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Publisher-Chairman Lee of The Korea Post meets with Chinese journalists in SeoulTo explore possibilities of news exchange, mutual cooperation

Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post Media had an informal meeting with Chinese news bureau chiefs and correspondents at the Hamilton Hotel Seoul on March.11.2016 to explore the possibility of exchanging news stories and photos for the promotion of mutual understanding between Korea and China.
At the meeting, the Korean and Chinese journalists exchanged views on the current affairs in Korea on a wide range of topics with special emphasis on the promotion of relations and friendship between Korea and China.
Some of the Chinese journalists were have been in Korea quite for some time while others were new. In the case of Mr. Seon Sa-roi, chief of the Seoul Bureau of Legal Daily, he has also had experience in the first-hand coverage of North Korea staying in Pyongyang.

▲Photo shows Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post Media (fifth from left) flanked by Chief Operating Officer Kim Hyung-dae (on his left facing the camera) and General Affairs Director Ms. Kim Jung-mi (on the right) with, from left, Jin Sang Mun of People’s Daily of China, Zhang Yue of People.cn and Wan Yu of People’s Daily. On the seventh to nine from left are Seon Sa-Roi of Legal Daily, Xinhua Jiahui and Yu Xu.

There was exchange of views between the two sides interesting to the promotion of understanding of China and Korea and they all agreed that Korea and China would benefit from each other through increased cooperation in the economic and various other fields, including the mass communications media.
They mostly had a favorable view of the people in Seoul and other parts of the country and took strong interest in the promotion relations and friendship between the two countries.

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