Use the 5 media of The Korea Post
Use the 5 media of The Korea Post
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The Korea Post, established 31 years ago in 1985, now publishes a total of five English and Korean-language news publications, namely three in the English language and two in Korean.
Among them stands out the Korean-language Internet newspaper, The Korea Post ( It is updated real-time, and reaches far and wide in Korea as it is in the Korean language and is more frequently accessed by Koreans who do not know the English language. It is also published in a print form exactly like the regular Korean-language daily newspaper (see picture).

Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik, the 1975 winner of the much-coveted Korean Literature Translation Award of The Korea Times, founded The Korea Post in 1985 after his departure from The Korea Herald?affected by the mass purge of the Korean media of the so-called ‘honest journalists’ whom the-then Major General Chun Doo-hwan, the military coup leader, feared most as he determined that they were in the way obstructing his smooth takeover of the control of the Korean government.
Many of the so-called ‘honest journalists’ were sacked as General Chun feared that they were in the way offering resistance.
Koreans have a time-honored old-saying, Jeonhwa Wibok (轉禍爲福), meaning “Blessings in disguise” or “Evil turned into a blessing.” Chairman Lee became a sheer example.

Lee established The Korea Post in 1985 as he became jobless but knew nothing other than writing English, and relatively well as was attested to by his winning of the much-coveted Translation Award of The Korea Times as was mentioned earlier.
So Chairman Lee is at your service. Use him. Whenever you have publicity need for the Korean audience (as well as the English readers), use the five media units of The Korea Post (three in English and two in the Korean language). Send your news for publication to to the attention of the Editor. Better still, use the handy Katalk: My mobile phone number is 010-5201-1740 for the Taltalk link.

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