Dohwa Engineering prepares to take a leap forward in Algeria
Dohwa Engineering prepares to take a leap forward in Algeria
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Projects concentrated on transport infrastructure

Dohwa Engineering, one of the largest engineering design firms in Korea, is taking a leap forward in Algeria with tram design and civil engineering supervision projects.

Tramway in Oran, Algeria-Belgaid Station

As Dohwa Engineering advanced into Algeria in 2011, the company faced numerous challenges, including a different legal system and a language barrier. Algerian legal system is influenced by that of Europe, especially France, while its official language is Arabic. Though it has no official status, French is widely used in everyday life in Algeria. Despite the difficult business environment, Dohwa Engineering has striven to conform to the systems, laws and customs of the North African country.

Since September 1, 2011 when Dohwa Engineering opened a liaison office in Algeria, the company has performed five projects. These include “Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Extension of Oran Tramway Line 1, Section D”, “Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Extension of Oran Tramway Line 1, Section A. B. C.” and “Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Annaba Tramway Line 1”.

Dohwa Engineering also took part in the “Feasibility Study, Preliminary and Detailed Designs for Extension of Algiers Metro Line 1, Section 1”.

Presently, Dohwa Engineering is undertaking a civil engineering supervision service project for metro line 1, section 2, which was launched in September 1, 2016. Dohwa Engineering participated in bids for the design project of railway length 950 km linking Bechar to Tindouf, and the construction design of Algiers’ central station of a high-speed railway.

Tramway in Annaba, Algeria-The Revolution Square

Of note, Dohwa Engineering has abided by Algeria’s labor, financial, accounting and foreigners laws, and as a consequence, has implemented all projects successfully without friction with Algerian agencies, including the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, banks and tax offices.

The company will seek to establish strategic alliances with Algerian firms for successful implementation of engineering service projects, upgrade cost competitiveness through hiring and education of local engineers and administrative staff, and secure technology upgrades. These efforts will enable Dohwa Engineering to save costs and minimize risks

Algeria, a member of OPEC, is reputed to be a global market in which engineering firms and construction companies from across the world are engaged in fierce competition. In line with its ambitious national territory development plan, Algeria has been pushing for housing, transportation, water resources and environmental projects. Presently, European firms play a leading role in the Algerian market based on their language and geographical advantages.

Dohwa Engineering will continue to perform value-added projects by taking advantage of its cost competitiveness and technology expertise. Of note, the company is concentrating its resources on the transport infrastructure (trams, subways and railways). Since opening its branch office in Algiers, the company had elbowed out global leading European countries and carried out three metropolitan transportation projects.

Based on its accumulated technology, Dohwa Engineering will expand into projects, such as urban transport and urban planning, railways, high-speed trains, water resources, dams, waterways and ports. The company is expected to rebid for transport infrastructure projects from Algerian firms after oil prices are recovered.

Tramway in Annaba, Algeria - Victor Hugo Station

Founded in August 15, 1957, Dohwa Engineering is the first multidisciplinary engineering company in Korea. The company has grown rapidly on the strength of competent engineers and excellent technology, and has laid the foundation for a global company by successfully providing technical services for over 7,000 projects not only within Korea, but also in foreign countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Georgia, and Nepal.

The company has a work force of 1,920, of which 1,670 are skilled engineers. The company has branches in various parts of the globe. In recognition of its technological prowess, Dohwa Engineering has been ranked 121th in The Top 150 Global Design Firms List published from Engineering News-Record 2016.

Dohwa Engineering is once again in the process of taking a great leap based on its 59 years of experiences in the engineering industry. The company will move forward as a first-class engineering company by adopting innovative ways of thinking for territorial space value maximization, and by developing and applying eco-friendly technology for the future of all mankind and our environment.

Dohwa Engineering is a comprehensive engineering company that has a high level of expertise in business planning, feasibility study, validity analysis, designing, purchasing, construction, analysis, testing, construction supervision, trial running, assessment & validation and consultation. Also Dohwa is involved in instruction tasks, which are contained in the field of civil engineering consulting of water and sewage, the development of water resources, city planning, road traffic, structure, railroads and environment.

Dohwa’s Railway Department is one of the most exclusive railway expert groups specializing in railway, urban, high-speed and light-rail transit system and new transportation systems including monorail, maglev train, and tram. Dohwa’s Railway Department have successfully performed design and supervision services in the fields of high speed railway, national main railway network, metropolitan regional railway network, and urban transit rail system (maglev rail, monorail, trams, etc.).

Visit of President and Infrastructure Director of EMA to Dohwa.

Regional Director of Dohwa liaison Office in Algeria

Cho In-haeng, regional director of Dohwa Regional Office in Algeria, studied economics in France after specializing in international trade at a Korean university. He earned a master’s degree in economics in France. While preparing for a Ph.D., he engaged in research on the Third World economy at an economic research center (CNRS) under the umbrella of France’s ministry of education. It was at this time when Cho got involved in in-depth research on the economies and currencies of Algeria and Morocco. Based on his riches professional experiences and diploma of doctorial degree, he was selected as the first director of Dohwa Engineering’s liaison office in September 2011.

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