Hotelier Ms. Yeo wants to contribute to promote international cooperation
Hotelier Ms. Yeo wants to contribute to promote international cooperation
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Second deluxe international hotel planned in Samcheok

Chairperson Yeo Mung-ju of the Gracia Boutique Hotel in the picturesque Samcheok City on the East Coast is planning to build a brand new hotel named Jangho Santa Maria Pool Villa Hotel with a total floor space of some 4,200 pyeong (approx.14,000 square meters). She plans to erect the classy deluxe resort hotel near the picturesque Jangho Port which many Koreans compare to the beautiful port city of Naples in Italy.

Koreans compare to the Naples of Italy.

The Jangho Beach where the hotel will be built is noted for the beautiful beaches that won the nick name of the attractive Italian port city.
“This beach is already well known among the Korean and international tourists for its beauty and the clean water,” said Chairperson Yeo at a recent interview with The Korea Post in Seoul. “Here the visitors can fully relax and have their fill of joy away from the city life and the inland atmosphere.” She said that the vacationers can snorkel and ride transparent canoes.
Thanks to these attractive features, tourists and visitors are known to come here all the year round as well as in the summer season, says Chairperson Yeo.

The beaches between the Jangho Bathing Place and the Jangho Port are widely known for the silvery sands that present a fantastic view in contrast with the dark blue sea of the port.
This area is also noted for the extremely beautiful sunrise that can be seen from the rocky cliffs as well as the beach.
The new resort hotel which Chairperson Yeo wants to build is on the flat top of a rocky hillock on the beach.
“I want to build the hotel in complete harmony with the surrounding views,” says Chairperson Yeo, “which will be in complete harmony with the surrounding environment.”

She stresses that she will try to avoid as much as possible the artificial aspects and build them in a nature-friendly style. “I want the visiting guests to have their fill of the natural surroundings that will pose a striking contrast with the artificial things in the big cities,” Chairperson told The Korea Post.
Chairperson Yeo wants to limit the height of the Jangho Santa Maria Pool Villa Hotel to ten stories above ground. She disclosed that she had in mind the feelings of the people when they would see it from the cable cars that are being planned to be built in the near future. “I do not want to hurt their chances of viewing the beautiful beaches and the picturesque landscape from the cable cars,” she said minding the tourists using the cable cars in the future.

The hotel has a spacious terrace in front of the first-floor cafe, which commands the fine view of the beaches. She said she got the inspiration while traveling to Capri island in Italy observing the hotel built on the rocky cliff.
She also plans to build a swimming pool on the flat roof of the hotel building. “I want the guests to see the beaches and the sea from the rooftop swimming pool, which you never see while at the beach. “Also, I want to present the passengers of the cable cars with an exotic view of the pool and beautifully landscaped garden instead of a ‘brand concrete rooftop’ that would not be very nice for them to see,” said Chairperson Yeo.

At the lower portion of the hotel are pool villas built taking advantage of the natural slopes of the terrain. They are designed to present natural views and comfortable feelings as well as closeness to the beaches.
“I want my customers to hear the refreshing sound of the waves of the sea from these rooms,” said Chairperson Yeo.
In this plan, Chairperson Yeo says that she truly wishes turn the estate into ‘Naples’ of Korea. This plan is being promoted also in connection with the ‘Marine Cable Carway’ which is being promoted by the Samcheok City Government.

Chairperson Yeo, who is also the Honorary Dean of the College of Energy and Biotechnology at Seoul National University of Science and Technology and the vice chairperson of the United Nations Memorial Business Group as well as the Gangwon and Yeongdong Public Relations Ambassadress of the MBC TV and Radio.

Chairperson is very much internationally minded and takes strong personal interest in the promotion friendship and relations between Korea and all the countries of the world. She especially likes people in the Middle East and particularly the women in Iran.
“I have simply fallen in love of Iran,” said Chairperson Yeo at a recent interview with The Korea Post which was published in the February 2016 issue of The Korea Post. “The ladies there look so gentle, modest, intelligent, woman- like, and dignified in the woman way,” she said.
She said that she had a very high respect for the women in Iran and that she was very favorably impressed by the women of Iran wearing the Chador. “They look not only serene but even dignified in Chador,” she admired at the interview with published in the February issue.
Chairperson Yeo is known to be financially comfortable as the CEO of a number of business organizations, including the plush tourist hotel on the East Coast, but she has a persistent desire for social service and international cooperation.

“For one thing,” her answer was instant. “I would say that Iran is the first Islamic country as far as I know who truly opened the door to the international community.”
Then she said, “Now that sanctions are gone from Iran, there will be great opportunities for increased cooperation between Korea and Iran and I want to be part of that.”
Chairperson Yeo has been contributing substantially to the promotion of welfare of the needy people.
For instance, when the Pope Benedict visited Korea on Aug. 15, 2014, Chairperson Yeo invited the needy children from the Philippines, Taiwan, China and Pakistan to a cross-country in a 12-day bus tour of Korea providing them all with meals and lodging accommodations. The young people shed tears when parting with Chairperson Yeo and later wrote to Chairperson Yeo that they, too, will help the needy children when they are grown up.
Chairperson has also made donations for the young people in India and Nepal suffering from AIDS and gave to build accommodation facilities for their children.

At Christmas last year, Chairperson Yeo hosted a surprise event for the people in prison and donated warm underwear clothing.
In July 2014, Chairperson spotted a dog roughly handled and bleeding on a truck. She chased the truck and saved the poor dog from the mistreating people and brought it back home with her. Chairperson Yeo has been looking after the dog at her home with other dogs for two years now.

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