Cheonan Heungtaryeong Dance Festival 2019 set to be held Sept. 25-29
Cheonan Heungtaryeong Dance Festival 2019 set to be held Sept. 25-29
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"Let's dance in Cheonan"
Opening Ceremony

With the main theme, "Let's dance in Cheonan", the annual Cheonan Heungtaryeong Dance Festival 2019 will be held for four days from Sept. 25 through Sept. 29 at Cheonan Samgeori Park and downtown Cheonan.
Reputed to be Korea's largest dance event, the Cheonan Heungtaryeong Dance Festival, which marks its 16th anniversary this year, has been selected as a representative performing arts festival by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for six consecutive years. Indeed, it has been recognized as a major dance festival in Korea and abroad, with 1.2 million people visiting the festival last year and generating 26.1 billion won in economic effects.

Women drum dancers present performances.
Street Dance Parade

The Cheonan Dance Festival, which citizens enrich and participate together, will feature top-level performances and colorful programs. Starting with an opening ceremony and a celebration concert on Sept. 25, the Korea International Modern Dance Competition will be staged, with a large number of professional contemporary dancers from home and abroad participating.
The "National Dance Competition", one of the main competitions of the festival, is a contest for citizens who are directly involved in the festival event. It will attract about 150 teams from across the country. The program will be divided into four groups--students, adults, seniors, all-around. The National Dance Competition is set to be staged Sept. 26 through Sept. 29 at Cheonan Samgeori Park.

Solo & Duet Competition

Also the main item of the festival, "Street Dance Parade" will be held at two dance stages, Bangjukano Street and the terminal range in front of Shinsegae Department Store. About 2,000 dancers from 38 teams are expected to present various genres of competitions and performances, having an amazing experience of turning familiar streets into colorful festival venues.
Of note, the Cheonan Heungtaryeong Dance Festival is also increasingly known overseas. From Asia to Europe to Africa to Oceania and America, 500 dancers from 20 countries will participate in the festival to showcase the global culture with exotic costumes and dances.
In addition, the Cheonan Dance Festival will feature a National Cheerleading Competition, which will showcase the passion and energy of university students across the country, Funny Dance Battle, Solo &Duet Competition and Fringe Festival in which Cheonan-based artists will participate.

A group dance highlighting the event.

Notably, Neunsojeaon (Korean folk tale) will be staged from Sept. 25 through Sept. 29 at the Cheonan Samgeori Park. The plot of the tale is that a woman waiting for her lover and father who promised that he came back if the willow tree came into leaves after he put a willow stick in the ground. After a long wait, the story that she has reunited them and lived happily ever after is told, so the willow trees are the symbol.
On the second and fourth days of the festival, special performances, including dance-themed musical performances, will be staged and visitors will be given a precious and enjoyable time by providing various treats and attractions, including children's experience events, world culture experience, food market and an exhibition of urban agriculture.
Admission to the festival venues is free of charge and shuttle buses via Cheonan Bus Terminal and Cheonan Station will be operated for the convenience of visitors.
"The nation's leading dancers and talented dancers from many parts of the world will gather in Cheonan to make the earth shake", said the festival organizer. "This fall, let's communicate with our beloved friends and family through dance and music and have a chance to become one."
"Celebrating its 16th anniversary, the Cheonan World Dance Festival offers more diverse programs than ever," said the festival organizer. "The festival will provide a lot of opportunities packed with fascinating sights to enjoy and the fun memories you will cherish, including the dance contest open to everyone."

Spain and South Africa are among the participating countries with their unique traditional dances.

[Official Event]
- Opening ceremony / Closing ceremony with fireworks

[Main Events]
- National Dance Competition (Student / Adults / Seniors / All-Around)
- Street Dance Parade
- International Dance Performance
-International Modern Dance Competition
- Solo &Duet Competition
- University Students' Cheerleading Competition
- Makchum Daecheop (Funny Dance Battle)
-Neungsojean Performance
-World Culture Experience (folk performances, exhibition of costumes, on-hand food experience)
- Other Province Festival Showcase
- Cultural Sharing Performances
-Promotional Hall of Quality Goods Produced by SMEs

Information Use
Event start Date: 2019. 09. 25
Event end date: 2019. 09. 29
Watching age: Open to visitors of all ages
Venue: Cheonan Samgeori Park & downtown Cheonan
Venue Locator [Train]
Take a train from Seoul Station or Yongsan Station to Cheonan Station
[Express/Intercity Bus]
Take a bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Cheonan
Show time: 10:00-22:00 (Performance times vary by program)
Touring Time: Varies by program
Organizer: Cheonan Foundation for Arts and Culture
Charges: Free

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