Hyundai Motor Company launches seven new 2016 models of Sonata
Hyundai Motor Company launches seven new 2016 models of Sonata
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With reasonable prices and enhanced value

Hyundai Motor, a global leading automotive manufacturer, launched in July seven new 2016 models of ‘Sonata’, its mainstream mid-size sedan brand, with reasonable prices and enhanced commercial value. The 2016 models of ‘Sonata’ are characterized by widening customers’ range of choice by adding 1.7 diesel, 1.6 turbo and plug-in hybrid models to current 2.0 gasoline models. And the most popular ‘Sonata’ models with 2.0 CVVL (continuously variable valve lift) engine are significantly enhanced with competitiveness by improving fuel efficiency and safety specifications while freezing or reducing prices. Notably, new ‘Sonata’ models are differentiated in exterior design commensurate with performance of engines while changing part of designs, such as lamps, targeting young customers in their 20s and 30s.

New models of 1.7 diesel and 1.6 turbo are improved with fuel efficiency and performance by installing downsized engines and 7-speed DCT (dual clutch transmission), and all of new models are installed with advanced airbags. With addition of the 1.7 ‘Sonata’ diesel model, Hyundai Motor achieved full line of diesel sedans, ranging from ‘Accent’ to ‘Grandeur’ diesel models, contributing to addressing offensive of imported diesel vehicles and increasing footprint in domestic market. As the first of its kind in Korea’s automotive industry, the plug-in hybrid model is expected to lead expansion of eco-friendly vehicle market in Korea. By adding new models, including 1.7 diesel, 2.0 CVVL, 2.0 turbo, hybrid and LPi, ‘Sonata’ brand products now can satisfy diverse customer needs, such as performance, fuel efficiency and eco-friendly feature.

With improved performance, design and value, new models will be available in reasonable and attractive prices. Prices of ‘Sonata’ 1.7 diesel models are 24.95 million won (approx. US$22,000) for ‘Style’ model, 27.8 million won (approx. US$24,560) for ‘Smart’ model, and 29.5 million won (approx. US$26,000) for ‘Smart Special’ model. As for ‘Sonata’ 1.6 turbo models, ‘Style’ model will be sold at 24.1 million won (approx. US$21,290), ‘Smart’ model at 26.9 million won (approx. US$23,760) and ‘Smart Special’ model at 28.1 million won (approx. US$24,820). And prices of ‘Sonata’ PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) models are 39.95 million won (approx. US$35,290) and 42.6 million won (approx. US$37,630) for ‘Premium’ and ‘Exclusive’ model, respectively.

Specifically, the leading automotive company added 1.7 diesel models and 1.6 turbo models to 2016 ‘Sonata’ models while excluding 2.4GDI models. These two new power trains, which are added as part of strategy of downsizing engines, satisfy performance and fuel efficiency by combining with 7-speed DCT. Installed with U2 1.7 engine and 7-speed DCT, ‘Sonata’ diesel models achieved 141ps in maximum output and 34.7kgm in maximum torque as well as high fuel efficiency of 16.8km/ℓ, 16.5km/ℓ and 16.0km/ℓ (for 16-, 17- and 18-inch wheel, respectively), improving 33% and 69% in fuel efficiency and torque respectively compared to current 2.0CVVL models. With optimal combination of 1.6 turbo technology and 7-speed DCT, these models achieved strong power performance of 180ps in maximum output and 27.0kgm in maximum torque as well as high fuel efficiency of 13.4km/ℓ, 13.1km/ℓ and 12.7km/ℓ (for 16-, 17- and 18-inch wheel, respectively), improving 6% and 7% in fuel efficiency and torque, respectively, over existing 2.0CVVL models. Fuel efficiency of new 2016 ‘Sonata’ 2.0 CVVL models is also enhanced from 12.1km/ℓ to 12.6km/ℓ for models with 16- and 17-inch wheels and that with 18-inch wheels is improved from 11.6km/ℓ to 12.0km/ℓ, achieving the highest fuel efficiency among comparable vehicles.

Along with these 2016 ‘Sonata’ fuel models, Hyundai Motor also unveiled an eco-friendly and economic plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) model that can drive both in electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) mode by installing a large capacity of 9.8kWh battery and 50kW motor. Developed under the concept of “Daily EV, Weekend Hybrid”, this PHEV model obtained the ‘low-carbon product certification’ and it can drive for the distance of about 44 kilometers using the motor by externally charging its battery for one time. Its fuel efficiency is 17.2km/ℓ in HEV mode and 4.6km/kWh in EV mode. To enhance convenience in driving, the ‘Sonata’ PHEV Premium model is installed with 8-inch smart navigation system, 4.2-inch supervision cluster, HID head lamps, and 17-inch alloy wheels, and its ‘Exclusive’ model is added with electronic parking brakes and JBL premium sound speakers to these apparatuses. This model is evaluated to emit 18 tons of CO2 throughout the cycle of its production, use and discard, meeting the criteria of minimum emission of carbon, and reducing carbon emission by about 31% compared to existing gasoline-powered vehicles.

Reflecting opinions of customers, the company adopted refined and stylish external design targeting young customers by adding LED positioning daytime running lights to head lamps and LED rear combi-lamps to rear part of all new models. To dramatically improve driving performance and safety, a part of new models (excluding HEV and PHEV models) are installed with advanced airbags and autonomous emergency braking system. In addition, a number of other new specifications are added to new models to improve competitiveness.

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