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기사 (전체 355건)
Joint Korean women's table tennis team takes bronze at worlds
The joint Korean women's table tennis team won the bronze medal at the world championships in Sweden on Friday.The combined sq...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2018-05-05 09:05
Trump hints at possible release of 3 U.S. detainees in N.K.
U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday hinted at the possibility of the release of three U.S. detainees in North Korea."As everyb...
Hwi Won  |  2018-05-03 16:59
N.K. leader understands denuclearization should involve inspection: Seoul official
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appears to understand that the process of the North's denuclearization needs to entail inspect...
Hwi Won  |  2018-05-02 17:44
Cheong Wa Dae says U.S. Forces Korea will stay even after peace treaty
A presidential aide said Wednesday that U.S. troops will continue to be stationed in South Korea even if a peace treaty is signed ...
Kim Sua  |  2018-05-02 10:12
N. Korea holds meeting of senior officials on new strategic line
North Korea has held a meeting of senior party, state and military officials to discuss ways to push for its new strategic line on...
Kim Sua  |  2018-05-01 13:48
U.S. has Libya model in mind for N.K. denuclearization: Bolton
The United States is considering using the model of Libya's denuclearization in upcoming negotiations with North Korea over it...
Won Hwi  |  2018-04-30 09:16
Pompeo: U.S. has obligation to pursue diplomacy with N. Korea
The United States has an obligation to engage in diplomacy with North Korea to find a peaceful solution to its nuclear weapons iss...
Kim Sua  |  2018-04-30 09:14
Can North Korea's 'treasured sword' be bargained away?
Despite Friday's cross-border summit affirming the shared goal of complete denuclearization, skepticism lingers over whether N...
Kim Sua  |  2018-04-29 04:42
N. Korean leader's wife attends dinner after historic summit
Ri Sol-ju, the wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, joined her husband Friday on the southern side of the inter-Korean border ...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2018-04-28 08:30
U.S. hopes Koreas' summit will lead to peace, prosperity on peninsula: White House
The White House expressed hope Thursday that the two Koreas' summit will lead to peace and prosperity on the peninsula."On the...
Kim Sua  |  2018-04-27 10:27
N.K. leader makes historic crossing of inter-Korean border for summit
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un emerged from a veil of secrecy Friday as he made a rare appearance at the tense inter-Korean borde...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2018-04-27 10:05
N.K. leader to 'open-heartedly' talk with Moon at summit: state media
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will "open-heartedly" discuss pending inter-Korean issues with South Korean President Moon Jae-in ...
Kim Sua  |  2018-04-27 09:11
Leaders to explore ways to improve inter-Korean ties at summit
South and North Korea are expected to discuss ways to advance their relations at this week's summit, but tough international s...
Kim Sua  |  2018-04-26 09:13
Trump says 'long way' from conclusion on N. Korea
U.S. President Donald Trump said Sunday that the North Korean nuclear crisis is far from over, but the regime's willingness to...
Kim Sua  |  2018-04-23 09:26
North Korean leader shifts policy focus to economy
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appears to be shifting his policy focus to lifting the North's threadbare economy, amid brisk ...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2018-04-22 08:23
EU welcomes N.K's decision to stop nuclear, missile tests
The European Union (EU) on Saturday welcomed North Korea's decision to stop its nuclear and missile tests and close an atomic test site, calling the move a "positive, long soug...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2018-04-22 08:17
N. Korea's nuke suspension brightens S. Korean economic outlook
North Korea's decision to halt nuclear tests is expected to ease uncertainties related to geopolitical risks in the South Kore...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2018-04-22 08:13
N.K. announces freeze on nuclear, missile tests, shutdown of nuke test site
North Korea said Saturday that it has decided to suspend nuclear and missile tests and shut down its atomic test site, in a surpri...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2018-04-21 09:05
N.K. set for key party meeting ahead of summits with S. Korea, U.S.
North Korea is set to hold a plenary meeting of its ruling party Friday, drawing keen attention over whether it will send a messag...
Kim Sua  |  2018-04-20 09:23
Trump: Pompeo met N. Korean leader, formed 'good relationship'
U.S. President Donald Trump confirmed Wednesday that his secretary of state-designate met with North Korea's leader, saying th...
Won Hwi  |  2018-04-19 09:17
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