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기사 (전체 252건)
Olympic flame for PyeongChang 2018 arrives in S. Korea
The Olympic flame for the first Winter Games to take place in South Korea arrived in the host country Wednesday, as the countdown ...
Sean Kim  |  2017-11-01 12:11
Hamachi Kaiseki Featuring Seasonal Yellowtail at Genji
Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Japanese restaurant, is pleased to offer a special Kaiseki meal showcasing seasonal yellowtail (Hamachi)...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-30 16:41
Korea places 7th in Ashgabat 2017 Indoor Martial Arts meet in medal count
By The Korea Post Reporters Ms. Linda Youn and John KimThe Korean team at the 5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games (Ashgabat 2017...
Ms. Linda Youn and John Kim  |  2017-10-27 18:27
Indian cusine at Cafe 395
Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Café 395 is pleased to present a special promotion highlighting Indian cuisine entitled India Sar...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-17 16:11
Ottogi dedicated to providing the best quality and taste to consumers
Founded in 1969, Ottogi produced the first ready-to-eat curry product in Korea. Ottogi produced its signature 3-minute meals in 19...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-16 14:07
Brig. Gen. Gonzales of Mexico to enhance image of Defense Attache Corps in Korea
By The Korea Post Reporters Ms. Kim Sua and John KimIt appears that the defense attaches at the different embassies in Korea are n...
Kim Su-A  |  2017-10-16 08:50
Taipan starts weekend special menu
Taipan, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Chinese restaurant, is pleased to start at a weekend tradition with its special Weekend Menu. Th...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-13 11:10
Korean food festival due in Hanoi on Oct. 27-29
An association of South Korean residents in Hanoi said Saturday it will hold a Korean food festival in the Vietnamese capital on O...
John Kim  |  2017-10-09 15:41
Korean food festival due in Hanoi on Oct. 27-29
An association of South Korean residents in Hanoi said Saturday it will hold a Korean food festival in the Vietnamese capital on O...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-10-07 12:41
Yecheon hosts World Archery Fest with 90 champions from 37 countries
Some 90 noted archers from a total of 37 different countries of the world are competing with one another at the 3rd World Archery ...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-10-06 11:53
Andong mask dance drama ridicules erring aristocrats, monks
Mayor Kweon of Andong accents increased cooperation, exchange between Korea, outside world in culture At Andong Mask Dance Drama F...
Hwi Won  |  2017-10-05 20:08
Mayor Park of Songpa-gu welcomes envoys, spouses to Baekje Dynasty Culture Festival
Ambassadors Thura Thet Oo Maung of Myanmar, Yusuf Sharifzoda of Tajikistan, Mihai Ciompec and Chafik Rachadi of Morocco together w...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-10-01 15:33
Namyangju Slow Life International Festival features many interesting events
Spouses of the ambassadors and other senior diplomats of a total of 11 countries of the world took part in the food show staged by...
Hwi Won  |  2017-09-27 17:55
Paris Hilton room packages at Millennium Seoul Hilton
Millennium Seoul Hilton is offering Seoul urbanites a unique opportunity to enjoy a special luxurious getaway in the middle of the...
Hwi Won  |  2017-09-18 16:12
Chuseok gift hamper sets on sale
Chuseok is one of the largest gifts giving holidays in Korea, and to help you acquire the perfect gifts for treasured family, coll...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-09-11 14:06
S. Korea to play friendly with 2018 World Cup hosts Russia in Oct.
South Korea will play against the 2018 FIFA World Cup hosts Russia next month, the national football governing body said Friday.Th...
Kim Sung-min  |  2017-09-09 07:03
Mexican fare spotlighted at Cafe & Eacute; 395
Millennium Seoul Hilton’s flagship restaurant, Café 395, is pleased to host a special promotion featuring Mexican cuisine f...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-09-08 15:38
Ecuador though my dreams
The Embassy of Ecuador in Korea, on the framework of the commemoration of its National Day inaugurates the exhibition “Ecuador Through my Dreams” by the Ecuadorian artist Miguel Be...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-08-23 09:06
Green Asia actively engaged in afforestation projects in Mongolia
By Moon Il-sukPublisher of BreakNewsThe Republic of Korea has grown and in terms of the economic status of the country she has now...
Moon Il-suk  |  2017-08-22 11:28
President Cho Dong-sung: “INU to become a world class university in the world”
Incheon National University(INU) rapidly grew from a private college established in 1979into a municipal university in 1994, and l...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-07-26 14:41
오늘의 주요뉴스
Court sentences ex-leader Park to 8 years in prison for taking NIS funds, political interference
Court sentences ex-leader Park...
Headlines, July 20, 2018
LG Chemical starts a KW2 tril. car battery plant in China
LG Chemical starts a KW2 tril....
Newly tapped conservative leader attacks Moon govt, ruling camp
Newly tapped conservative lead...
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