Hyundai Motor launches IONIQ, indus- try first, eco-friendly hybrid sedan
Hyundai Motor launches IONIQ, indus- try first, eco-friendly hybrid sedan
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Concept: ‘Start of future mobility that creates a better life

Hyundai Motor launched the industry-first eco-friendly sedan ‘IONIQ Hybrid’ on January 14, 2016 at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. Having been developed under the concept of ‘Start of Future Mobility That Creates a Better Life’, the leading automaker gave it the brand name of ‘IONIQ’, a combination of ‘Ion’ that generates new energy by combining and separating electric power with ‘Unique’ originality of Hyundai Motor.
“The event of launching this new vehicle will be remembered as an occasion of declaring the start of the new mobility era and commitment of the company to technology innovation,” said Kwon Moon-sik, Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group and Head of Hyundai-Kia R&D Division. “With the goal of ranking second in global eco-friendly vehicle market by launching over 22 different models by 2020, Hyundai Motor Group will concentrate unreserved efforts on developing innovative technologies. The ‘IONIQ Hybrid’ is designed to provide outstanding economic efficiency and pleasure of driving.”
The ‘IONIQ Hybrid’ features the best-in-class fuel efficiency, outstanding driving performance, modern exterior and interior design, and a variety of convenience specifications.

First of all, the new hybrid vehicle delivers the best-in-class fuel efficiency of 22.4km/l by providing strong performance and maximizing energy efficiency with maximum system output of 141ps, and maximum system torque of 27kgf.m (1-speed) and 24kgf.m (2~6-speeds) by installing a new kappa 1.6GDi engine with maximum output of 105ps and maximum torque of 15.0kgf.m. It is also installed with a high efficiency permanent magnet-based motor system with maximum output of 43.5ps and maximum torque of 1.3kgf.m, and a highly efficient electric motor. In addition, it is equipped with a high output lithium-ion polymer battery and its unique 6-speed DCT optimized for the new engine and electric motor.
Based on the concept of embodying flow of air, its exterior design is optimized for aerodynamic performance delivering future-oriented image with unique frontal shape by adopting the hexagonal front grill, refined side exterior that stresses silhouette harmonized with flow of air, and rear part with C-type rear lamps. Its interior design provides wide space, ergonomically and conveniently arranged control systems, and differentiated atmosphere and soft image using blue point color in important parts.
Adopting low centroid design and rear wheel multi-link suspension, it provides stable and agile driving performance as well as pleasure of dynamic driving with sense of direct connection and rapid speed change. With design against noise, vibration and harshness using sound insulation and noise absorption glasses, the vehicle delivers optimal quietness.
For enhanced safety, the automaker used advanced high strength steel (tensile strength of over 60kg/㎟) for 53% of its body and installed 7 airbags and other safety systems such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system, lane departure warning system (LDWS), and smart blind spot detection (BSD) system. Moreover, the vehicle satisfied both strength of its body and lightweight by using new materials such as aluminum and reinforced plastic, and new technology-based platform, reducing its weight to 1,380kg when empty (with 15-inch tires). In addition, it adopted a variety of convenience specifications, including smart cruise control, front and rear parking assistance system, tire air pressure warning mechanism, and mobile phone wireless power charging system.

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