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기사 (전체 1,358건)
Families of victims pray sunken ferry is successfully hoisted
As giant barges were gearing up to lift the sunken Sewol ferry from the sea off South Korea's southwestern coast on Wednesday,...
Park So-min  |  2017-03-22 18:05
N. Korea's missile test fails: S. Korean military
North Korea test-fired a missile from its east coast Wednesday that appears to have failed, South Korea's defense ministry said."North Korea fired one missile from an area near...
Park So-min  |  2017-03-22 14:02
Ex-President Park heads back home after questioning over corruption scandal
Former President Park Geun-hye headed back home Wednesday after over 21 hours of questioning by the prosecution on a string of cor...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-22 08:34
Park greeted by supporters and opponents at prosecutors' office
Former President Park Geun-hye's supporters and opponents held opposing rallies outside the Seoul Central District Prosecutors...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-21 18:05
Ex-President Park grilled over corruption scandal
Former President Park Geun-hye was questioned by prosecutors Tuesday over a string of corruption allegations that removed her from...
Park So-min  |  2017-03-21 17:55
Higher court upholds dismissal of Hyosung chairman over cooking books
An appeals court on Tuesday upheld a lower court ruling to dismiss a South Korean business tycoon who was accused of violating the...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-21 15:21
China's THAAD sabotage spills over to smaller firms
Small and medium-sized South Korean companies doing business in China are also bearing the brunt of a string of disruptive acts by...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-21 11:23
Park apologizes to public, vows to undergo questioning 'faithfully'
Former President Park Geun-hye apologized to the public over an influence-peddling scandal as she arrived at the prosecutors' ...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-21 09:41
Former President Park to be grilled in corruption scandal
Former President Park Geun-hye is set to be questioned by prosecutors Tuesday over a string of corruption allegations that removed...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-21 08:54
White House expresses concern about N. Korea's rocket engine test
The White House expressed concern Monday about North Korea's weekend test of a high-powered rocket engine amid concern the com...
James Park  |  2017-03-21 08:52
Park faces multiple criminal allegations in prosecution questioning
Former President Park Geun-hye faces allegations of bribery, abuse of power, coercion and leak of government secrets in 13 differe...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-21 08:46
Top diplomats of S. Korea, Vietnam discuss cooperation on N.K. threats
The foreign ministers of South Korea and Vietnam discussed how to jointly rein in North Korea's prohibited nuclear tests and m...
Park Jae-yeon  |  2017-03-20 17:58
Conservative party candidates split over probe into Park
Two candidates competing to become the presidential nominee of the minor conservative Bareun Party expressed different views Monda...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-20 17:56
Tillerson says Trump looks forward to enhancing relations with China: media
U.S. President Donald Trump looks forward to enhancing relations with China, the top U.S. diplomat told Chinese President Xi Jinpi...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-03-19 17:27
Top N.K. official Choe said to be behind dismissal of spy chief: report
Choe Ryong-hae, a vice chairman of North Korea's ruling party, is believed to have played a role in the latest dismissal of th...
Kim Su  |  2017-03-19 13:50
Majority of businesses adopt wage peak system after retirement age extension: data
Nearly 7 out of 10 companies with more than five employees have adopted a "wage peak" or incentive payment systems since the intro...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-03-19 13:44
N. Korean leader observes new high-performance engine test
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un observed the ground jet test of a new high-thrust rocket engine, the country's state-run media...
Kim Su  |  2017-03-19 13:28
Gov't begins final check on salvaging plan for Sewol ferry
The South Korean government ran a final test Sunday on its plan to refloat a ferry that sank off the country's southwestern ti...
Kim Hyung-dae  |  2017-03-19 13:24
Top U.S. diplomat says all options remain on table against N.K.
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Friday that all options, including military force, remain on the table in dealing with ...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-03-18 10:15
Danish prosecution to extradite daughter of Park's friend
The Danish prosecution said Friday it decided to extradite the daughter of ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye's close...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-17 17:32
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