Use the 3 English, 2 Korean media of The Korea Post
Use the 3 English, 2 Korean media of The Korea Post
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From the publisher

Have you recently visited the Korean-language Internet website of The Korea Post? If not, please visit

The news stories and photographs are updated real-time, as you might have realized if you have seen the articles there recently, and the number of visitors are increasing very rapidly.

We are trying to put more stories and photos on the Korean and international business communities as our Korean readers are more and more interested in learning them.

At this time, we are going to substantially increase the share of our real-time coverage of the activities at the Seoul Diplomatic Corps (SDC) and various other segments of the international community in Korea in the Korean-language Internet and paper editions as well as in the English publications.

Please send your latest press releases and photographs to The Korea Post ( to the attention of Mr. Choi Yun-seok (010-7159-7131) or Ms. Park So-yeon (010-3341-5918).

To our Korean readers and clientele:

The international community in Korea, the SDC in particular, are suffering dearth of Korea-originated news and information.

Many Korean news sources, particularly the business community and the government agencies, often find themselves at odds unable to produce the information materials in the English language and thus keep the valuable information exposed to the non-Korean readership.

The management of the business organizations and other public associations, the public relations people in particular, now know what to do to expand their exposure to the outside world as well as to the increasing international community in Korea.

All you have to do is dial the numbers and contact the source contacts already presented.

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