Ambassador Majka of Poland hosts luncheon for media representatives
Ambassador Majka of Poland hosts luncheon for media representatives
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To introduce work plans of Poland for the New Year

Ambassador Krzysztof lgnacy Majka of Poland hosted a luncheon for a number of journalists at the Seoul Club on Dec. 30, 2015. It was in appreciation of the support given the Republic of Poland by the media throughout the year and to brief the media representatives on the New Year Plans of Poland. Here are some of the important plans of the New Year calendar of Poland:

Promoting Polish Experience in Transformation
Conference: Polish experience in political and economic transformation as a valuable tool in reunification of Korea (October 2016).
This conference will be a natural consequence and extension of the existing promotional strategy which places emphasis on exchange of experience in the field of historical politics, social relations and related reconciliation process.
Exhibition: Courage and reconciliation (October 2016).
The exhibition on Poland ? Germany reconciliation will complement the above described conference. Afterwards the exhibition will be presented in the universities and institutes dealing with issues regarding Korean reunification.
Promoting Polish Culture and Language
World Book Capital from Incheon in 2015 to Wrocław in 2016 (June 2016).
Wrocław will not only become the first Polish city to hold the World Book Capital title, but it will also be the European Capital of Culture during 2016 year. Embassy will promote Wrocław and Polish literature by organizing Book Day in Incheon.
Polish Oratorical Contest (May 2016).
Very successful event organized annually in cooperation with Polish Department at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies for Korean students learning Polish language.
Polish Night at Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) (October 2016)
Promotion of Polish cinema during one of the most internationally important film festivals.
Poland & Korea ? quo vadis? (October 2016)
2016 as the Year of Henryk Sienkiewicz - Polish journalist, Nobel Prize in Literature novelist, internationally known for best-seller Quo Vadis. Embassy will present film and exhibitions.
Promoting Polish Innovations, Tourism, Education and Tradition…
Study and Research in Europe and Korea Study Abroad Fairs (April / May 2016)
Embassy will assist Polish universities in presenting their educational program offers to Korean students in studying abroad.
Tasty Poland ? promoting Polish cuisine by (May 2016):
- Come Over for Dinner TV spot by MBC Plus Media as a continuation of Cooking with Her Excellency articles in JoongAng Daily,
- Translation into Korean and distribution of Polish-Korean fusion cookbook.
Creative Polska at Global Game Exhibition G-Star in Busan (November 2016).
During the fair Embassy will promote Polish video-game industry, which is one of the biggest in Europe. Every year many games made in Poland receive global recognition. One of them is The Witcher ? one of the most acclaimed video games ever made.
Polish Day in Seoul ? promotional picnic (May 2016).
Polish Day in Seoul organized in the city center will highlight the presence of Poland in Korea through the presentation of various Polish products in the South Korean market. Polish Day in Seoul would be the first event of its kind on such a large scale.
Seminar: Pozna? ? City of Education and Modern Business (May 2016).
- Presenting Pozna? as an academic and business center with young and creative population.
- Presenting scientific centers of the city.
Similar business event promoting Ł?d?, a fine example of modern transportation hub in Poland and also a candidate to host small Expo in 2022.
Support of Polish Folk Dance and Music Band Mazurka (all year).
Mazurka is a Polish folk band composed of Korean students majoring in Polish at HUFS. 2016 will mark the reaffirmation of our long-term support for one of the best Korean-led initiatives to enjoy and promote Polish culture.
Note: The above list will be extended with a number of other events in the second half of 2016 due to recent changes in the financial support system by Polish Foreign Ministry.

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