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The Korea Post expands its coverage of the international students in Korea. It is because the international students are invaluable assets to Korea and the countries where they come from.
The students are honest compared with fully grown-up people and can sometimes give frank and even candid views that are very important for the development of a country.
It is said that women and diplomats never say what they really intend to say and many people suggest, “Diplomats say ‘maybe’ when they want to say ‘no’ while, in contrast, when women want to say ‘yes’ they say ‘maybe’ to hide their real intention.”
In contrast, young people, especially students, are different. They will give a straight answer clearly showing whether they agree with you or not.
In this regard, the opinions and views of the international students are very important for Korea.
Against this backdrop, The Korea Post encourages the international students in Korea to contribute their opinions and views to The Korea Post for publication to share them with their fellow students in Korea and also the broad range of people young and old.
The Korea Post has a total of five media outlets, three in English and two in the Korean language and two in print edition and three in the Internet form.
Many international students in Korea try to learn the Korean language. The Korean language editions of The Korea Post can publish their papers and reports to share their thoughts with the Korean people.
One prospective contributor has sent us the topics of his discussions and some of them are so attractive to the Korean audience that we take the liberty of introducing them here. They are “Well-being as a Buzz Word in Korean Marketing,” “Prospects of a United Korea,” and “Company is Second Home in Korean Corporate Culture.” We are sure that the Korean people will find them new and reminding.
We hope that the international students in Korea will fully utilize all five media outlets of The Korea Post for the benefit of the Korean people as well as for themselves and the international community in Korea.
All you have to do is just send your news releases or feedback (including consumer complaints and government service grievances) to or With the two Korean-language publications (one in print and one in Internet) added to the three English publications, The Korea Post is now much more exposed to all the different strata of society as well as to the government and business circles.

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