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Trump likely to visit major U.S. base in S. Korea
U.S. President Donald Trump is likely to visit American troops at a newly expanded U.S. military base in South Korea next month, a...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-24 09:16
Viet Nam has a highly open, dynamic economy eyeing for world’s 10th fastest-growing economy
The following article was provided to The Korea Post media by the Embassy of Viet Nam in Seoul for publication.—Ed.Hosting A...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-10-23 16:15
S. Korean defense chief in Philippines for ASEAN meeting
South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo arrived in the Philippines on Monday to join a high-level regional security forum.Nor...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-23 08:51
Ex-U.S. president Carter wants to go to N. Korea for Trump: report
Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter is willing to go to North Korea to broker negotiations over its nuclear weapons program, the Ne...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-23 08:49
U.S. B-1B bombers fly over S. Korea to participate in Seoul air show
Two U.S. B-1B strategic bombers flew over South Korea on Saturday as part of their participation in the Seoul air show.The long-ra...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-10-22 08:06
S. Korea, U.N. population agency discuss N. Korea census plan
South Korea's unification minister met with the head of a U.N. agency on population Friday to discuss Seoul's possible sup...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-21 06:57
President Moon vows increased support for athletes, sports industry
President Moon Jae-in promised additional support for the country's athletes and sports industry Friday, saying sports can ope...
Kim Sua  |  2017-10-21 06:56
President urges police to better protect people and their rights
President Moon Jae-in called on police officers Friday to focus only on protecting the lives and rights of the people, saying it w...
John Kim  |  2017-10-20 13:33
State commission to unveil fate of two unfinished nuclear reactors
A state commission was to unveil the results of a high-stakes survey on whether to abandon or continue the construction of two unf...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-20 08:59
Court denies arrest warrant for ex-NIS official
A Seoul court on Friday refused to issue an arrest warrant for a former senior official of the National Intelligence Service (NIS)...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-20 08:57
Authorities deny allegation of mistreatment of jailed ex-president
South Korea on Wednesday denied a reported allegation by a group of lawyers that former President Park Geun-hye's human rights...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-18 13:30
FM stresses close cooperation with U.S., Japan in tackling N.K. problem
South Korea's foreign minister met Wednesday with senior diplomats from the United States and Japan who are in Seoul for three...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-18 13:28
Trump to visit S. Korea on Nov. 7-8: Cheong Wa Dae
U.S. President Donald Trump will arrive in South Korea on Nov. 7 for a two-day visit to hold a summit with President Moon Jae-in, ...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-17 15:41
Cabinet approves proposal to extend security for ex-presidents, spouses
The Cabinet approved a proposal Tuesday to extend the period of state security services for former presidents and their spouses to...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-17 15:40
F-22s, B-1B to boast force in Seoul air show
The U.S. Air Force's F-22 Raptor fighter jet blasted off Monday, generating a deafening roar at this South Korean air base not...
Sean Kim  |  2017-10-16 16:52
S. Korea, U.S. start maritime drills against N. Korea
The South Korean and U.S. navies on Monday kicked off massive combined drills off the coast of the peninsula amid heightened tensi...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-16 09:33
U.S. not recertifying Iran deal sends 'perfect message' to N. Korea: Haley
U.S. President Donald Trump's decision not to recertify a nuclear deal with Iran sends the "perfect message" to North Korea ab...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-16 09:30
Seoul court extends ex-president's detention
A Seoul court on Friday extended the detention of former President Park Geun-hye who stands trial in a massive corruption case tha...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-10-14 07:22
S. Korea, Australia voice concerns over N.K. nukes, call for diplomatic efforts
South Korea and Australia voiced their strong concerns Friday over rising tensions prompted by North Korea's continued provoca...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-13 14:25
Trade minister considering 'all possibilities' before U.S. FTA talks
South Korea's trade minister said Friday that he will consider all possibilities when renegotiating the terms of the free trad...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-13 14:24
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