People’s Party Co-chairmen Ahn, Chun quit the top party post
People’s Party Co-chairmen Ahn, Chun quit the top party post
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In assumption of responsibility for scandal

Co-Chairman Ahn Cheol-soo and Chun Jung-bae of the second opposition People’s Party announced today (June 29) that they were quitting the party’s co-chairmanship in assumption of the recent scandal involving some of the party lawmakers.
According to a Korean-language daily Chosun Ilbo report this morning, Ahn and Chun made the disclosure at a press conference at the National Assembly in the morning.

Speaking at a press meet, Ahn said, “I am wholly responsible for the recent development and I am resigning from all posts as the party representative.”
“Throughout my entire political career,” said Ahn, “I have always taken the position that whatever I have done I should hold myself wholly responsible for the outcome.”
At the same time, Ahn reiterated his position that he will continue to do his best to properly meet the wishes of the people.
Representatives Park Sun-sook and Kim Soo-min have been undergoing Prosecution investigations on the suspicion of receipt of rebate in connection with the public relations expenditures of the Party.
However, the majority of the members of the leader group of the People’s Party are known to have been opposed to Ahn’s resignation and are known to be making extensive efforts to dissuade Ahn from quitting the top post of the party.

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