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N. Korea apparently not ready yet for nuke talks with U.S.: Seoul official
North Korea does not appear ready yet for the resumption of its working-level nuclear talks with the United States, a senior Seoul...
Son Da-som  |  2019-08-05 09:10
Gov't vows to support local industries amid Japan's economic retaliation
South Korea's industry minister on Sunday vowed to provide any necessary support to local firms to help them cope with Japan&#...
Cho Kyung-Hee  |  2019-08-05 09:10
S. Korea, U.S. to begin joint military drills Monday
South Korea and the United States will stage joint military drills as scheduled despite warnings from North Korea, the South Korea...
Park Byung-uk  |  2019-08-05 09:09
S. Korea to invest in 100 key strategic items for stable supply
South Korea said Monday it will heavily invest in 100 key strategic items to have a stable supply by 2024, in the latest move to c...
Paul kim  |  2019-08-05 09:08
FM Kang says Japan's export curbs could pose 'serious threat' to regional prosperity
Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said Saturday that Japan's recent export restrictions, including its removal of South Korea fr...
Kim Do-kyun  |  2019-08-04 09:43
S. Korean conglomerates' H1 profits down 40 pct
South Korea's top business groups saw their operating profits dip a whopping 40 percent in the January-June period from a year...
Son Da-som  |  2019-08-04 09:29
PM says Japan 'crossed line' with removal of S. Korea from whitelist
Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon on Saturday blasted Japan for its decision to remove South Korea from a whitelist of trusted trading pa...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-04 08:37
U.S. recommends S. Korea, Japan seek 'creative' solutions to trade dispute
The United States "recommends" South Korea and Japan seek "creative solutions" to resolve a growing trade dispute between the two ...
Kim Do-kyun  |  2019-08-03 08:00
National Assembly passes 5.83-tln won extra budget bill
South Korea's parliament passed a 5.83-trillion won (US$4.9 billion) extra budget bill Friday, supporting the government's...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-03 07:49
S. Korea to remove Japan from its "whitelist" of trusted trading partners
South Korea said Friday that it will remove Japan from its list of trusted trading partners in an escalating trade war between the...
Son Da-som  |  2019-08-03 07:44
‘Korea is an important trading partner to Pakistan but tariff is high’
A joint discussion on a roadmap of Preferential Trade Arrangement (PTA) was held between Pakistan and South Korea to beef up bilat...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-02 14:41
삼성물산, 건설사 취업인기 22개월째 1위…호반건설 8위
[코리아포스트 김형대 주필] 올해 시공능력평가에서 6년째 1위에 오른 삼성물산이 건설사 취업인기순위에서도 1위 자리를 지켰다. 건설취업포털 건설워커는 ‘8월 건설사 취업인기순위(일명 건설워커 랭킹)’에서 삼...
김형대 주필  |  2019-08-02 12:59
대한건설협회, 2019 건설CEO 아카데미 개강
[코리아포스트 손다솜 기자] 대한건설협회(회장 유주현)는 2일 오전 서울 강남구 삼정호텔에서 ‘2019년 미래경영 건설CEO 아카데미’ 과정을 개강하였으며, 국내 건설사 최고경영자(CEO) 및 건설 유관기관 임원 등 40명이 참석했다...
손다솜 기자  |  2019-08-02 12:57
천안시 '세계축구 중심 초석' 다진다
[코리아포스트 김형대 주필] “천안시가 70만 시민, 더 나아가 560만 충청인의 뜨거운 염원과 의지를 담아 대한민국 축구종합센터 유치를 확정함으로써 꿈이 현실이 됐다”며 “시민 여러분과 기관·단체 등 모든 분들께 다시 한 번 감사드...
김형대 주필  |  2019-08-02 11:44
Headlines, August 2, 2019
The Korean daily media headlines and humorFriday, August 2, 2019Round-up of important news from major Korean dailies and from international media todayThe Korea Post media (www.kor...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2019-08-02 11:41
U.S. aware of N.K. 'missile' launches, consulting closely with allies: official
The United States is aware of North Korea's latest "missile" launches and is closely consulting with South Korea and Japan, a ...
Kim Do-Kyun  |  2019-08-02 09:21
Top diplomats of S. Korea, U.S., Japan to meet trilaterally amid Tokyo's push for whitelist exclusion
The top diplomats of South Korea, the United States and Japan were set to meet trilaterally in Thailand on Friday, as Tokyo's ...
Son Da-som  |  2019-08-02 09:20
Japan set to approve decision to remove S. Korea from whitelist in deepening row
Japan's Cabinet is widely expected to approve a proposal to remove South Korea from a list of trusted trading partners on Frid...
Paul kim  |  2019-08-02 09:19
N. Korea fires unidentified short-range projectiles: JCS
North Korea on Friday fired unidentified short-range projectiles off its east coast, South Korea's military said, its third la...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2019-08-02 09:16
Headlines, August 1, 2019
The Korean daily media headlines and humorThursday, August 1, 2019Round-up of important news from major Korean dailies and from international media todayThe Korea Post media (www.k...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2019-08-01 15:23
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