The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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November 28, 2013

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Good morning, Excellency!
Here are The Korea Post news, African proverbs, humor from Korean-language economic dailies, and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:
Lee Kyung-sik
Korea Post Media

The Korea Post news

Ruling Saenuri Party loses one-half majority in opinion surveys

Ahn gains in opinion polls, speaks on formation of his party today

Ahn Cheol-soo’s new party (yet to be formed) won a 27% approval rating which is more than double that of the major opposition Democratic Party (DP). It also substantially reduces the gaps with the ruling Saenuri Party.

An opinion survey published by Korean-language Internet media NEWSIS on Nov. 27, 2013, showed Saenuri winning 38% followed by Ahn with 27% and DP with 12%.

Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo

Compared with a survey conducted by Mono Research and published by Financial Today on Nov. 20, 2013,

Saenuri lost 9.3% from 47.3% and the DP 1.7% from 13.7%, while Ahn gained 4.2% from 23.5%.

The survey shows that now the ruling party no longer enjoys the one-half majority in opinion polls whereas the approval ratings of the opposition camp put together, including the 2.8% won by the United Progressive Party and the 1.8% by the Justice Party, comes to 43.6% vis-?-vis 38% of Saenuri, which indicates that the opposition camp has 5.6% more than the support rating of the government party.

Ahn Cheol-soo is expected to clarify his position on the formation of his party today (Nov. 28, 2013).

At the KUK Cultural Foundation Building behind Ritz Carlton Hotel

KUP hosts Year-end Concert with famed World Vision Children’s Choir of Korea

The Korea United Pharmaceutical Co. (KUP), hosts a Gala Year-end Dinner and Concert at the Cultural Foundation Building of the Company in Seoul (located behind the Ritz Carlton Hotel) on Dec. 26, 2013. It is presented by the famed World Vision of Korea Children’s Choir. Chairman Kang Duk-yung of the KUP invites the ambassadors and madams to the prestigious concert. 


Dr. Sang-Ki Hahn's African wise-saying:

 Oh, for the (good) past! Past and to come seem best: things present, worst.
-A Kenyan proverb

Thought is tear.
- A Nigerian proverb

Time is sweet but life is short.
- A Cameroonian proverb
Humor from Korean-language economic dailies this morning:

Seoul Kyungje

A husband and his wife were riding along together in a car.
They had been quarreling and hadn't spoken for a long time.
Finally, they passed a mule in a pasture. The man pointed to the mule and asked his wife, "A relative of yours?"
Without a moment's hesitation, she responded, "Yes, by marriage."

Hankuk Kyungje
A man was sued by a woman for defamation of character.
She charged that he had called her a pig.
The man was found guilty and fined.
After the trial he asked the judge, “Does this mean that I cannot call Mrs. Taylor a pig?”
The judge said that was true.
“Does this mean I cannot call a pig, ‘Mrs. Taylor’?” the man asked.
The judge replied that he could indeed call a pig ‘Mrs. Taylor’ with no fear of legal action.
Now the man looked directly at Mrs. Taylor and said, “Good afternoon, Mrs. Taylor!”
'China's New Air Zone Won't Affect S. Korea's Use of Ieodo'
The Foreign Ministry says China’s newly claimed air defense zone will not affect South Korea’s use of its science facility around Ieodo Reef.

BOK: S. Korea's Economic Recovery Getting Stronger
he Bank of Korea (BOK) says the recovery of the South Korean economy is gradually becoming stronger.

Source: S. Korea, US Want UEP Inspection Before 6-party Talks ResumeAnchor: A diplomatic source in Washington says verifying North Korea’s uranium enrichment facilities and its long-range missiles are at the center of discussions on preconditions to restart the six-way nuclear talks. Our Bae Joo-yon has more.

ACRC Supports UN Convention Against Corruption
The chief of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission has expressed South Korea’s strong support of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

Ruling Party Lawmakers Demand Renegotiation of F-35A Purchase
Senior Saenuri Party lawmakers say the government’s deal to buy 40 F-35A fighter jets from Lockheed Martin is unfair and needs to be renegotiated.

Defense Ministers of S. Korea, Peru Discuss Defense and Security
Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin held talks on Wednesday with Peruvian Defense Minister Pedro Cateriano on enhancing cooperation and exchanges in defense and security.
Winter Power Demand to Peak in Mid-January
South Korea’s power demand this winter is expected to peak around mid-January at a record 81 million kilowatts.
Gov't to Submit KBS Program for Inception on UNESCO World Memory Register
South Korea is submitting a special TV program for inception on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. KBS hosted the program in 1983 to help Koreans living in the South reunite after being separated by the Korean War.
Yonhap (
S. Korea's current account surplus hits record high in Oct.
South Korea's current account surplus hit a record high in October on the back of brisk exports of cars, chips and tech products, the central bank said Thursday.

China's new air zone has no effect on S. Korea's control of Ieodo: Seoul
China's recent inclusion of the South Korea-controlled underwater rock of Ieodo in its air defense zone will not affect the status quo surrounding the reef, Seoul's foreign ministry said Wednesday.

Korean investments in overseas securities hit 5-year high in Q3
South Korean institutions' investments in foreign securities rose to the highest level in five years in the third quarter as stock markets rose globally, the central bank said Thursday.

FTC to launch 'commitment decision' process for probe into Internet portal operators
South Korea's antitrust watchdog said Wednesday that it has decided to launch a streamlined and less time-consuming process called "commitment decision" in probing two major Internet portal operators accused of hurting fair market competition by using their dominant position.
The Korea Herald (
War of nerves intensifies between China and U.S.
Tension is mounting in Northeast Asia as the U.S. flew two nuclear-capable B-52 bombers through what China has recently ...

Indonesia protests to Korea over alleged U.S. spying role
Indonesia has lodged a protest against South Korea’s alleged support of U.S. interception of undersea telecommunications channels across Asia, Seoul’s Foreign Ministry confirmed ...

Schreyer sees Hyundai-Kia rivalry as crucial for design edge
Peter Schreyer, the design mastermind behind Hyundai Motor Group and its affiliate Kia Motors, ...

‘Sisters over Flowers’ to showcase actresses’ feminine charm
Cable channel tvN’s newest reality program, “Sisters over Flowers,” part of the series “Bac...

Scandals plunge Kookmin Bank into crisis
KB Kookmin Bank, the nation’s second-largest lender, is facing what some financial market analysts said ...

A church-state conflict?
The protracted standoff between political parties over the state spy agency’s alleged meddl...

Part-time employmentThe government is rushing to put in place its part-time job scheme to attain President Park ...

Korea’s underground economy
The size of Korea’s underground economy reached an estimated 314.3 trillion won in 2012, about 24.6 percent of its nominal gross domestic product, according to a report by LG Economic Research Instit...

Candidate for ITU unit chief vows to bridge digital divide
A Korean candidate for director of a U.N. agency for telecommunications said that South Korea c...

UNIST aims to lead in global research
The eight bridges on the campus of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology remain un...

Sino-U.S. war of nerves intensifies

International school quotas for Korean students may rise

Korea seeks UNESCO listing for TV show on separated families

Art seized from Chun family to be auctioned next month
The Korea Times (
US pivot to Asia isolates S. Korea
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is thriving amid growing uncertainty in the region. Experts say the trend is likely to continue, unless the United States reprimands Japan for denying its wartime history, for instance. However...

Ahn's new party to attract twice DP supporters
A poll revealed that a new party to be launched by independent lawmaker Ahn Cheol-soo will attract twice the volume of supporters for the opposition Democratic Party, sources reported on Wednesday.

Mercedes' global chief shows commitment  
Mercedes-Benz Cars Chairman Dieter Zetsche pledged his full commitment to the Korean market Wednes... 

Banks' overseas expansion spurred on 
The government will allow banks to acquire financial holding companies abroad and ease rules for t... 

Korea to purchase 4 airborne tankers  
Korea will purchase four in-flight refueling tankers from 2017, the nation’s arms procurement agen... 

50 students plan to file lawsuit over CSAT question 
Some 50 senior high school students plan to file a lawsuit with the Seoul Administrative Court lat... 

Concerns growing over budget debacle   Concerns are growing over the possibility of failure to approve President Park Geun-hye’s budget p... 

NIS suspected of leakage of info on ex-top prosecutor  
The National Intelligence Service (NIS) and other government entities were embroiled in allegation... 

Not all K-pop singers ensure movie success 
A cynic might see an obvious co-relation between K-pop and acting: these young singers are blessed... 

Doctors threaten walkout over telemedicine  
Doctors threaten they will stage a walkout in protest of the government’s plan to allow telemedici... 

ACRC backs UN Convention against corruption  
Lee Sung-bo, chairman of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC), voiced Korea’s fi...
Dong A (
N. Korea spent 530 million dollars in idolization propaganda
North Korea is known to have spent 500 U.S. million dollars in the past two years on Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il idolization propaganda. South Korean government officials said, "North Korea`s economic data including GDP... 

President talks with multicultural families over coffee
President Park Geun-hye has conversations with multicultural families who made coffee for her during a visit to a regional development fair in Busan on Wednesday. ...

Presidential office perplexed over friction with Catholic Church
Presidential office Cheong Wa Dae is perplexed as its criticism of a Catholic priest`s recent remarks about North Korea`s 2010 shelling of a frontline island gave the impression that it was in conflict with the Catholic...

FC Seoul coach named top coach of 2013 in Asiazzzzz 

Parliamentary committee approves 245 trillion-won closing account
Chosun Ilbo (
N.Korean Agents Badmouth S.Korea in Chinese Cyberspace
North Korean agents are spreading negative propaganda about South Korea in cyberspace, intelligence forces here believe. They tend to pose as Chinese citizens but post comments on Chinese websites dedicated to praising North Korea.

Korea Mulls Including Ieo in Air Defense Zone
The Defense Ministry wants to discuss with other ministries including the submerged shelf of Ieo Island in Korea's Air Defense Identification Zone, Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin said in the National Assembly Defense Committee on Tuesday.

Korea to Heighten Safety Measures for Airlines
Any airlines whose aircraft are involved in accidents will be banned from operating for up to 30 days, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said on Tuesday. This constitutes part of efforts to improve flight safety and marks a departure from the previous measure to levy paltry fines of up to W500 million, which were widely seen as ineffective.

Panama Freeing Most of N.Korean Crew in Smuggled Arms Case
Panama is freeing most of the 35 North Korean crew members it detained more than four months ago for smuggling Cuban weapons aboard a ship, a senior government official said on...

Russia Detains 15 Members of Banned Islamic Group
Russian security forces detained 15 suspected Islamist militants in Moscow on Wednesday after confiscating improvised bombs and other weapons in a raid on an apartment, the...

Ko Joon-hee Makes Light of Wedding Clich?s in New Romantic Comedy
Actress Ko Joon-hee shares her thoughts on love and marriage in an interview promoting her new movie "Marriage Blues," a romantic comedy that hit local theaters last week.

Berlusconi Expelled from Italian Senate Over Tax Fraud

Early American Religious Book Breaks Record at Auction

Pentagon: U.S.-Japan Treaty Covers Disputed Islands

To wear metal accessories despite having allergy to metal

Hankyoreh (
China’s airspace claim leads to Ieo Island incorporation into KADIZIeo Island has been in an ambiguous position due to claims by Japan and changing international standards
The South Korean government said it plans to look at including the airspace over Ieo Island in the Korea Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ). The island has been the subject of controversy lately after China announced on Nov. 23 that it was including Ieo Island in its own air defense zone. The airspace for the island, which is under the effective control of South Korea, is currently included in Japan’s air defense zone.

The history of air defense identification zones in Northeast Asia
South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan were the countries most directly influenced by the Chinese Defense Ministry’s Nov. 23 announcement of its air defense identification zone in the East China Sea. So why was it the

US that responded most keenly to it?

Deal with Iran signals more diplomatic approach from Washington
Following a tentative agreement in nuclear talks with Iran, the basic orientation of US foreign policy under President Barack Obama is pivoting from military power to diplomacy. With the US seeking peaceful solutions through bold dialogue with hostile countries such as Iran and Syria, the next question is how this will affect future policy toward North Korea.

Priest could face National Security Law over comments
Conservative organizations are rushing to lodge complaints against Catholic priest Park Chang-shin for violating the National Security Law through comments he made about North Korea’s 2010 shelling of Yeonpyeong Island in a special mass held by the Jeonju diocese of the Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice (CPAJ). It appears that the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office will soon decide which local office of the prosecutors will handle the case.
Joong Ang (conservative): (
Korea squeezed in air zone row
U.S. B-52s challenge China’s declaration of wider defense area
The United States flew two B-52 bombers over disputed islands in the East China Sea without prior notification in defiance of Beijing’s newly declared air defense identification zone. The flights escalated tension in the Northeast Asia region, leaving Korea in an awkward position…

Scant fallout from nuke shenanigans
Last May 28, the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission announced the outcome of its investigation into the nuclear reactor corruption scandal involving…

Raids find NIS link in love-child controversy
Prosecutors have determined that the personal details of a 54-year-old woman and her 11-year-old son - alleged paramour…

Budget deliberations in second day
The National Assembly yesterday entered into its second day of deliberations over next year’s budget proposals. Right now the prospect of completing…

Gov’t allays fears over railroad privatization
The Blue House scrambled yesterday to refute allegations raised by the opposition Democratic Party that the government is taking steps to privatize railroads…

Philippines arrests Korean mobster
The former leader of a Korean crime syndicate was arrested in the Philippines after hiding out in the Southeast Asian nation for more than two years…

Ancient seal likely stolen, official says
LOS ANGELES - South Korean officials say a 16th century royal seal in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) may have been stolen…

Chun family’s art trove is up for auction
The private art collection of former strongman Chun Doo Hwan and his family will go on the block next month. Among some 600 pieces of art confiscated from…

Medical groups to defy reforms
The medical community is up in arms about a range of reform measures announced by the Park Geun-hye government.In a rare display of unity…

FSC scales back its financial vision
Financial Services Commission Chairman Shin Je-yoon had a determined look as he stepped into the press room yesterday to give a briefing on government…

LG names mobile head a president in reshuffle
LG Electronics promoted Park Jong-seok, head of the Mobile Communications unit, to be a president of the company yesterday despite a loss in its handset…

Government sells fraction of IBK shares
After years of effort, the government sold a small portion of its shares in the Industrial Bank of Korea yesterday, adding more than 265 billion won ($249.2 million)…

Gas kills 1, injures 8 at Hyundai plant
A gas leak at a Hyundai Green Power plant in Dangjin, South Chungcheong, killed one worker and injured eight.The fatal accident happened on Tuesday…
Edaily (
[Closed]KOSPI 2,028.81p( 6.17p) slightly up, KOSDAQ 511.65p( 1.11p) slightly up
KOSPI & KOSDAQ Index Closed KOSPI closed slightly up 6.17p( 0.31%) at 2,028.81p from yesterday. KOSD...

[Closed] Domestic rate of return of final bid closed. 3-year government bond up 1bp.
This is the rate of return of final bid. Quoted by Korea Financial Investment Association, domestic rate of return of final bid of 3-year government bond recorded at 2.97%, up ( 1bp) from yesterday. ...

[Closed]Dollar-won 1,061.10won, slightly up 1.20won( 0.11%)
Korean won closed at 1,061.10won per dallar slightly up 1.20( 0.11%) from previous day. [table] currently market of won dollar ...

[Table]Exchange Rate Currency Crossrate
This is Currency Crossrate of major 12 countries. [table] FX Cross Currency ...

[Table]Exchange Rate Quotation
This is Exchange rate Quotation offered by Korea Exchange Bank. [table] Exchange Rate Quotation Offered by KEB ...
Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (
Elusive cyber crimes derail S. Korean economy
Cyber financial crimes are getting increasingly sophisticated. These financial crimes, which originated from voice phishing, have evolved into diverse types of crimes including memory hacking, pharming, phishing and smishing. Internet frauds and Internet gambling are rampant amid faltering economy, with citizens being indiscriminately exposed to cyber bullying. It is also common to receive bogus text messages via cell phone, which trick people into cl..

Let’s turn Busan into center for One Asia Transformation
“Korea needs to transform Busan into a city for logistics and market transactions beyond a port city to win an ocean battle in Asia.” This is the key message from t..

Foreign car premiums poised for sharp rise next year
Insurance premiums on foreign models will hike an average of 11.3 percent while that on South Korean ones will be slashed an average of 2.9 percent from next January.

S. Korea’s peak demand for electricity in winter to hit 81mn kilowatts
South Korea’s peak demand for electricity in winter is projected to reach a record 81 million kilowatts as more energy is required for warming. The peak is expected..

Gov’t calls Ieodo EEZ issue, not territorial claim
“Our use of Ieodo will remain completely unaffected,” the South Korean government repeatedly said regarding China’s expansion of its air defense identification zone..
Prosecutors arrest head of parts supplier whose shareholders include about..
A total of about 30 people including about 20 officials of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) and their families were found to have significant shareholdings in a nucl..
KB Kookmin Bank’s irregularities prove snowballing
The scale of malpractices by KB Kookmin Bank turns out to be increasingly extravagant. Circumstances raise suspicion that over 10 billion won ($9.4 million) seems to ..
S. Korea public firm to cut back on compensations for executives
The Construction Workers Mutual Aid Association decided to voluntarily cut annual compensations for executives by as much as 30 percent in line with the government’s ..


At the KUK Cultural Foundation Building behind Ritz Carlton Hotel

KUP hosts Year-end Concert with famed World Vision Children’s Choir of Korea

The Korea United Pharmaceutical Co. (KUP), hosts a Gala Year-end Dinner and Concert at the Cultural Foundation Building of the Company in Seoul (located behind the Ritz Carlton Hotel) on Dec. 26, 2013. It is presented by the famed World Vision of Korea Children’s Choir. Chairman Kang Duk-yung of the KUP invites the ambassadors and madams to the prestigious concert.

The repertoire consists of three parts, which include:

Part I:
Han-River Taryung (arr. Lee, Hyun Chul)
This is an arrangement of Korean folk song 'Han River Taryung' and winner of '2013 Andrea O. Veneracion International Choral Festival' in Folk song category. Using Korean traditional musical techniques and colors, it demonstrates the beauty and prosperity of Han river. Also fan dance emphasizes its beauty.
Surround A-Ri-Rang (arr. Lee, Sun Taek)
One of most famous Korean folk song in Korea would be 'Arirang', and this piece is an arrangement with this song in unique way. Divided into three groups, it starts with echoes and developed more dramatically. The final climax with Arirang is a breathtaking moment in this piece.
Gagopa (arr. Lee, Hyun Chul)
Originally composed by Kim Dong Jin, this famous Korean Art Song is re-arranged to emphasize its beauty. Longing for homeland and old friends, lyrical melody line shows the emotion of sadness and also happiness.

Part II:
Gloria (A. Vivaldi)
This is the first piece from 'Gloria' by baroque composer A. Vivaldi.
Laudate Dominum (W. A. Mozart)
This solemn and holy with full of beauty piece is composed by one of the most famous composer W.A. Mozart. Pure melody line and beautiful harmony fills the air as the song of angels.
As dew in Aprile, This little (B. Britten)
(from 'A Ceremony of Carols')
This two songs are from 'A Ceremony of Carols' by British composer B. Britten. It sings that Jesus was born in mother's womb and came to earth to win a battle with Satan. Rhythmic variety and repetitive pattern emphases the meaning of this carol.

Part III:
When I Sing (B. Henderson)
"When you feel blue or depressed, sing a song, then you will feel much better and be happy"
Bright melody and joyful rhythm makes our face smile.
Champs-Elys?es (M. Wilsh, M. Deighan)
Composed by Mike Wilsh and Mike Deighan, this chanson sings the beauty and free-and-easiness of Champ-elysees avenue in Paris. Many pop singers have sung this chansons and it is arranged for choral to sing in choir.
OST Medley (arr. Shin, Sang Woo)
Moon River / Over the Rainbow / Under the Sea / Sing / I Have a Dream
Moon River, Over the Rainbow, Under the Sea, Sing, I have a dream. These are most famous O.S.T. to all. Pianist and composer Shin Sang Woo, who perform in various fields, arrange this piece and he will play piano today.
Blessing (arr. Lee, Hyun Chul)
Famous CCM Artist Twila Paris composed this blessing based on Moses final blessing in Numbers 6 in the bible. Simple, but sincere melody fills with love and blessing.

About the World Vision Korea Children’s Choir
Throughout its 53-year history, various professional musicians in Korea and around the world compliment the Children’s Choir, praising the Choir as “Echoes of the Heaven.” The Choir’s achievement and quality have been proven by thousands of successful worldwide concerts.
World Vision Children’s Choir of Korea (led by Artistic Director Kim Hee-Churl) has been bringing messages of hope and love to children around the world since 1960.
After the Korean War (1950-3), the World Vision Children’s Choir brought aid from foreign sponsors to the orphans and war widows of Korea. Founded by Rev. Dr. Bob Pierce, the Children’s Choir was formed by those helped by the World Vision.
Their mission was to sing on hope and love through God, and to seek more sponsorship. After winning the highest award at the prestigious 'Let the Peoples Sing' competition organized by the BBC of the United Kingdom in 1978, the World Vision Children’s Choir of Korea has gained international fame.
For the past 53 years, the Choir has sun to give hope and love to the helpless and voiceless children in Korea and around the world.
The Choir also performed for combined traditions and fresh ideas to create the best choral music that the Choir is proud as it plays a role model in sharing peace, hope, and love.

About the Artistic Director Kim Hee-Churl

Hee Churl Kim studied choral conducting under worldly renowned conductor Hak Won Yoon in Chung-Ang University. In Georgia State University, he studied with Dr. John Heberlen, who was the president of ACDA. In 1993, Mr. Kim conducted Vancouver Chamber Choir in Eric Ericson Master Class as a representative of Asia in World Choral Symposium held in Canada. From 1995 to 1997, he joined Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus to sing with Robert Show, who was one of the best choral conductors in the world. He conducted Atlanta Korean Children's Choir and Atlanta Master Chorale, and he served as a president of Atlanta Korean Musician Association. From 1994 to 1997, while he was a visiting professor of Georgia Theological Seminary, he had served as a coordinator in 'Music and Worship Conference’ held by PCUSA. After returning to Korea in 1997, he had conducted many choirs, such as, World Vision Korea Children's Choir, Gwang-Myung City Women's Chorale, and Sung-Nam City Teacher's Choir. He also taught in Chung-Ang University. He also served as a board member of the Korean Church Music Association. Currently, he is the conductor of Gwacheon City Women's Choir, which is the only professional women's choir in Korea, had concert tours in Manila, Philippine by invitation of Philippine Madrigal Singers in 2004. Also, the choir was invited from Vancouver to celebrate the Winter Olympic Games in 2009. In 2004, he became an Artistic Director and Administrative Director of World Vision Korea Children's Choir. In 2009, he made a film called 'You and You' with World Vision Korea Children's Choir under director Je Hyun Park, who is one of the famous movie directors in Korea. As an artistic director, he has been hosting International Children's Choir Festival every three years by inviting the most prestige choirs from all around the world to help poor and devastated children in the world. As an opening concert of 2007 ICCF, he conducted a contemporary piece 'Gana and Dara' composed by In Sun Cho, worldly renown contemporary composer who served as a professor in Chung-Ang University. Mr. Kim made several CDs and DVDs, such as, 'Blessings', Songs of Love', 'Winter Sonata', and etc.

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