The Plaza Seoul Presents the “Holiday Collection”
The Plaza Seoul Presents the “Holiday Collection”
  • Park So-yeon
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A hotel package designed for guests seeking a private celebration of the holidays.

- Discounts and a special cake available for guests who stay on December 25th and who make a 2-week in-advance reservation, respectively.

The Plaza Seoul is introducing the Holiday Collection, a holiday-themed hotel package to celebrate the end of the year, available on December 23, 24, 25, 30, and 31, for only five days. THE PLAZA Seoul is a Luxury Boutique Hotel in downtown Seoul, operated by Hanwha Hotels and Resorts.

With two available options to choose from, the Holiday Collection comes with different programs and amenities designed for couples, friends, and families who wish to celebrate Christmas and the New Year together. In particular, guests who stay on the last day of the package, December 31st, will start the New Year with a beautiful view of downtown.

First, the package includes a relaxing night in a Premier Suite uniquely designed by world-renowned interior designer Guido Ciompi, as well as in-room dining prepared by the hotel chefs. The in-room dining comes with a two-person dinner consisting of salad, seafood pasta, Korean tenderloin steak, and more, as well as a bottle (750ml) of famous Diablo Devil’s Brut to add more warmth to the cozy holiday mood. With aromas of sweet citrus and green apples, Diablo Devil Brut is the perfect wine for creating a romantic atmosphere. The pricing of the package starts at KRW410,000, with a special discount (KRW310,000, one night excluding tips and tax) for guests who stay on Christmas Day, December 25th.

For customers looking to celebrate the holidays at a discounted price but still wish to enjoy a view of the city, a second option is available with one night at Deluxe room, with a chef-prepared cheese plate that comes with a bottle of Urmeneta Cabernet Sauvignon, from the Urmeneta region of 150-year-old winery tradition. The price starts at KRW240,000 (excluding tips and tax).

All package options come with complimentary access to THE PLAZA Fitness Club and its swimming pool, which offers a spectacular view of downtown Seoul from glass-only walls of the hotel running from its 15th to 18th floor. In addition, all guests receive a 10% discount toward in-hotel restaurants and Marriott Rewards points. An early-bird promotion is also available for guests who make their reservations 2 weeks or more in advance, offering a free cake made by Dutch-patissier Ron van der Vossen.

“We presented this holiday package with upgraded amenities based on popular demand from the last year” said the hotel staff who designed Holiday Collection package. “We will continue to introduce packages for guests seeking private celebrations of the holidays in a unique and stylish guestroom overlooking downtown.”

- Inquiries and Reservations: 82.2.310.7710

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