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기사 (전체 550건)
Ilsung Construction to expand internationally and become a ‘Global Total Developer’
Since the inauguration of the President Horacio Cartes in August 2013, Paraguay has quickly shifted away from agriculture and live...
Sean Kim  |  2017-05-28 15:09
Seoul Milk marks 80th anniversary; 'Me100%' is a promise of 80-years
Seoul Dairy Cooperative (President Young-hon Sung) launched major customer appreciation event dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of...
Sean Kim  |  2017-05-28 11:58
WGEO launches global platform for smart & sustainable cities in Seoul
The World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Ministe...
Sean Kim  |  2017-05-25 18:02
S. Korea's seaport cargo up 6.6 pct in April
Cargo processed at South Korean seaports gained ground last month from a year earlier on brisk outbound shipments, government data...
Lee Sung-won  |  2017-05-25 11:26
Retailers plan more hirings as gov't emphasizes job creation
Leading retailers are planning more hirings this year in step with the new government's emphasis on jobs and employment stabil...
Lee Sung-won  |  2017-05-24 10:03
Fathers much less committed to parenting: study
Fathers are far less committed than mothers to everyday parenting, such as taking part in a child's school events, a local stu...
Lee Sung-won  |  2017-05-22 14:16
More than 36 pct of people in public firms are non-regular, outsourced workers
More than 36 percent of people hired by South Korean public firms and institutions are non-regular or outsourced workers as of las...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-05-20 10:57
Egg prices rise on supply concerns
Local egg prices were rising again with the country yet to stabilize the market following the latest outbreak of bird flu, officia...
Lee Sung-won  |  2017-05-18 10:00
Credit card spending soars 13.7 pct in March
South Korea's credit card spending jumped nearly 14 percent in March from a year ago on higher oil prices and a rise in the nu...
Lee Sung-won  |  2017-05-17 09:50
New gov't set to adopt cap on household debt
South Korea's new Moon Jae-in government will push to introduce a cap on household debt to prevent it from rising further and ...
Lee Sung-won  |  2017-05-15 10:54
Moon to focus on Big 4 in chaebol reform
Moon Jae-in, who is sure to be South Korea's next president, is expected to focus on the country's four biggest conglomera...
Park Byung-uk  |  2017-05-10 06:39
Samsung Heavy resumes operations after deadly crane accident
Samsung Heavy Industries Co. said it partially resumed operations Saturday, after being shut down for six days following a deadly ...
Kim Hyung-dae  |  2017-05-07 08:44
Lotte facing huge loss in China over THAAD retaliation
Lotte Group is facing huge losses as its outlets in China have remained closed for about two months over Beijing's apparent re...
Kim Su  |  2017-05-05 15:38
S. Korea, Japan, China vow to resist protectionism
Chief financial policymakers of South Korea, Japan and China have vowed to fight against "all forms of protectionism" amid growing...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-05-05 15:28
LG set to focus on high-end products for home appliances
LG Electronics Inc., which posted a robust operating profit for the first quarter, especially in the home appliances business, is ...
Park Byung-uk  |  2017-05-04 10:39
S. Korea's current account surplus narrows to US$5.93 bln in March
South Korea's current account surplus narrowed in March from a year earlier due to an increased deficit in the service balance...
Kim Kang-soo  |  2017-05-04 10:36
S. Korean retailers bet on outlets for new growth
South Korean retailers are betting on suburban outlets to secure a new profit driver as they find little room for growth in the do...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-05-03 11:38
Samsung's Galaxy S8 sales hit 22,200 units on Saturday
Sales of Samsung Electronics Co.'s new flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone stood at about 22,200 units on Saturday in South Korea, i...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-04-30 16:49
All candidates vow efforts For successful achievement of Fourth Industrial Revolution
Presidential Candidate Ahn Cheol-soo of the People’s Party repeatedly reiterated the importance and urgency to actively meet the r...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-04-26 18:28
Korea’s waterproof technology of underground structures to register as world standard
Incidence of sinkholes is on the rise mainly in large cities with dense population in Korea. Sinkholes sharply increased from a do...
Yoo Heui-Jin  |  2017-04-26 16:31
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