“Omani-Korean relations witness progress in political, economic, cultural, defense, various other areas”
“Omani-Korean relations witness progress in political, economic, cultural, defense, various other areas”
  • Sung Jung-wook
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Says Ambassador Alharthy of Oman at the 49th National Day celebration

By Publisher Lee Kyung-sik with Business Editor Sung Jung-wook

Ambassador Mohamed Salim Alharthy of the Sultanate of Oman in Seoul said, “the Omani-Korean relations have witnessed progress in various political, economic, cultural, defense and other fields.”

Speaking at a reception he and Madam Alhathy hosted at the Grand Ballroom of the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, Ambassador Alharthy added, “This was reflected in the high-level exchange visits between the two countries and the bilateral cooperation agreements.” Then he said, “We consider Korea as an important partner and we are proud of this continuous development in the relationship between our two friendly countries.”

Omani Ambassador to Korea Mohamed AlHarthy remarks Congratulatory Speech to the guests at the 49th National day of the Sultanate of Oman.

The reception was attended by many distinguished guests from Korean society and the international community in Korea, the ambassadors and senior other diplomats of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps, in particular.

They included Minister of Health and Welfare Park Neung-hoo from the Korean government and representatives from all walks of life in Korea. Among them were former Minister of Foreign Affairs Yu Myung-hwan, President Pyun Wook-bum of Ewha Womans Universith Hospital in Seoul, CEO Hwang Kwan-soo of Fine Enterprise Co., Ltd, Chairman Lee In-huyung of VNOPS, Managing Director From the media came many publishers and editors who included Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post media with his Business Editor Sung Jung-wook and a number of reporters.

Korean Minister Neunghoo Park of Health and Welfare delivers a speech at the reception of the National Day of Oman.

In response to Ambassador Altharthy’s message, Minister Park said in part:

“The relations between Korea and Oman have made a remarkable progress in various fields, including the political, economic, cultural and defense areas.”

Then he said, “Such developments are seen in the high-level exchanges of visits between Korea and Oman and also conclusion of many meaningful agreements signed between the two countries for the promotion of relations cooperation between them.”

Park then emphasized, “Oman considers Korea as a major cooperation partner and we are sure that the country feels proud at such sustained developments of cooperation between the two countries.”

Ambassador Mohamed Alharthy of Oman and Minister of Health and Welfare Park Neung-hoo (12th and 13th from right, front row, respectively) pose with the ambassadors of many other countries in Seoul at the National Day Reception of Oman on Nov. 20, 2019.

Minister Park also had a very high regard for the Embassy of Oman in Seoul.

He said, “We trust that the Embassy of Oman in Seoul,” he noted, “is making extensive efforts for the promotion of relations and cooperation in various fields between the two countries and we hope that such efforts will continue for the benefit of the two nations.”

“In particular,” Minister Park stressed, “I hope that the Korean business enterprises will actively participate in the important program of ‘Omani Vision 2020 & 2040’ and it is my ardent desire that the Embassy of Oman will render its unreserved assistance and support for such Korean companies wanting to bridge gaps between the two countries.”

(See excerpts from the speech of Minister Park at the end of this report.)

Mrs. Azza Alharthy, Spouse of Ambassador of Oman (7th from left, front row) poses with Spouses of ambassadors at the reception.

This year, in a rare display of goodwill for Oman for front-running international media, Google, made the following congratulatory comment:

From the capital city of Muscat in the east to the villages of the Dhofar region in the west, today's Doodle celebrates Oman's National Day. With a history of human habitation stretching back to the Stone Age, this country on the southeastern corner of the Arabian peninsula takes the day to recognize its rich history and express collective pride as well.

Ambassador Mohamed Alharthy of Oman of Oman (third from left) shakes hands with Minister Park Neung-hoo of Health and Welfare of Korea (second from left) with the leading members of the Embassy of Oman in Seoul. Mrs. Alharth is seen fourth from left. On the left side is Mr. Awadh Alraii, Minister Plenipotentiary Deputy Head of Mission of Embassy of Oman. On the right side is Ms. Zuwaina Al Ofi, Second Secretary of Embassy of Oman.

A time for family gatherings and celebrations, November 18th commemorates the 369th anniversary of independence from Portugal. This day also represents the 49th National Day since Qaboos bin Said al Said’s rise to the Sultanate, as well as his 79th birthday. During this trifecta of a holiday, you’ll see the red, white, and green of Oman’s flag waving freely. These colors have come to represent the geography of Oman in green, the Imamate leaders of the past in white, and the Sultanate itself in red.

National Day is part of a two-day holiday where parties and fireworks shows occur in villages, cities, or wherever Omanis can be found. Relax with the smell of native frankincense after a large meal, but don’t forget to don your ceremonial Khanjar.

Ambassador Alharthy of Oman poses with Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post (Second, Third from right) and The Korea Post media team at the reception. on the left side:Business Editor Sung Jung-wook, on the right side is Vice Chairperson Cho Kyung-hee.

Speech of Ambassador Alharthy:

Minister of health and welfare, Representative of the Korea Government,
Excellencies Members of the National Assembly, Excellencies Ambassadors and members of the diplomatic, consular and military corps,
Representatives of governmental and private sectors, media associations and civil society,
Distinguished Guests, May peace be upon you all.

At the outset, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to you for your attendance in this meaningful day, in which we celebrate the glorious 49th national day of the Sultanate of Oman.

Ambassador Alharthy of Oman and his spouse Madam Azza Alharthy pose with business editor Sung Jung-wook of The Korea Post media in Lotte Hotel Seoul.

Over the past decades of the modern renaissance, Sultanate of Oman, under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has seen a qualitative and quantitative development and cultural progress and shift along the land of Oman in all sectors, steered the country to the shores of safety, stability, security and prosperity. The country has been established on solid grounds of equality, rule of law, cooperation and institutional integration, built a modern state, planned well for everything that saw a successful prime, with citizens sharing the responsibility of nation building.

Within the framework of foreign affairs and diplomatic policy, Sultanate of Oman has established a moderate approach, based on building bridges of friendship with all countries of the world on the basis of mutual respect, non-interference in the internal affairs of others, good neighborliness and positive cooperation to achieve the common and mutual interests of all parties. Working towards settling disputes and differences through dialogue and peaceful means, and spreading the values ​​of tolerance, understanding, coexistence and peace.

From left: Vice President Kenny Jongwook Kim of Korea Trade Research Association, Business Editor Sung Jung-wook of The Korea Post media, Chairman Lee In-hyung of Investment Committee, President Paul. Kwansoo Hwang of Fine Enterprise Co., Ltd, Director Muramatsu Takeshi of Fine Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Omani diplomacy was able to achieve an effective presence and reach to success which left its mark and positive image locally, regionally and internationally that earned Oman the respect and trust of the international community as a whole. In that, Oman has become a place for consultation and dialogue between all parties to achieve peace and stability for all.

To continue the deep experience of Oman and its belief in morality and shared values, and to implement the directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos on fostering relations among the nations, and on the occasion of the national day, Sultan Qaboos Declaration Project on United Human Values was unveiled at the celebration of the International Day for Tolerance held in Jakarta, Indonesia on Saturday Nov 16.

Reception of the 49th National Day of Oman held in Lotte Hotel Seoul on Nov. 2019. Photo shows Business Editor Sung Jung-wook of The Korea Post is in conversation with Vice President of Power&Infra Industrial Jun H. Kim of LG International, Senior Project Manager of Petrochemicals Team Y T. Hong of LG International at the reception.

The Declaration is based on a human civilizational trilogy to achieve coexistence and acquaintance among human beings, it is represented in human beings of mind, justice and morality. The Declaration aims to help a turbulent world to rise again and achieve a balanced future where people enjoy dignity and basic human rights. The project involves improving lives, adopting a global system of ethics and nurturing spiritual values.

Distinguished guests, concerning the economic affairs, the economic strategy is based on principles of openness to global markets and economic diversification besides building solid free economic and industrial zones which offer many projects and investment opportunities and incentives in various sectors including manufacturing, logistics, mining, fisheries, ICT, energy and others.

Photo shows Business Editor Sung Jung-wook of The Korea Post(left) exchanges his business name card with Managing Director Thomas Jung of Korea-Saudi Friendship Society.

Omani-Korean relations have witnessed progress in various political, economic, cultural, defense and other fields. This was reflected in the high-level exchange visits between the two countries and the bilateral cooperation agreements. We consider Korea as an important partner and we are proud of this continuous development in the relationship between our two friendly countries.

The Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Korea plays major efforts in promoting, enhancing and expanding the relation and prospect of cooperation to include various fields. Hoping Korean companies will take the given opportunities and incentives in the national development strategies and economic diversification strategy ‘Oman Vision 2020 and 2040’in recent years. The Embassy reaffirms its support, and we are confident that the solid platform which we have established in recent years will pave the way for further growth and cooperation between the two friendly countries.

In conclusion, I would like to renew our thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all government and private sectors in Korea, and to all friendly Korean people, for their continued support and cooperation. Thanks are due to all of you for honoring us with your kind presence. Wishing you all a good time and best wished to Omani-Korean relations, further development and progress, wide hope for security, stability and peace to the Korean peninsula and the whole world.

Thank you. May peace be upon you all.

Oman Exhibition Corner places at the reception of the 49th National Day of Oman.

Excerpts from the speech of Minister Park Neung-hoo:

As-salamu alaykum!

It is a great pleasure to meet you all.

H.E. Mohamed Alharthy, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to the Republic of Korea, Ambassadors to the Republic of Korea who are joining us today and distinguished guests,

On behalf of the Korean government, I wholeheartedly celebrate the 49th National Day of the Sultanate of Oman. On this significant occasion, I have the honor to deliver congratulatory remarks.

Photo shows cultural and traditional stuff of Oman.

Since opening diplomatic ties in 1974, Korea and Oman have maintained friendly relations for around half a century. Korea is the biggest LNG importer and 3rd largest trading partner to Oman, serving as a major economic partner. Thanks to trade and partnership with Oman, Korea has brought in energy, the key to economic growth, on a stable basis.

More recently, our bilateral cooperation has expanded from conventional sectors of energy and construction to new industries including healthcare.

Based on discussions between both Ministries of Health, a joint team including the Korean National Health Insurance Service undertook a consulting project to introduce a national health insurance system in Oman in 2015. Upon the project outcome, the Omani Ministry of Health has adopted and expanded the national health insurance system. Furthermore, Omani physicians started receiving medical training in Korea from this September.

Photo shows the Collection of Attractive Places of Oman.

As healthcare is directly related to the life and health of citizens, cooperation in this field is a symbol of trust between our two countries. Korea achieved universal health coverage for all across the nation in such a short period of 12 years, retaining skilled medical personnel. I hope that Korea’s experience and expertise will contribute to Oman Vision 2020 and Vision 2040 for the future.

Oman and Korea have a lot in common. We took a similar step in pursuing economic development in the late 20th century and accomplished astonishing growth by adopting an open economy.

Based on these common grounds, I hope that our two countries will continue to walk side by side toward peace and prosperity as partners in the international community.

On that note, I congratulate you on the 49th National Day. Once again, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and respect to H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Alharthy for his invaluable contribution in our bilateral relations for around 10 years.

Wishing you all the best and happiness, I hope to see our friendship flourishing and everlasting.

Shukran! Thank you.

Ambassador Alharthy, his sons pose for the picture each holding flowers at the reception of the National Day of Oman.

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