Over 1,000 guests pack spacious Convention Hall of Grand Hilton
Over 1,000 guests pack spacious Convention Hall of Grand Hilton
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Oktoberfest at Grand Hilton Seoul emulates those in Germany

“I mog di!” (I love you!) was the theme of this year’s Oktobefest at Grand Hilton Seoul. An estimated total of over Korean and international guests, as well as Germans in Korea, attended the Oktoberfest at the spacious Convention Center of Grand Hilton on Sept. 5, 2015.

There were plenty of food to eat and more than enough beer of all kinds and all the guests had their fill of beer as well as the food and good company. There also were games such as arm wrestling and nail driving plus a total of 26 different kinds of attractive prizes that included Lufthansa Airline tickets and two night-three-day stay at Hilton Munich Park.

Among the guests in attendance were Ambassadors Rolf Mafael of Germany and Petar Andonov of Bulgaria, former Korean Tourism Organization President Lee Cham, GM Korea CEO Sergio Rocha, Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post and CEOs and senior executives from many Korean and international companies as well as German firms.

One of the Korean guests who had lived in Germany where he attended the genuine German Oktoberfest said, “Wow! This is nothing less than the Oktoberfest I attended while in Germany?if not better!”
The opening remarks made by General Manager Bernhard Brender of Grand Hilton Seoul spoke for much of how the grand party looked like. He said:
“Refresh old friendship and build new friendship since tonight we have over 1,000 guests from 82 different countries of the world and 98 companies plus 20 VIP delegations from Germany.”

There were many sponsors for the event, who included Lufthansa German Airlines, Paulaner Beer, Becks Beer, CASS, Kal, Mueller, Joya Shoes, Tueve-Sued led by Stefan, Agrosuper led by Thlee, Moshino, Versace, Jaegermeister, BoeringerIngelheim, Tupperware brands, De-Hrs, Larera, Caudalie, Comvid and Kamil.
Lufthansa flew in the Paulaner Band from Munich to Korea.
The authentic German food was prepared by the culinary team led by Heinz, Michele, Parkand Meng.

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