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기사 (전체 133건)
PM orders egg farms not following food safety standards to be strictly dealt with
South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon on Saturday said local authorities should deal strictly with egg producers who are not com...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-08-19 15:44
Envoys, spouses invited to Hanseong-Baekje Culture Festival 2017 on Sept. 24
By Kim Su-AStaff reporter, The Korea PostAmbassadors and their spouses are invited to attend the spectaclar final-day ceremony of ...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-08-18 12:31
Songpa-gu hosts Hanseong-Baekje Cultural Festival 2017 in September
The Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival will be held on September 21~24 at the World Peace Gate Plaza of Olympic Park and its vicini...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-08-17 13:55
Namyangju hosts International Slow Life Convention on Sept. 22-26 this year
Namyangju – the city that follows the Slow Life trend, will host an International Slow Life Conventionwithin the'Food, C...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-07-21 11:39
Heavy downpour soaks S. Korea's central region
South Korea was drenched with torrential rain on Saturday, as the country has entered into its summer rainy season for this year.T...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-07-08 18:25
Yangpyeong County promotes healing-oriented Health Tour programs
Aiming to create new jobs and invigorate regional economy, the Yangpyeong County is developing the health tour business of new con...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-06-28 16:21
Jeju Government plans to turn Jeju into world’s first carbon-free island by 2030
Question: Jeju's Government is moving ahead with a “Carbon Free Initiative by 2030," an initiative designed to turn Jeju new i...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-06-27 16:51
A Slow Life journey
By Choi Hyun-deokDeputy Mayor, Namyangju cityI, along with Namyangju officials, flew southward for half a day. The first thing tha...
Deputy Mayor Choi Hyun-deok  |  2017-06-22 08:53
63 envoys, other diplomats visit Cheong-Song, see local culture, Customs, festival
A total of 63 ambassadors, senior diplomats and spouses visited Cheongsong County in Gyeongsangbukdo on May 1, 2010 to attend the ...
Kim Hyung-dae  |  2017-06-10 16:05
Wando putting final touches on int'l seaweed expo
The South Korean island of Wando is putting the finishing touches on an international seaweed-themed expo in the runup to its open...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-16 15:02
Hwacheon to kick off 2017 Sancheoneo Ice Festival on Jan. 14
Positioned in northeastern part of South Korea adjacent to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between South and North Korea, Hwacheon Co...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2016-12-23 17:33
Namwon, home of chaste woman, Chunhyang, now Korean mecca of cosmetics
Leveraging clean natural environment and cultural heritages, the City will invigorate regional economy by promoting eco-friendly c...
이경식 기자  |  2016-10-27 16:59
Jeollanam-do wins much-coveted top award in job creation
By Prof. Song Bang-whanThe southwestern province of Jeollanam-do of theRepublic of Korea stunned everyone late last May winning th...
Song Bangwhan  |  2016-09-19 15:41
Governor Kim Kwan-yong, Mayor Baek Seun-ki invite ambassadors to Nakdong River Peace Festival on Sept. 30
Governor Kim Kwan-yong of the Gyeongsangnam-do Province (power seat province of President Park Geun-hye) and Mayor Bak Seung-ki of...
이경식 기자  |  2016-08-30 17:50
Yecheon World Insect Expo draws a total of 620,000 visitors
The World Inspect Expo Yecheon 2016 drew a total of 620,000 visitors in the 17-day run through August 16, 2016. In a special state...
이경식 기자  |  2016-08-23 11:14
“UN termed insects ‘Little Domestic Animals’ and unlimited potential of growth”
By Lee Kyung-sik, Publisher-Chairman, The Korea Post“The insect industry is a bio industry and it is a future-oriented industry wi...
이경식 기자  |  2016-08-04 11:01
Ambassadors, senior diplomats attend Boryeong Mud Festival
Ambassadors Mohamed Salim Alharthy of Oman, Mohammed El Amine Derragui of Algeria, Gerhard Sabathil of the European Union and Pete...
이경식 기자  |  2016-07-20 17:01
'Pyeongtaek will be one of Korea's most attractive and dynamic cities’
On the occasion of the 21st Pyeongtaek Citizens’ Day, The Korea Post had an exclusive interview with Mayor Kong Jae-kwang of the C...
이경식 기자  |  2016-07-19 11:05
Yecheon County government hosts World Insect Expo Yecheon 2016
Located at the foot of 1,430-meter high Mt. Sobaek in southeastern part of Korea, Yecheon County has been preserving clean environ...
이경식 기자  |  2016-06-14 10:24
Yangpyeong successfully hosts 7th Yongmun Edible Greens Festival
Designated as the first special zone for eco-friendly agriculture and clean environment, the Yangpyeong County served as the venue...
이경식 기자  |  2016-06-10 15:07
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