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South Korean media reports on North Korean hydrogen bomb testing

North Korea announced on Jan. 6, 2016 that they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb at 10:30 in “complete safety.” The (North Korean) Central News Agency made the announcement in a ‘Special Report’ published to the North Korean people and the outside world through the use of its media, including its main TV channel.
The responses of the major newspapers in the Republic of Korea (south) on that day were as follows:

Dong-a Ilbo (independent Korean-language daily):
China strongly denounces North Korea’s nuclear bomb testing. “There has been no advance warning or ‘tip off’ on the development.
South Korean National Intelligence Service: “There is a possibility that it may not be a hydrogen bomb. The monitored impact for a hydrogen bomb was small.”
Is the North Korean hydrogen bomb really as powerful as 1,000 times that of an atomic bomb?
North Korea carries out the testing a few days after the rupture of South-North Korean talks and after the withdrawal of the Moranbong Music-Dance Troupe of North Korea.
What are the terrain features of Punggye-ri where the bomb testing is reported to have taken place?
North Korea publicly announces that it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb in accordance with the instructions of Chairman Kim Jung-Un.
Chinese experts on North Korea and nuclear bombs: “They did it at a very low cost.”
South Korean Meteorological Observatory: “The radioactive fallout from the hydrogen of the North Korean bomb test went in the direction of the sea without causing any influence on South Korea.”
The North Korean border region of China experienced a tremor and in some areas there was splitting of the earth.
The stock market in South Korea was indifferent to the North Korean hydrogen bomb testing. Exchange rate rose by 10 won.

Chosun Ilbo (moderate independent daily)
Mercury of friendship between North Korea and China plummets though it may be also related with the abrupt withdrawal of the Moranbong Music-Dance Troupe of North Korea from China.
China is strongly opposed to North Korea’s nuclear testing. There had been no advance notice to China from North Korea.
North Korea discloses an instruction of Chairman Kim Jong-Un’s personal orders to carry out the hydrogen bomb testing.
What are the differences between the 4th nuclear bomb testing and the previous ones of the first to third testings?
What are the differences between the hydrogen and atomic bombs?
Chairman Kim Jong-Un made a statement one month ago concerning the hydrogen bomb.
Prime Minister Abe of Japan strongly denounces North Korean hydrogen bomb testing: “We can never condone the act!”
Nuclear experts say: “The impact is too weak. Maybe it was not a hydrogen bomb.”
President Park Geun-hye: “We should make North Korea pay for what it has done!”
Chinese media: “Today’s nuclear bomb testing is a birthday present for Chairman Kim Jong-Un.”
White House in the US denounces the North Korean bomb testing calling it violation of the Resolution of the United Nations.

Joong-ang Ilbo (mild independent daily):
China calls North Korean ambassador for an explanation as China has received no advance notice on the nuclear bomb testing.
President Park Geun-hye: “North Korea should pay for what it has done.”
Exchange rate of the South Korean Won drops to 1,200 won to the dollar following the news of the North Korean hydrogen bomb testing.
Sanctions will be imposed against North Korean hydrogen bomb testing.
Domestic money market in South Korea was not much affected by North Korean hydrogen bomb testing.
Prospects of UN Chief Ban Ki-moon’s visit to North Korea may not take place for the time being due to the hydrogen bomb testing.
Had the US, China and Japan known of the North Korean bomb testing in advance?
Asian stock market fluctuated a bit at the beginning after news of the North Korean hydrogen bomb testing, but soon it recovered its normal stability.

Hankyoreh (opposition-oriented Korean-language daily):
North Korea has three purposes in carrying out the nuclear bomb testing: They are (1) domestic reason, (2) showing of the standard of development of science and technology achieved by North Korea and (3) diplomatic advantage.
National Intelligence Servoce and the Ministry of National Defense of South Korea: “There are possibilities that it might not be hydrogen bomb testing.”

Kyunghyang Shinmun (mild opposition Korean-language daily): “It is hard to believe that North Korea has successfully carried out a hydrogen bomb testing. It could be propaganda activity for domestic reasons.”
South Korean military authorities could resume anti-North Korean loudspeaker broadcasting along the DMZ in retaliation against North Korea’s unwarmed hydrogen bomb testing.

NEWSIS (independent media):
North Korean hydrogen bomb testing without any advance warning could anger China further deteriorating the relations between them.
The Foreign Ministry of China denounces North Korean hydrogen bomb testing, deploys 3,000 troops to the Korean-Chinese border.
China has not even had a hunch that North Korea would detonate a hydrogen bomb.

Maeil Kyungje (business daily):
South Korean government will take action to correspond with the North Korean measure.
President Park Geun-hye: The Korean Peninsula Trust Process faces a critical turn.
Will South Korea resume its loudspeaker broadcasting to North Korea, which the North tries to avoid at all cost?
Foreigners and Korean individuals tend to increase purchasing stocks bucking the trend.
Stock prices of defense and internationally related stocks fluctuate.
Economy-related ministries put on alert on an around-the-clock basis.

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