World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan - a country of ‘Heavenly mountains’
World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan - a country of ‘Heavenly mountains’
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Ambassador A. Beshmov of the Kyrgyz Republic in Korea has contributed an article to The Korea Post for publication on various important events scheduled in his country. Excerpts follow:

In September of this year оп the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul in Cholpon-Ata will Ье held the second World Nomads Games. The idea of holding the first-ever "World Games Nomad", was proposed bу President Almazbek Atambayev of the Kyrgyz Republic, whose mission is to revive and preserve the culture, identity and ways of life of the peoples of the world in the era of globalization.

The First World Nomads Games was held in 2014, where there were sporting events in 1Оsports. Тhе rich heritage, demonstrated through nomads Games, aroused а great interest and positive feedback from the audience of more than 30 countries.

The first World Nomads Games was attended by a delegation of the Republic of Korea, which consisted of masters of the Korean national sport, "Taeken," which was shown at the Games demonstrations. They also took part in the opening ceremony in traditional Korean costumes.

The Second World Nomad Games, during which there will be shown to the world heritage of nomadic life. The nomadic civilization is a historical epoch with length of nearly three millennia, which began with the Scythians in the VIII century BC.

The area of the Pacific, Eurasian tundra to the Carpathians, the land of the Huns and Germanic Europe, mountains, steppes and deserts of Central and Eastern Asia, and the Middle East. Such global space-time world could learn only nomad. Their culture is original, unique, shows the entire way of life and traditions of the people, this is the immensity and richness of nomadic civilization.

Nomadic world units together the hundreds of people of the world. If we look at history, we find that due to the nomads cultural exchanges occurred between nations. In those days, when there were no tourists and international forums, the people living in its valley, the nomads took the liberty of migration from one valley to another, from one end of the continent to the other, that is, into the unknown. Through such campaigns they shared their knowledge with the settled peoples, took their new knowledge and carried this knowledge into new regions of the world.

Nomadic civilizations coexisted harmoniously with nature. Nomads, adapting to the ecological niche of his residence, did not change the landscape of the earth. Culture and traditions of the nomads were not only warlike, contrary to stereotypes, the nomads spared their time, performed holidays and feasts playing different physical and intellectual sports. These games have survived to the present day.

In 2012, the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbek Atambayev proposed the idea of the first-ever "World Nomads Games " whose mission is to revive and preserve the world nation’s culture, identity and ways of life in the era of globalization. This initiative was supported by the heads of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Turkey.

In September 9, 2014, on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul in Cholpon-Ata was the start of the first World Nomads Games . There were held sport competitions in 10 sports: Kok B?r?, Er engish, Coonan chabysh, Georgo salysh, At chabysh, Kyrgyz k?r?sh, Ordo, "Alish" struggling, Kazak k?rosh, Toguz korgool and etc. Also as part of the Games were held demonstration of national kinds of sports of Azerbaijan (zorkhana), Turkey (zhirit and different types of struggle) and South Korea (teykiёn).

The rich heritage, demonstrated through Games nomads, aroused a great interest and positive feedback from the audience of more than 30 countries.

The Second World Nomads Games (from 3 to 11 September 2016)

Start of the Second World Nomads Games scheduled for September 3, 2016 on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul.

Sports competitions will be held on 25 kinds of sports: the festival of martial arts, horse racing and competitions, archery contest, demonstration of different types of hunting with birds of prey and taigans.

Along with sports activities, program of games will contain ethnographic festival, which will take place in the unique ethno-village, located in the picturesque canyon Semenov Kyrchyn from 10 to 11 September. Ethno town located on Kyrchyn pastureland and will consist of more than 100 yurts (kyrgys national house), as well as specially produced items of everyday life of the nomadic peoples of Central Asia.

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