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President Park appoints opposition-oriented man as new PMBrief biographical data of Prime Minister Kim Byong-joon

Newly appointed Prime Kim Byong-joon served as a policy secretary to the late President Roh Mu-hyeon's, a liberal figure who is still admired by many people in the opposition camp.

▲Kim Byong-joon

The 62-year-old new prime minister graduated from Yeungnam University in southern Korea and served as a professor at Kookmin University in Seoul since 1986. He worked in various public and nongovernmental organizations as a policy adviser.

Kim is known to be an advocate of decentralization of power?seeking balanced development among different provinces of the country.

Kim joined the late President Roh Mu-hyeon’s election campaign in 2002 and oversaw key policies promoted by the administration. He then held the post of the minister of education.

Reports indicate that President Park Geun-hye appointed Kim as new prime minister considering Kim's connection with the progressive-oriented late President Roh in an effort to meet with the opinion of the opposition camp. The new PM is viewed by many Koreans as being neutral in his political affiliations.

Prime Minister Kim is expected to lead key state affairs amidst the rising public discontent against President Park following the seriously deteriorating position of the ruling camp in the political arena in Korea today triggered by the so-called usurpation of the power of the country by Mrs. Choi Soon-sil.

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