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N. Korea lambastes Moon over phone talks with Trump
North Korea lashed out at South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Sunday over his recent telephone talks with U.S. President Donald ...
Kim Sung-min  |  2017-08-13 11:35
N. Korean defects to S. Korea by sea: Joint Chiefs of Staff
A North Korean defected to South Korea on Friday after crossing the western sea border, the South's Joint Chiefs of Staff said.The defector was rescued on Gyodong Island, near ...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-08-11 08:41
N. Korea releases imprisoned Canadian pastor on sick bail
North Korea said Wednesday that it has released an imprisoned Canadian pastor for humanitarian reasons amid escalating tensions on...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-08-10 08:52
S. Korea hails latest U.N. resolution on N. Korea, calls for stopping provocations
The South Korean government on Sunday welcomed the United Nations' adoption of a new sanctions resolution against North Korea,...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-08-06 11:24
N.K.'s foreign minister arrives in Manila for ARF
North Korea's foreign minister arrived in the Philippines on Sunday to attend a regional security forum amid increasing pressu...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-08-06 09:41
N. Korea has long way to go before talks with U.S.: State Department
The United States will not hold talks with North Korea unless the communist nation demonstrates a willingness to abandon its nucle...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-08-04 08:56
Trump signs N. Korea, Russia, Iran sanctions into law
President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed new sanctions on North Korea, Russia and Iran into law, insisting that the legislation ...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-08-03 08:44
U.S. does not seek regime change in N. Korea: Tillerson
The United States does not seek a regime change in North Korea, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday, as tensions renewed...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-08-02 09:14
U.S. envoy ramps up pressure on China to stop N.K. provocations
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations ramped up pressure on China on Sunday, saying "the time for talk is over" to address Nor...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-07-31 08:57
Two B-1B bombers train in Korea after N. Korea's ICBM launch
Two B1-B U.S. bombers flew over South Korea on Sunday in a show of force against North Korea after its launch of another intercont...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-07-30 17:50
Two B-1B bombers train in Korea after N. Korea's ICBM launch
Two B1-B U.S. bombers flew over South Korea on Sunday in a show of force against North Korea for its launch of another intercontin...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-07-30 14:20
N. Korean TV discloses footage of midnight missile launch
North Korea's state-run television on Saturday disclosed edited footage of its test-fire of an intercontinental range ballisti...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-07-29 18:13
Foreign minister calls for swift adoption of strong UNSC resolution against N. Korea
South Korea's top diplomat on Saturday called for a swift adoption of a strong U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution to p...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2017-07-29 18:00
Will Moon’s 2-way approach to N. Korea work?
President Moon Jae-in has proposed to North Korea to have an inter-Korean military dialogue and also a meeting for humanitarian Re...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-07-25 10:20
S. Korea pushes to revise missile guidelines to load up to 1 ton of warheads
The South Korean government is pushing to revise the missile guidelines developed with the United States to double the maximum wei...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-07-25 09:06
U.S. to carry out another THAAD test soon
The United States will soon carry out another test of its THAAD missile defense system, a Pentagon spokesman said Monday, amid hei...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-07-25 08:48
President Moon welcomes five new foreign ambassadors
President Moon Jae-in welcomed five new foreign envoys to Seoul at a ceremony held at Cheong Wa Dae on July 18, 2017.The President...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-07-20 18:42
S. Korea, U.S., Japan reaffirm importance of coordination on N. Korea
Senior diplomats of South Korea, the United States and Japan met here Wednesday and reaffirmed the importance of trilateral cooper...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-07-20 09:03
N. Korea blasts U.S. bomber exercise
North Korea blasted the United States on Sunday for its latest military exercise in South Korea that involved long-range strategic...
Kim Su A  |  2017-07-09 12:13
N. Korean leader pays respects to founder on death anniv.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited a memorial hall to pay tribute to the regime's late founder upon the 23rd anniversary ...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-07-08 18:39
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