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기사 (전체 900건)
S. Korea expresses strong regret over Japanese distortion of military pact deal
South Korea and Japan clashed Sunday over an agreement on keeping their military information-sharing pact alive, casting a pall on...
Cho kyung-hee  |  2019-11-25 09:15
Top diplomats of S. Korea, U.S. hold phone talks on GSOMIA, defense cost sharing
The top diplomats of South Korea and the United States held telephone talks late Thursday and discussed a soon-to-expire military ...
Cho kyung-hee  |  2019-11-22 09:05
NSC to discuss post-GSOMIA strategy
South Korea's top security officials will hold a weekly meeting Thursday that is expected to focus on security cooperation in ...
Cho kyung-hee  |  2019-11-21 09:12
Biegun believes N.K. can still make choice to denuclearize
U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun said Wednesday that he has not seen concrete evidence that North Korea ...
Cho kyung-hee  |  2019-11-21 09:03
“Sultan steers Oman to safety, stability, security, prosperity despite challenges”
By Industry Editor Sung Jung-wook On Nov. 20, 2019, Ambassador Mohamed Selim Alharthy of Oman in Seoul hosts a reception at the Lo...
Sung Jung-wook  |  2019-11-19 11:33
U.S. appears to be reviewing options for success of N.K. talks: minister
The United States appears to be reviewing various options for the success of denuclearization negotiations with North Korea, Seoul...
Paul Kim  |  2019-11-19 09:11
N. Korea rejects nuclear talks before U.S. withdraws hostile policy
North Korea said Tuesday it has no interest in denuclearization negotiations with the United States unless Washington drops its "h...
Cho kyung-hee  |  2019-11-19 09:09
Trump urges N.K. leader to 'act quickly,' 'get deal done'
U.S. President Donald Trump urged North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Sunday to "act quickly" and reach a deal with him on dismantl...
Paul Kim  |  2019-11-18 09:11
U.S. defense secretary open to altering military activity in S. Korea
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Wednesday that he is open to altering military activity in South Korea if it helps diplomat...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-11-14 09:05
U.S. JCS chairman addresses questions about troop presence in S. Korea, Japan
U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley has said the American public poses questions about why the United States shou...
Paul Kim  |  2019-11-12 09:11
Allies working on 'contingency plans' over N. Korea's year-end deadline ultimatum: Cheong Wa Dae
The United States is trying hard to coax North Korea into restarting nuclear talks, as South Korea is also quite "serious" about t...
Paul Kim  |  2019-11-11 09:17
U.S. Defense Secretary Esper to visit S. Korea next week
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper will travel to South Korea next week for annual defense ministers' talks ahead of the expiry...
Paul Kim  |  2019-11-08 09:13
U.S. envoy for N.K. travels to Moscow to discuss denuclearization efforts
U.S. Special Envoy for North Korea Mark Lambert is traveling to Moscow this week to meet with Russian officials and discuss effort...
Paul Kim  |  2019-11-07 09:09
Top U.S. diplomat for Asia to meet Seoul officials amid looming GSOMIA expiry
The top American diplomat for East Asia was set to meet a series of senior South Korean officials in Seoul on Wednesday amid a U.S...
Paul Kim  |  2019-11-06 09:07
ASAS promotes better understanding, support and friendship among members, Korean society
By Publisher Lee Kyung-sik with VC Cho Kyung-hee, Reporter Sung Jung-wook The Korea Post recently interviewed Chairperson Flavia-A...
Sung Jung-wook  |  2019-11-05 16:32
U.S. underscores commitment to Indo-Pacific region after RCEP deal
The United States Monday underscored its commitment to free trade with the Indo-Pacific region after a bloc of nations led by Chin...
Paul Kim  |  2019-11-05 09:09
Uzbekistan actively implements recommendations of the U.N. Human Rights Council Working Group
By Artur Valeev and Ms. Ikbol YusupovaIn May 2018, at the thirtieth session of the Human Rights Council (HRC), Uzbekistan submitted its Third National Report as part of the Univers...
Cho kyung-hee  |  2019-11-01 14:33
No behind-the-scenes talks under way between U.S., N.K.: ambassador
The United States and North Korea do not appear to have had behind-the-scenes discussions since their working-level denuclearizati...
Cho kyung-hee  |  2019-11-01 09:03
7 missing in chopper crash near Dokdo
Seven South Koreans were still unaccounted for Friday morning, hours after a chopper carrying them crashed into waters near the Do...
Kim Do-kyun  |  2019-11-01 08:59
Elections will be observed by the full-scale mission of international organization
By Chairman M. Abdusalomov of the Central Election Commission of UzbekistanThe most important factor in the open and transparent d...
Sung Jung-wook  |  2019-10-31 11:39
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