Hanwha Insurances offers various social volunteer servicesin all parts of Korea
Hanwha Insurances offers various social volunteer servicesin all parts of Korea
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With the participation all the employees, executives

Social volunteer service activities of the Hanwha Life Insurance Co., Ltd. are provided by a large organization formed at the national level by the employees, executives and financial planners of the company. The Hanwha Social Service Group has a total of 144 teams throughout the Republic of Korea and its members form a person-to-person relationship with needy people in all the local societies. They provide volunteer services more than once every month. They offer clean-up service at welfare facilities, including those for the retarded persons, aged people and those others at welfare centers. They present a wide range of services at every nook and corner of the country.

The Hanwha Volunteer Social Service Group also performs special activities. They include an ‘Economic Education Service Group’ that providesservices to the people who take interest in economy. It also has a ‘Mom’s Care Service Group’ formed with women employees and financial planners of the Company. They look after infants and very young children who need a motherly care. Hanwha service teams offer them a music experience and also help them take a bath.

Employees and executives of the Hanwha Life Insurance take part in social volunteer services at least 16 hours a year. Social volunteer service is a requirement for the new financial planners. They are registered for social volunteer service as soon as they are recruited.

They also have a ‘Savings Fund of Love’ program in which all the employees and executives take part voluntarily to implement sharing spirit programs for which they put aside a part of their salary. The Company on their part puts aside a certain amount of money equivalent to the donations made by the employees and executives under a ‘Matching Grant System.’

President & CEO Cha Nam-kyu of the Hanwha Life Insurance actively encourages all the employees and executives of the company to participate in the social volunteer service on a continuous basis to properly fulfill their share of responsibility and role in providing contributions to the society as a member of the local community.

In particular, on the occasion of the 9thanniversary of foundation, the Hanwha Social Volunteer Service Group provided a relay-type service related with the traditional market places for one month as a part of sales promotion activities. On 16th of last month, CEO Cha Nam-kyu with employees and executives presented the services of a one-day salesman at a direct-sale bazaar at the front yard of the 63 Building on Yeouido Islet in Seoul. The Hanwha Life Insurance volunteers also purchased newly harvested rice, Songpyeon rice cakes, fruits and other Chuseok goods and gave them to needy people. On the 15th day (Thursday), employees of Hanwha Life Insurance, Hanwha Hotel & Resort, Hanwha 63 City, Hanwha Fund Co. and Hanwha Investment took part in a blood donation program in order to save the neighbors who are suffering because of shortage of blood that came as a result of the spread of the MERS disease.

In order to carry into action the social service philosophy of Chairman Kim Seung-youn of “Together and Far,” the Hanwha Life Insurance will continue to provide a wide variety of volunteer services that are needed by the local society.

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