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Schedule for U.S.-N. Korea talks to be announced next week: security adviser
The United States and North Korea are anticipated to announce the schedule of their working-level talks next week, the special sec...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-07-14 09:20
Labor, biz sectors in final stretch of minimum wage negotiations
The labor and business sectors entered the final stretch of talks to set the minimum wage for next year on Wednesday, as labor rep...
Park Byung-uk  |  2019-07-11 09:21
Japanese ambassador: Export restrictions due to 'collapse' of mutual trust
Japan has restricted exports of high-tech materials to South Korea due to a "collapse" of mutual trust, Tokyo's ambassador to ...
Park Byung-uk  |  2019-07-09 09:26
S. Korean man under investigation over suspected links to terror group
A South Korean man has been under investigation on charges of stealing a device used in military explosives while serving in the A...
Cho kyung-hee  |  2019-07-06 17:59
N.K. boat's undetected arrival, security failure
The government has been under fire following revelations that the military failed to detect the small wooden boat carrying four No...
Kim Do-Kyun  |  2019-07-04 10:25
59th National Assembly’s “Africa New Era Forum” & Korea-Africa Congress Forum
The 59th National Assembly’s “Africa New Era Forum” & Korea-Africa Congress Forum was held in National Assembly meeting room on Ju...
Kim Do-Kyun  |  2019-07-03 11:41
S. Korea briefed in detail on U.S.-N Korea meeting results: official
The United States has briefed South Korea in detail on "important" issues related to the outcome of weekend talks between Presiden...
Kim Do Kyun  |  2019-07-01 18:51
Moon, Trump, Kim have historical meeting at Panjunjom yesterday
Chairman Kim Jong-un of North Korea and President Donald Trump of the United States held a "historic meeting" at the Demilitarized...
Do Kyun Kim  |  2019-07-01 10:57
Trump meets Kim Jong-un at Panmunjom, inter-Korean border village
Trump meets Kim Jong-un at Panmunjom, inter-Korean border village
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-06-30 16:13
Cheong Wa Dae reiterates no cover-up of N.K. boat incident
South Korea's presidential office Cheong Wa Dae reiterated Saturday that there was no government attempt to cover up the fact ...
Cho Kyung Hee  |  2019-06-23 09:36
Reform-minded investigator named prosecutor-general nominee
Yoon Seok-youl, a reform-minded veteran investigator, has been tapped to lead South Korea's prosecution, the presidential offi...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2019-06-17 11:22
Foreign pharmaceutical firm to invest $630 mln in S. Korea: Cheong Wa Dae
A global pharmaceutical company announced a plan Friday to invest US$630 million in South Korea over the coming five years, partic...
Kang Su-mok  |  2019-06-15 13:35
3 remain missing in Hungary boat sinking after another body confirmed to be S. Korean
A body found in a river south of Budapest was confirmed to be a South Korean missing from last month's deadly sinking of a tou...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-06-14 09:03
Moon: N.K. leader sent 'very interesting' message to Trump via letter
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent a "very interesting" message to U.S. President Donald Trump in his latest personal letter, So...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-06-14 09:02
Ex-President Kim Dae-jung's widow dies at 96
Lee Hee-ho, the widow of former President Kim Dae-jung, died Monday at the age of 96, aides said.Lee had been hospitalized at a Se...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-06-11 09:18
Downside risks continuing amid heightened uncertainty: Cheong Wa Dae
South Korea's economy is positioned to face heightened downside risks as the trade dispute between the United States and China...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-06-09 14:36
Will Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon make Korea’s next President after Moon?
By Publisher Lee Kyung-sik with Editor Ms. Kim Jung-miThe MBC TV News announced on May 8, 2019 the result of its opinion polls on ...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-06-07 13:31
Defense minister meets U.S. special operations command chief
Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo met with the visiting commander of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) on Friday and discu...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-06-07 13:13
LKP Head Hwang’s ‘Economy First’ policy wins public support
Popular Korean-language daily newspaper, Joong-Ang Ilbo, published an interesting editorial last Wednesday (June 5).It concerned a...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-06-05 17:40
Pompeo says N.K. launches 'probably' violated U.N. resolutions
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday that North Korea "probably" violated United Nations resolutions with its missile l...
Cho Kuyung-hee  |  2019-06-04 09:30
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