reception at the Waterfall Garden of Grand Hyatt Seoul on ...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-22 12:04
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