Dragon Hill Lodge restaurant stands out for exemplary work of the service personnel
Dragon Hill Lodge restaurant stands out for exemplary work of the service personnel
  • Sung Jung-wook
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Working beyond the call of duty

By Andy Hyun, Sung Jung-wook

There are many five-star and other prestigious hotels in Seoul, but the Dragon Hill Lodge (DHL) on the South Post in Yongsan, Seoul stands out in many respects. For one thing, the manner on the part of the service personnel obviously outshines their peers at any five-star super-deluxe hotel across the Republic of Korea.

Ms. Ha Young, one of the waiting personnel at a restaurant of the Dragon Hill Lodge, was a sheer example of devoted service at the restaurant. It was a lesson that should be learnt by some of the 5-star hotels in Seoul.

The service personnel really care for the guests.

At one instance, a guest, a Korean guest not familiar with a lobster meal, did not know how to relish the wonderful feast and left much of the meat without doing full justice to meat inside the crust.

A waiting lady at the restaurant, passing by the table, saw the guest having some trouble with the meal. The lady, a Ms. Ha Young, immediately came to his rescue.

A full buffet of traditional German food await guests at Oktoberfest.

She courteously plied meat out of the hard cover of the lobster for the guest. The guest was grateful no end, and all the Koreans on the table were very deeply impressed by the spirit of service on the part of the waiting lady.

The DHL of the United States Armed Forces Recreation Center, a 343-room resort located on United States Army Garrison Yongsan’s South Post in Seoul celebrated the 2019 Oktoberfest under the blue and white striped fest tent on September 20 and 21.

The Dragon Hill Oktoberfest celebrations have been a main stay for more than 20-plus years serving the military service members, their families, and many local Korean families as well. This year’s family-friendly event was attended by more than 800 guests.

The Oktoberfest tent and Dragon Hill Lodge hotel in the background.

The atmosphere inside and out the Fest Tent made the guests feel as though they were experiencing the real Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

DHL’s employees served the guests in traditional German outfits while the Fest Tent was decorated as well with flags hanging throughout the tent. The Oktoberfest program included themed live music, dancing, and family style events – such as yodeling, chicken dance, best dressed, and other fun events. For the younger guests there were bouncy castles, hula hoops, and Corn Hole games. There were also drawings through the two-day event to include a free round trip ticket to the US provided by our sponsor.

Excited diners cheer on the band at Dragon Hill Lodge Oktoberfest.

The guests enjoyed a feast like none other. The Southern Bavarian themed buffet-style menu of Jager Schnitzel, Bratwurst, Rotkohl, Spatzle, Apple Strudel, and much more was developed by Mr. Jimmy McCrindle, DHL’s Food and Beverage Director, who spent 10 years working as the Executive Chef at the AFRC’s Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, located in the heart of Bavaria.

The DHL Team led by Ms. Nain Kim, Special Events Coordinator, enjoyed putting on family style events like the Oktoberfest that allows them to develop a specialty themed menu and program that our guests really like. Many of the guests said they are looking forward to next year’s Oktoberfest and other events held at DHL throughout the year.

The hearty spread featured bratwurst, spatzle, roasted meats, stews, and strudels.
Bounce castles and more fun for the kids outside the Oktoberfest tent.
Cho Kyoung-chan, owner-chairman of the Cheonan Walnut Cake Company (right), poses with Business Editor Sung Jung-wook of The Korea Post media.

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