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기사 (전체 441건)
N. Korea defends space development as 'legitimate right'
North Korea on Monday defended its push for space development as a "legitimate" exercise of its rights, sparking speculation that ...
Kim Sua  |  2017-12-26 08:43
N. Korean leader calls for fight against 'non-socialist' elements
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has called for a fight to root out "non-socialist" elements in the society, its media reported Sun...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-12-25 08:51
Resolution 2397 may cut N. Korea's annual exports by $250 mln: Seoul official
The latest United Nations sanctions are expected to cut North Korea's foreign currency revenue from exports by approximately U...
Kim Sua  |  2017-12-24 07:35
N.K. warns U.S. will deeply regret its security strategy
North Korea on Friday lambasted the recent U.S. security strategy report, threatening to make the country bitterly regret its bell...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-12-22 16:40
Satellite imagery shows little evidence of long gas lines in N. Korea: U.S. think tank
Satellite imagery shows little evidence that new sanctions caused a shortage of petrol in North Korea, forcing North Koreans to st...
Kim Sua  |  2017-12-22 08:37
N.K. rejects claim it is developing biological weapons
North Korea on Wednesday rejected U.S. allegations that it is developing biological weapons, saying that the claim is part of Washington's scheme to stifle the regime.The Trump...
Shin Eugenia  |  2017-12-21 08:48
NK leader visits mausoleum for late father, vows 'fight' for strong nation
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited a Pyongyang mausoleum on the weekend to pay tribute to his late father, marking the sixth ...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-12-18 09:42
Think tank predicts N.K. may gradually seek compromise over nuke program
North Korea may shift to compromising alternatives for its nuclear weapons development next year in the face of U.S. threats of mi...
Shin Eugenia  |  2017-12-15 17:23
S. Korea on alert for N. Korea's provocations
South Korea's defense ministry said Friday North Korea is likely to continue with military provocations, such as further missi...
Kim Sua  |  2017-12-09 02:02
U.S. rejects doubt about participation in PyeongChang Olympics
The United States said Thursday it is looking forward to participating in the Winter Olympics in South Korea's PyeongChang, af...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-12-08 09:00
N. Korea foreign minister meets senior U.N. official in Pyongyang
North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho had a meeting with a senior U.N. official in Pyongyang, the North's official news age...
Kim Sua  |  2017-12-08 08:57
N.K. warns it will not avoid war with U.S. though it does not want one
North Korea has slammed U.S. officials' condemnation over its nuclear and missile programs, warning that Pyongyang will not av...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-12-07 09:58
U.S. weekly Time shortlists Kim, Trump for Person of the Year
U.S. weekly Time on Monday announced the 10 finalists for this year's Person of the Year, including North Korean leader Kim Jo...
Kim Sua  |  2017-12-05 09:11
Trump will 'take care of' N. Korea by unilateral action if necessary: McMaster
U.S. President Donald Trump will "take care of" the growing nuclear threat from North Korea by taking unilateral action if necessa...
Kim Sua  |  2017-12-04 08:53
NK leader: No barrier for our weapons program
Emboldened by North Korea's successful test flight of a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) last week, the country&#...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-12-03 11:28
N. Koreans celebrate missile test
North Koreans dance on the streets of Pyongyang on Nov. 30, 2017, in this photo in celebration of their country's claimed succ...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-12-02 11:30
President Moon commends JSA troops over defection of N. Korean soldier
President Moon Jae-in on Friday met with a group of South Korean and U.S. soldiers guarding the border with North Korea to commend...
Kim Sua  |  2017-12-02 11:20
Moon, Trump agree to bring N. Korea to dialogue table thru sanctions, pressure
President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed to continue strong pressure and sanctions against North Korea to brin...
Kim Sua  |  2017-12-01 09:47
N. Korea fires ballistic missile: S. Korea's military
North Korea fired an apparent long-range missile from an area north of Pyongyang early Wednesday, resuming its provocations after ...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-11-29 08:54
N.K. may announce completion of nuke force within 1 year: Seoul official
South Korea's unification minister said Tuesday that North Korea may announce its completion of nuclear force within one year ...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-11-28 18:19
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