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Hyundai to supply 5 hydrogen buses to Busan city
Hyundai Motor Co. said Friday it will provide five hydrogen-powered buses to the southern port city of Busan by October in a move ...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-25 08:19
Moody's cuts S. Korea's 2019 growth outlook to 2 pct
International ratings agency Moody's on Friday slashed its forecast for South Korea's 2019 economic growth to 2 percent fr...
Son Da-som  |  2019-08-24 07:49
Seoul to minimize economic fallout from trade row with Japan
South Korea said Friday it will take steps to try to minimize any possible fallout from the trade row with Japan, which may furthe...
Kim Do-Kyun  |  2019-08-24 07:23
S. Korea's exports set to fall for 9th straight month in August
South Korea's exports are set to extend their slump to a ninth month in August, hurt by a decline in outbound shipments of sem...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-08-21 09:47
S. Korea voices willingness to talk with Japan over its 'whitelist' move
South Korea has notified Japan in advance of its plan to remove Tokyo from its list of trusted trading partners and is willing to ...
Kim Do-kyun  |  2019-08-18 07:49
S. Korea gripped by weak exports, investments: report
South Korea remains gripped by sluggish exports and investments despite a slow gain in industrial production, a government report ...
Son Da-som  |  2019-08-18 07:39
Seoul to toughen inspections of waste imports from Japan
South Korea will strengthen its environmental and health safety inspections for battery, tire and plastic waste imported from Japa...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-17 09:22
“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want speed, go together”
There is a Korean saying that if you want to go fast, then go alone, but if you want to go far, then let us go together,” said Amb...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-16 09:50
SK Innovation to borrow 800 bln won for battery business
SK Innovation Co., South Korea's biggest refiner, said Thursday it will borrow 800 billion won (US$658 million) overseas by ne...
Son Da-som  |  2019-08-15 12:32
Exports dip 22 pct in first 10 days of Aug.
South Korea's exports dropped 22.1 percent in the first 10 days of August mainly due to decreased shipments of semiconductors,...
Kim Hyung-dae  |  2019-08-12 09:37
Foreigners stay net buyers of S. Korean stocks in July
Foreigners remained net buyers of South Korean stocks in July while posting a net outflow from the bond market for the first time ...
Cho Kyung-Hee  |  2019-08-12 09:36
S. Korea's growth potential poised to decline amid steady drop in exports
South Korea's growth potential has dipped to the mid-2 percent range and may further decline due to the fast aging of the popu...
Son Da-som  |  2019-08-11 15:51
KOGAS Q2 net losses narrow on price hikes
The state-run Korea Gas Corp. said Friday its net losses narrowed sharply in the second quarter on gas price hikes. Net lo...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-11 07:56
Samsung's DRAM Q2 revenue falls despite market share gain: report
Samsung Electronics Co. raised its share in the global DRAM market in the second quarter thanks to some recovery demand in the ser...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-10 01:49
S. Korea says it to take action to stem market volatility
South Korea said Tuesday it will take bold steps to stabilize its financial markets in case of increased volatility, signaling Seo...
Cho Kyung-Hee  |  2019-08-07 09:16
국내 기업 본격적인 '홀로서기' 추진....내년 일본 파산?
[코리아포스트 김도균 기자] 코스피가 급락하는 등 일본 수출규제의 후폭풍이 증폭되는 가운데 국내 기업 반도체 3종이 일본을 이탈, 일본에 큰 악영향을 줄 것이라는 진단이 나왔다. 6일 현재 코스피가 장을 열자마자 급락,...
김도균 기자  |  2019-08-06 10:04
Moon touts 'peace economy' to overcome trade pressure from Japan
President Moon Jae-in stressed the need Monday to promote economic growth based on inter-Korean peace in order to counter external...
Kim Hyung-dae  |  2019-08-06 09:34
Imports from Japanese beer, cars dip in July amid boycott
South Korean imports of Japanese beer and cars tumbled in July due to a boycott of Japanese products here amid a bilateral trade s...
Kim Hyung-dae  |  2019-08-06 09:33
'국민권익위 청렴연수원-국립외교원' 손 잡고 '글로벌 청렴 인재 양성한다'
[코리아포스트 김도균 기자] 공직사회 첫 발을 딛게 될 외교관 후보자를 대상으로 한 맞춤형 청렴교육과정이 최초로 실시될 예정이다.5일 국민권익위원회(위원장 박은정, 이하 권익위) 청렴연수원과 외교부(장관 강경화) 국립외교원은 하루 동...
김도균 기자  |  2019-08-05 15:27
'경주엑스포-서초구' 손잡아…국내관광 활성화 기여 노력
[코리아포스트 손다솜 기자]경주세계문화엑스포와 서울 서초구가 상호협력을 위한 협약을 맺고 교류확대와 기관 홍보 등에 적극 협력키로 했다.(재)문화엑스포(이사장 이철우 경북도지사)는 지난 3일 경주엑스포 대회의실에서 경주세계문화엑스포 ...
손다솜 기자  |  2019-08-05 15:25
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