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‘Thank you, Ms. Hing. You are an angel!’

By Mrs. Yuri Choi Lee
Artist (graduate of Hongik U.)

I have recently had an opportunity to have lunch at the Dragon Hill Lodge on the South Post of the 8th United States Army Garrison in Yongsan in Seoul with my parents-in-law and my husband. The food was superb and so was the beverage. I had been told that the food materials there were specially selected and inspected for the high quality as well as the taste.
My husband and I had a Lob Tail & Sir each, my mother-in-law an SHM & Fillet and my father-in- law a Shrimp Scampi with baked potato and pasta. They tasted good and I wouldn’t be opposed if someone said they compared favorably with such foods at the top-rate five-star hotels in Seoul or anywhere else in Korea--or in Brazil where I grew up with my Korean diplomat family there.

▲Ms. Hing Mi Ae (third from left) with Ms. Yoon Young-no (my mother-in-law, right), Artist Lee In-in (my husband, left) and Mrs. Yuri Choi Lee (me).

Why am I saying all this story that would not interest anyone?
I was very deeply impressed with the service offered by the employees at the restaurant as well as their courteous manner. Perhaps, they have all had a thorough training. However, what I saw and experienced would not come from simple training or experience. It appeared to be that it came from their genuine interest in making the guests happy to be there and dine there.
One such incident occurred to my father-in-law. He was 85-year-old according to the Korean age and 84 in the Western way of age-counting.
Perhaps from his old age, he inadvertently lost his grip of the glass of Coke and the beverage was all over the table. My husband and parents- in-law were totally dismayed with the Coke all over the place on the table.
Then all of a sudden appeared from nowhere a lady attendant, got tissue paper again from nowhere and started sponging up the Coke from the table with the paper. In no time, the spilt beverage was all gone, and the table was completely dry again.

▲The lobster was superb and my mother-in-law (right) was lost in savoring the juicy meat while my husband did justice to the mouth-watering steak. I was happy just watching them.

Everyone has one? own trade and job, like a pilot who flies the airplane, a doctor who reduces the pain and saves the lives of the people and a teacher who trains his/her pupils to be good citizens and sometimes great people like the President of a country.
Of course, some do well while others don?.
The lady at the table at the Dragon Hill Lodge restaurant, the way she acted and professionally took care of the ‘emergency situation’ at the table, was in no way behind any one of those mentioned above, including the President of a country. At my request, my father-in-law took picture of us, including the waiting lady who saved the situation with swift and professional work experience and skills.
Her name, according to her name badge, was Ms. Hing Mi Ae.
Thank you, Ms. Hing, you are an angel!

▲ The Dragon Hill Lodge had a number of good places for the guests to take their picture at, including the fabulous flower arrangement work at the entrance lobby.

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