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ChungHo Nais develops slim water purifier‘Whi Caffe IV Edge’

ChungHo Nais has developed the fourth product of its ‘Whi Caffe Series.’ The latest product, ‘Whi Caffe IV Edge,’ can make capsule coffee, along with offering hot and cold water and ice. Even ChungHo Nais model Kim Soo-Hyun has been charmed by the upgraded water purifier with coffee-making functions.

▲President, CEO Seok-Ho Lee of ChungHo Nais

ChungHo Nais CEO and President Lee Seok-ho explained that the Whi Caffe IV Edge is 29cm wide and 52cm high. The home machine is small enough to stand on a sink, and as a result, can cut down on power consumption with the function of adjusting host water added, said CEO Lee during a press conference held at the Shilla Hotel in downtown Seoul on July 2.
He said ChungHo Nais always pursues product innovations. “The ‘Whi Caffe IV Edge’ is another innovative product that we have developed with much effort,”said CEO Lee.

▲Actor Kim Soo-Hyun with the new model

In July 2014, the Company developed the ‘Whi Caffe,’ which is the world's first water purifier that can make coffee. The machine can not only purify tap water to produce cold water, hot water and ice, but it can also make capsule coffee. It can make an espresso, Americano or iced Americano, depending on the user's tastes. The Company developed ‘Whi Cafee Tiny’ in September 2014 and ‘Whi Cafee II’ in March 2015.
Chungho Nais, founded in 1993, has continued to make innovative products, such as water purifiers that can make ice or that double as a wine cellar. Its latest product is an integration of the 22-year-old Company's high technology. Its biggest benefit is that it can produce water with an excellent taste.

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