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An unfaithful party cannot initiate a divorce suit with spouseVis-?-vis Constitutional Court’s decision that adultery is not a crime

If you have flirted with another woman or been unfaithful to your wife, you cannot file a divorce with her.This judgment was passed at the Supreme Court today (Sept. 15, 2015).

▲Supreme Court rules an unfaithful party cannot file a divorce suit

The Supreme Court, which was presided over by Supreme Court Judge Kim Yong-deok ruled that Hong Gil-dong (not his real name) cannot seek a divorce from his wife Ms. Sung Choon-hyang (not her real name) because Hong was the party who had caused the breakup of the marriage.
Hong married Ms. Sung in 1976, but started living with another woman in 1998 begetting from her a child out of wedlock. Hong left his wife and home in 2000 and lived with this other woman until 2011 when Hong filed a divorce with the court of justice demanding to be free from Ms. Sung.
This case had been a target of keen attention in the Korean society since the nation’s highest Constitutional Court ruled in February this year that adultery was not a crime.

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