Korea Journalist Society taps former KBS sports editor as new chairman
Korea Journalist Society taps former KBS sports editor as new chairman
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The Korea Post chairman, 357 other leading Korean journalists attend

Former Sports Editor Lee Byung-dae of the national KBS TV-Radio has been elected the 20th-term chairman of the Korea Journalists Society (KJS) at its 30th Regular General Meeting at the Press Center in Seoul on Jan. 22, 2016. Lee had been the vice chairman of the KJS.
A total of 358 regular members of the KJS participated in the voting, including Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post. The chairman-elect garnered 227 votes out of the total 358 and the balance (131 votes) went to the runner-up candidate, Park Ki-byung, another former vice chairman of the KJS.

Advisor Shin Woo-shik (former president of the Korean-language daily Seoul Shinmoon and one of the former presidents of the KJS) oversaw the election as provisional chairman of the KJS with Chairman Han Young-sup of the Election Management Committee who presided over a session where the candidates presented their campaign pledges.
In his acceptance speech, Chairman-elect Lee stated that he would faithfully honor all his election pledges which included making the KJC an organization of journalists that will be recognized by the entire world for its excellence. He said, “I will try to make it incur no more debts but help it make profit, promote the welfare of all the members as much as possible and be a dynamic organization!”

Chairman Lee was born in 1941 and headed the KBS Sports Bureau as well as serving the KJS as its vice chairman.
In an acceptance speech, Lee said, “The voting is now over. There will be no taking sides. We are one.” Then he said: “I will now start performing my work sincerely and faithfully. I did not make any reference to my intention of donation during the election campaign, but I will now give a total of 10 million won to the financial status of the KJS in order to improve the financial situation of the organization. I would greatly appreciate it if any other members of the KJS would contribute to the improvement of the financial status of the organization.”
Chairman-elect Lee disclosed that the most important welfare of the members is the promotion of their health and that therefore he would try to see to it that the members suffering from poor health would be seen by a herb medicine team of three or four doctors beginning in March 2016.

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