Yangpyeong successfully hosts 7th Yongmun Edible Greens Festival
Yangpyeong successfully hosts 7th Yongmun Edible Greens Festival
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Designated as first special zone for eco-friendly agriculture, clean environment

Designated as the first special zone for eco-friendly agriculture and clean environment, the Yangpyeong County served as the venue for the 7th Yongmun Mountain Wild Edible Greens Festival of Yangpyeong. The Festival was successfully held for three days from May 6th to 8th around Mt. Yongmun that produce a diversity of unique and eco-friendly wild edible greens. Under the slogan of ‘The Most Healthy Festival in Korea’, the Festival introduced a variety of healthy wild edible greens, including seasoned aster, winged euonymus leaves, bracken and sprouts of Japanese angelica, as well as foods made of these greens.
Programs of the Festival included exhibition of spring wild edible greens, marketplace of wild greens and other eco-friendly agricultural products, experiencing of picking such greens in the mountain, parade of presenting best wild edible greens to the king, traditional folk art performance, event of sharing bibimbap (cooked rice mixed with wild greens, beef and egg) by 1,100 people, and forest healing therapy. The Festival also featured beautiful fireworks, luminarie and costume play of mountain village in the evening.

The parade of presenting wild edible greens to the king was taken part by over 1,500 persons, and bibimbap was shared by 1,100 people representing the 1,100-year old ginkgo tree in Mt. Yongmun. The Yongmun Mountain Wild Edible Greens Festival is named as one of best 10 festivals in Gyeonggi-do Province.
Besides, the Yangpyeong County government is implementing a variety of programs to promote health and welfare of residents. The local health center and social welfare center are jointly operating pilot health promotion and exercise programs three times a week from May 9th to June 29th, such as stretching, weight training and outdoor walking, in the eastern region of the County. After completing the pilot program, the two organizations will officially operate integrated health facilities starting in July this year. The County authorities have been operating the health promotion program in the central region of the County since last year.

And the Yangpyeong Meal Service Management Support Center recently conducted a campaign of balanced dietary life to help children have correct food habits. The center will continuously publicize importance of balanced dietary life targeting children and other residents. In addition, the Yongmun Library in the County plans to replace existing bar code-based book rental system with latest RFID system to enhance efficiency in operation. The library houses more than 100,000 books and other valuable documents. Meanwhile, delegations of the County consisted of executives at leading regional private and public companies participated in the SIAL China, an international foods trade show held in Shanghai and the export conference held in Beijing, China in May to publicize and market excellent quality of its eco-friendly agricultural products.

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