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기사 (전체 335건)
Acting president reiterates vow to create jobs, enhance welfare
SEOUL, Jan. 9 (Yonhap) -- Acting President and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn on Monday reiterated the government's commitment t...
Yoo, Heui-Jin  |  2017-01-09 16:15
N. Korea warns it may launch ICBM at any time, any place chosen by Kim Jong-il
SEOUL, Jan. 9 - The North Korean regime on Sunday said it may launch its long-range missile at any time and anywhere its leaders c...
Yoo, Heui-Jin  |  2017-01-09 09:15
We’ll shoot down any NK missiles flying toward US or allies.
SEOUL, Jan. 9 - Defense Secretary Ash Carter of the United States vowed Sunday to shoot down any North Korean missile that flies t...
Yoo, Heui-Jin  |  2017-01-09 09:10
U.S. says it’s fully capable of defending against NK missiles
SEOUL, Jan. 9 - The United States said Sunday that it is fully capable of defending against North Korean missiles after the commun...
Yoo, Heui-Jin  |  2017-01-09 09:06
Saenuri political doyens urge President Park to step down
Reports indicate that leading figures of the so-called pro-Park group of political doyens such as Reps. Suh Chung-won, Choi Kyung-...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2016-11-30 11:58
National elders urge President Park to step down by next April
A total of over 20 former prime ministers, National Assembly speakers and other top leaders of the Republic of Korea had an emerge...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2016-11-28 10:35
Top jaebeol chairmen are trembling with fear for their support to Madam Choi
“Chairmen of Korea’s top jaebeol business groups are trembling with extreme fear,” said Chosun Ilbo, a leading Korean-language daily said this morning (Nov. 9). Trembling are the b...
한순오  |  2016-11-09 10:48
‘I will appoint whomever ruling, opposition and ruling parties jointly recommend'
President Park Geun-hye agreed on Nov. 8, 2016 that she would cancel her appointment of Kim Byong-joon as prime minister and appoi...
한순오  |  2016-11-08 16:22
Opposition camp now wants President Park to step down all together
The opposition camp now no longer wants the withdrawal of President Park Geun-hye from active duty to the ‘second line’ but to ste...
이경식 기자  |  2016-11-07 10:42
PM-designate says, “I will use my power to the fullest possible extent”
“I will use my power 100% and form an all-party cabinet,” disclosed newly appointed Prime Minister Kim Byong-joon at an informal m...
이경식 기자  |  2016-11-04 10:08
President Park appoints opposition-oriented man as new PM
Newly appointed Prime Kim Byong-joon served as a policy secretary to the late President Roh Mu-hyeon's, a liberal figure who i...
이경식 기자  |  2016-11-02 12:12
President Park reshuffles PM, DPM
President Park Geun-hye appointed yesterday Prof. Kim Byong-joon of Kook University as new prime minister to succeed former PM Hwa...
이경식 기자  |  2016-11-02 11:09
President Park makes a deep apology for the inappropriate acts by Mrs. Choi, others
The Korean-language newspapers editorially questioned the existence of merit in the statements made by President Park Geun-hye fol...
이경식 기자  |  2016-10-31 17:52
'Regardless of the reason, I am very sorry for causing concerns, shock and pain to the people?
President Park Geun-hye made an apology on Oct. 25, 2016 concerning the leaking of confidential documents including key Presidential speeches to Mrs. Choi Soon-sil. Excerpts from h...
이경식 기자  |  2016-10-31 17:44
No free meal over W30,000; gift over W50,000 or cash W100,000
By Lee Kyung-sikPublisher, The Korea Post Korean government officials, journalists, school teachers and other people in public ser...
이경식 기자  |  2016-09-26 11:15
Fair ruling on the Philippines lawsuit against China awaited
On January 22, 2013, the Philippines, as a member of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), filed a lawsuit against China to the Arbitral Tribunal, cons...
이경식 기자  |  2016-07-05 17:54
Moon, Ahn will soon begin their bout ‘outside the ring’
Ahn Cheol-soo quit the second opposition People’s Party as its co-chairman yesterday (June 30). What is he really up to? Does he r...
이경식 기자  |  2016-06-30 11:27
People’s Party Co-chairmen Ahn, Chun quit the top party post
Co-Chairman Ahn Cheol-soo and Chun Jung-bae of the second opposition People’s Party announced today (June 29) that they were quitt...
이경식 기자  |  2016-06-29 14:22
UN Chief Ban leads opinion polls as Korea’s next President
In many latest public opinion polls on the Presidential hopefuls in Korea, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations lea...
이경식 기자  |  2016-06-08 11:05
Korea, Iran sign economic cooperation MOUs totaling $37.1 billion
President Park Geun-hye returned to Korea on May 4, 2016 from her official state visit to Iran reportedly achieving a huge success...
이경식 기자  |  2016-05-10 14:17
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