Yoo now frontrunner among ruling camp Presidential hopefuls
Yoo now frontrunner among ruling camp Presidential hopefuls
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Even outstripping front-running Saenuri Chairman Kim Moo-sung

Former Floor Leader Yoo Seung-min of the ruling Saenuri Party now is the frontrunner among all the Presidential hopefuls of the ruling camp even outstripping the hitherto front-running Chairman Kim Moo-sung of the Saenuri Party.

According to the result of a survey conducted by Real Meter on July 8-10, 2015, Yoo, who was literally deposed as the Saenuri Party floor leader on July 8 under the pressure of President Park Geun-hye, scored 19.2% support outrunning Kim Moo-sung who got 18.8%.
The minor hopefuls following Kim are former Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon with 6%, former Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Moon-soo with 5.3%, former Saenuri Chairman Chung Mong-joon (chairman of Hyundai Heavy Industries) with 4.3%, Jeju Provincial Governor Won Hee-ryong with 2.6% and incumbent Gyeonggi Province Governor Nam Kyung-pil with 1.9%.
Since his involuntary resignation as the Saenuri floor leader on July 8, Yoo has been extolled by the reform-minded conservatives, the middle-of-the-roaders and even the liberal opposition politicians and progressives.
Asked how he felt being praised by the opposition politicians, Yoo was quoted as saying, “They put me in an awkward situation.”

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