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Chung Chang-kil tapped as 7th CEO & president of Korea Midland Power CompanyOne of the leading power generation companies in Korea

On January 26, 2016, Chung Chang-kil was inaugurated as the 7th president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Korea Midland Power Company (KOMIPO), one of the leading power generation companies in Korea and a world-class energy company. The inauguration ceremony was held at its Boryeong Thermal Power Site, attended by some 300 executive members and employees of the company.

▲ Newly appointed CEO Chung Chang-kil (11th from left) poses with the members of his company at his inaugural ceremony as the new new leader of the company.

As the first president selected among those who resigned from the company after serving for several decades, President Chung Chang-kil joined Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), the parent company of KOMIPO, in 1978 and resigned from KOMIPO in 2012 as the executive director for management.
In his inauguration address, President Chung Chang-kil noted, “I am committed to positioning KOMIPO at the center of power generation companies by achieving excellent results in management assessment and being recognized by the people with communication and open management. With the conviction of managing changes and safety, both the labor and management need to concentrate efforts on building a company that transforms lifestyle of the people as the leader in the new energy industry.” Envisioning achievement of 30,000MW in thermal power generation capacity and 1,600MW in renewable energy capacity for better life with eco-friendly electric power by 2020, he also emphasized to achieve continued growth and sustainable management.
Since he joined KEPCO in February 1972, President Chung Chang-kil assumed key managerial positions at the company, and moved to KOMIPO when it was spun off from KEPCO in April 2001. After serving at KOMIPO for over 10 years as director general of Seoul Thermal Power Site and executive director for planning, he resigned the company in February 2012 as the executive director for management. In recognition of his outstanding achievements in service, he received awards from the government including the one for the successful construction of the pumped-storage hydro power plant in Yangyang.
Currently, KOMIPO operates various types of power plants across the country with total capacity of over 8,400MW, including steam power plants, internal combustion and combined cycle thermal power generation plants, pumped-storage power plants and renewable energy facilities. Thermal power plants include Boryeong Thermal Power Site, Incheon Thermal Power Site, Seoul Thermal Power Plant, Seocheon Thermal Power Plant, and Jeju Thermal Power Plant. It operates a pumped-storage hydro power plant and wind power plant in Yangyang and a solar photovoltaic power plant in Yeosu.

For protection of environment, the company is eliminating more than 90% of pollutants, such as sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide and dusts at its power plants by installing state-of-the-art pollutant reduction facilities. And its efficient and quality operation was internationally recognized by obtaining the company-wide certification of ISO9001/14000 in 2004.

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