New from GYF(Global Youth Fair)
New from GYF(Global Youth Fair)
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President's Message

"Communication brings people together and leads to a better future.

Global Youth Fair (GYF) is based on the vision of "meeting a wider world", "developing communication skills", and "dreaming of a better future" and it has been conducting lectures and events related to various global cultural exchange programs so that "Children can naturally grow as a global citizen and global leader by experiencing global culture during their childhood."

GYF has been offering "education as world citizens" to youth organization and marginalized teenagers. GYF will endeavor to facilitate understanding and communication between Korean and foreign youth in order to build together a better future. GYF will aim for the sustainable develoment of environmental protection through the GYF environmental magazine.

Vision, Mission and Core values

Vision : Meeting, Communicating and dreaming a bigger world

Mission : Supporting young people to develop their communication skills

Helping young people to develop creative problem solving skills

Preparing young people to became global citizens and global leaders

Our goal : Global Youth Fair believes that opportunities will come with variety and creativity. We will offer various global cultural exchange programs to meet, leam, and dream a bigger world

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