Hyundai Motor's all 3 entries finish 44th ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race
Hyundai Motor's all 3 entries finish 44th ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race
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Focus on “N” model

Global automaker Hyundai Motor Co.’s all three entries in the 44th ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race held for four days from May 26 in Germany succeeded in completing the race while only 104 cars, or 65.4 percent of all 159 entries, were able to finish the competition. The three entries were 1.6-liter i30 Turbo, 1.6-liter Veloster Turbo, and 2.0-liter i30 Turbo
Hyundai`s 2.0-liter i30 Turbo competed in the SP3T class for the first time. It is currently under development for the carmaker’s new high-performance model N. As such, the race was a real testing event for the development of N model.

“Hyundai Motor will continue efforts to develop high-performance technology and auto parts for N model through real car races in which unpredictable situations occur frequently,” said a company spokesman. Hyundai Motor has participated in WRC (World Rally Championships) since 2014 in an effort to develop high-performance models. Lately, the carmaker took first place in an Argentine rally, which raised expectations for N model which is now under development.
Over 150 cars took part in the 44th ADAC Zurich 24hr of Nurburgring on the combined Nordschleife and Grand Prix track. Cars ranged from the SP9 GT3 class, to a humble Golf GTI and an Opel Manta.
Hyundai Motor has taken part in the ADAC Zurich 24h Race through its German sales corporation. Previous entries were i30, Veloster and Genesis and Copue, models which are mass-produced. The three cars which competed in May this year were 1.6-liter i30 Turbo, 1.6-liter Veloster Turbo, and 2.0-liter i30 Turbo.
The 2.0-liter i30 Turbo, which competed in the SP3T class for the first time., is now under development for model N. The car’s exterior is known as i30, but it will be fitted with 2.0-turbo engine which will be developed for high performance for N model. The engine is expected to display more than 245-horsepower.
“N pursues thrill and emotional joy based on expertise accumulated by Hyundai Motor’s modern sports,” said Vice President Albert Biermann. “The N lineup will display power which can drive in race tracks with its powerful driving performance,” he said. “We are at the start of a joyful journey. It will be the most thrilling winding road fun,” said Vice President Biermann.
High-performance N model symbolizes “Namyang” city where Hyundai Motor’s “heart,” R&D Center is located. It is planned and designed by N model high-performance car specialists. N model will be put to the road after constant testing on the Nurburgring Circuit.
The Nurburgring Circuit is called “a green hell” for its harsh conditions like sharply breaking curves. As a result, only 50-60% of all entries complete the competition annually.
The ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race is a 24-hour annual touring car and GT endurance racing event on the Nordschleife (north loop) of the Nurburgring in central Germany. Held since 1970, over 25 km lap length allows about 200 cars to participate. The race was introduced by the ADAC as a real race, unlike the earlier endurance contests.
Hyundai Motor Group established a new vision, “Together for a better future.” In order to fulfill its role and responsibility as a trusted global firm, Hyundai Motor Company defined its version of being a “lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond” to come one step close to its customers and become their beloved brand. A car is no longer simply a means of transportation that links people to people. It has become a life space that occupies a central role in people’s lives. As such, Hyundai Motor Company seeks to become a lifetime partner in the everyday lives of customers.

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