Use Namyangju To boast your food and beverage
Use Namyangju To boast your food and beverage
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There are 111 resident embassies in Korea and most of them host their National Day celebration receptions and other functions such as those in celebration of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and their countries.

At each such reception, the hosting embassy has on display a good number of their traditional food and beverage. To the Korean guests, they are unique, exotic and attractive, and mostly very well meet the palate of the Korean people. In fact, many foreign residents in Korea have opened their traditional food and beverage restaurants in Seoul such as in Itaewon and other downtown areas frequented by international tourists.
Traditional food and beverage of different countries are a very strong medium of promotion and dissemination of their cultures. Like art and music, they do not have a language barrier or culture shock as they speak for themselves with taste and looks.
Each of the 111 resident embassies now has a rare opportunity to show their food and beverage at the 2015 Namyangju Slow Life Festival for 10 days from October 8 to 17, 2015, which is primarily to introduce the food and beverage of the different countries of the world as well as those of the different regions of Korea.
Each embassy is encouraged to show their unique traditional food and beverage throughout the 10-day period of the Festival and then take them back after the exhibition is over or keep them at the Exhibition Pavilion for permanent showing, for which the Namyangju government issues an appropriate certificate.
The exhibits include: food materials such as rice, wheat and corn; foods such as bread, spices and condiments; tableware and cooking utensils such as spoons, bowls, dishes, plates, tablecloth, aprons, knives, cutting boards, cooking pots, pans, cheese-grinder and pasta-making tools.
The Namyangju Government also has a program for the wives of the diplomats (including the wives of the ambassadors) to offer a demonstration in the preparation of the unique traditional foods of the different countries. The government pays for the transportation expenses and supplies all the food materials that are available in Korea. The food may be shared with the Korean and international visitors to the booth.
On the opening day (Oct. 8, 2015), Mayor Lee Suk-woo of the Namyangju City invites the ambassadors and spouses of all the countries represented in Korea to attend the Opening Ceremony.
Vietnam, China, Thailand, Bulgaria, Singapore, the Philippines, Turkey, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and various other countries have their unique restaurants in Seoul. The Namyangju Slow Life Festival is expected to contribute to further promoting the different traditional foods of the different countries of the world. For further information, please call Ms. Kim Jung-mi at 2298-1740/2 or drop a line at or

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