Experience the power of Ginseng at Taipan
Experience the power of Ginseng at Taipan
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Ginseng has been touted to have many benefits when consumed ? from boosting immunity to lowering blood sugar. An endurance booster, ginseng is widely studied for its ability to treat many ailments and improve health.

Some of the wonderful dishes to be featured include: Cantonese Roast Duck served with Honey Glazed Fresh Ginseng; Stir-fried Live Lobster and Fresh Ginseng with Garlic and Red Chili; Fried Rice with Fresh Ginseng and Black Chicken wrapped in Lotus Leaf; and much more.

The a la carte dishes range in price from KW28,000 to KW160,000.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the wondrous powers of ginseng cooked with Chinese flair!

For reservations or enquiries, please call Taipan at (02) 317-3237. Tax and service charge is already included in the prices quoted above.

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