Moon, Ahn will soon begin their bout ‘outside the ring’
Moon, Ahn will soon begin their bout ‘outside the ring’
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For the Presidential elections late next year

Ahn Cheol-soo quit the second opposition People’s Party as its co-chairman yesterday (June 30). What is he really up to? Does he really mean to quit politics altogether?
It appears that he won’t.

In the eyes of many objective political observers in Korea, Ahn did well when he gave up the chairmanship of the PP because it appeared to be the only way out he could take saving his face as much as possible as an elite middle-of-the-roader political leader.
At least he gave the people the impression, “Well, at least Ahn knows what to do when he has made a mistake.”
It also gives him a fair chance to compete with former Chairman Moon Jae-in of the now main opposition

who is busy with ‘body building’ as an opposition Presidential candidate in the forthcoming Presidential race one and a half year away on Dec. 20, 2017.

Ahn’s unconditional assumption of responsibility for the political scandal involving his party is generally received well by the Korean society reflecting credit on him in view of his candidacy in the Presidential race late next year.
An influential lawmaker of the PP was quoted by Dong-A Ilbo this morning as saying: “It is not all that bad for former Chairman Ahn Cheol-soo to leave the party in assumption of responsibility for the situation. If he continues to go low-profile after the resignation and work silently, I am sure that he will be given another chance (to challenge the Presidency).”
An influential Minjoo Party member has reservations for such a possibility when he said, “Well, it all depends on the people whether they will take Ahn’s move at face value.” Then he said, “It appears that time has now come for both Moon and Ahn to work hard to determine an appropriate time and justification to announce their candidacy for the upcoming Presidential elections.”

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