Myungji U. celebrates publication of Basic Law of Oman
Myungji U. celebrates publication of Basic Law of Oman
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A celebration meeting of the translation and publication of the Basic Law of the Sultanate of Oman by the Institute of Middle Eastern Affairs (IAEA) of Myungji University was held at the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Seoul on Dec. 16, 2015.
The meeting was attended by Ambassador Mohamed Salim Alharthy of Oman in Seoul, National Assemblyman Chung Se-kyun, Director Lee Jong-Wha of the Instite of Middle Eastern Affairs of and a number of other professors of Myungji University, including Professors Jung Sang-ryul and Musa Kim Jong-do.

Also attending the celebration meeting were Director Saeng Kim of the Middle East Division II of the African and Middle Eastern Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Head of Mission/Counsellor Nasr Al Mawali and First Secretary Mohammed Al Sarhani of the Omani Embassy.

Founded in March 2000, the IMEA at Myongji University aims to broaden the intellectual horizons for the Middle East studies through interdisciplinary researches. Chosen by the National Research Foundation of Korea as an HK (Humanities Korea) Project Institute for Overseas Studies in 2010, it has been conducting a project entitled “Social Change and Homo Islamicus in the Modern Middle East: Laying the Foundation for Middle Eastern Studies with a Special Focus on Shariah.”
This translation series arises from the HKJ Project that the National Research Foundation of Korea launched to provide selected institutes at universities with long-term research funds to promote humanities as academic disciplines.
In order to properly interpret the directions and identities of modern Middle Eastern nation-states and their religious expressions of Islam, the Institute has worked to make a reliable Korean translation of the constitutions of Middle Eastern countries from the original languages in which the constitutions were written, for the constitution clearly shows fundamental principles on which each state is founded. The translation series constitutes a basic resource for the constitutions of the Middle Eastern countries.

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