The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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December 6, 2013

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Friday, December 6, 2013


Good morning, Excellency!
Here are The Korea Post news, African proverbs, humor from Korean-language economic dailies, and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:
Lee Kyung-sik
Korea Post Media
The Korea Post news

Elder sister of famed ROK Army Lt. Cho Chang-Ho

Late Madam Cho Chang-soo decorated with Order of Cultural Merit, Okgwan

The government of the Republic of Korea has decided to posthumously honour the late former Curator Madam Cho Chang-soo (1925-2009) of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in the United States with an Order of Cultural Merit, Okgwan. Madam Cho dedicated her entire life to the introduction of Korean history and culture to the general public in the US, thus promoting the American people’s understanding of the Korean history and culture. The presentation ceremony will take place at the National Palace Museum on Dec. 10, 2013.

Madam Cho also made great efforts for the return of Eobo (Official Seal) of Emperor Gojong and Emperor Sunjong of the Joseon Dynasty and a total of 93 other Korean cultural treasures and properties to Korea?through fund-raising and donations.

The late Madam Cho Chang-soo (left) and her son, General Manager Eric Swanson of Millennium Seoul Hilton

The late Madam Cho is the mother of General Manager Eric Swanson of the Millennium Seoul Hilton. She is also the elder sister of the widely known late Lieutenant Cho Chang-Ho who succeeded in escaping North Korea and returning to Seoul after 43 years of captivity in North Korea where he got silicosis from forced labor in coal mine pits where he had been sent because of his repeated attempts of escape to the South after his captivity during the Korean.

          ▲Madam Cho at her university graduation ceremony

Madam Cho studied at the universities in Japan and the US and worked as a curator at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum for 44 years from 1965 to 2009--playing an important role in various areas, including exhibitions, research work, publication and education. In 2007, she even succeeded in establishing a Korea Hall at the Smithsonian Museum.

   ▲Madam Cho (seated at center) with fellow workers at the Smithsonian Institute

There are a number of other recipients of the Cultural Orders, who include Director Lee Kang-bak of Gangneung Institute (Order of Cultural Merit, Eungwan) and Professor Yoon Sae-young of Korea University (Order of Cultural Merit, Bogwan).

The late Lt. Cho Chang-Ho.


'One of Seven Wonders of Winter' for a 22-day run

Hwacheon Mountain Trout Ice Festival opens Jan. 4

Named one of the 'even Wonders of Winter' by CNN and Lonely Planet, the Hwacheon Sancheoneo (Mountain Trout) Ice Festival is probably the most famous winter event in Korea. During the month of January every year, more than 1,000,000 people swarm Hwacheon in Gangwon province hoping to catch mountain trout bare-hand or ice fishing.

Mayor Chung Gap-cheol invites the Ambassadors and families to attend of Festival on Thursday January 17, 2014 and The Korea Post is transmitting the Invitation of Mayor Chung to the Excellencies with a detailed schedule of the Festival. (Further details and photos are toward the end of this Headlines.)

1.4 million persons reportedly visited Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival last year having their fill of the joys of the winter--ice-fishing mountain trouts and treating their eyes to the colorful lanterns of the angels at the Seondeung Candle Light Festival that takes place in the night.

At the KUK Cultural Foundation Building behind Ritz Carlton Hotel

KUP hosts Year-end Concert with famed World Vision Children’s Choir of Korea

The Korea United Pharmaceutical Co. (KUP), hosts a Gala Year-end Dinner and Concert at the Cultural Foundation Building of the Company in Seoul (located behind the Ritz Carlton Hotel) on Dec. 26, 2013. It is presented by the famed World Vision of Korea Children’s Choir. Chairman Kang Duk-yung of the KUP invites the ambassadors and madams to the prestigious concert.
(See invitation and full details of the Concert at the end of this Article.)

Members of the Sunmyung-hoe World Vision Children’s Choir in performance


Dr. Sang-Ki Hahn's African wise-sayings:

If a member of the family or clan is lost, He is called back by the horn of the clan.
-A Ghanaian proverb

The bell needs its tongue (clang).
- A Kenyan proverb

The head dances, the legs refuse.
- A Nigerian proverb
Humor from Korean-language economic dailies this morning:

Seoul Kyungje

Three friends were arguing which of them had the better memory.
The first man bragged, "I can remember the first day of first grade."
"Oh yeah?" the second man countered. "Well, I can remember my first day of nursery school."
"Hell, that's nothing," the third man said. "I can remember going to the dancing party with my father and coming home with my mother."

Hankuk Kyungje
As the end of the fiscal year was drawing near, the head of a government department told his assistants, “We’ve got to get rid of this billion dollars, or we’ll be out of our jobs.”
“Sir, I have an idea to spend it,” said one of his assistants. “Let’s build a bridge across one of the major rivers.”
“That won’t do,” the department head said, “It wouldn’t cost enough. We’d have too much left over.”
“No problem, sir. Let’s build it lengthwise!”
S. Korea to Achieve Record High Exports, Trade Surplus in 2013
South Korea is expected to achieve new milestones in exports and trade surplus as well as trade volume this year.

Korea's Kimjang Culture Listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
The Korean tradition of making and sharing kimchi has made UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritages.

S. Korea, Australia Virtually Conclude Trade Talks
The government says South Korea and Australia have virtually concluded a free trade agreement.

'S. Korea Detected Signs of Jang's Ouster in September'
Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin says the government detected signs around mid-September moves were being made to purge Kim Jong-un’s powerful uncle, Jang Song-thaek.

S. Korea to Provide IMF $15Mln for Development Activities
South Korea has agreed to provide the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with 15 million U.S. dollars to support policy development assistance and training for developing countries.

DP Criticizes Top Office for Singling Out Official in Illegitimate Scandal
The main opposition Democratic Party (DP) has criticized the presidential office for claiming a staff member acted alone in illegally accessing information.

Korean Air Defense Zone Should Include Ieodo Reef: Defense Minister
Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin says South Korea’s air defense identification zone should include Ieodo Reef.

KOSPI Falls for Fifth Session on Foreign Selling
Korean shares have closed lower for five straight sessions.
Yonhap (
N. Korea seen expanding activity in Yongbyon nuclear site
North Korea seems to be notably expanding activities at its main nuclear complex in Yongbyon, a U.S. think tank said Thursday, based on analysis of new satellite imagery.

Park to meet with Biden amid tensions over China's air zone
South Korean President Park Geun-hye was to meet with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Friday amid roiling regional tensions over China's expansion of its air defense zone, as Seoul prepares to enlarge its own in response to Beijing's unilateral decision.

Kim Yu-na to skate 15th among 24 in short program in Croatia
South Korean figure skater Kim Yu-na will take to the ice midway through the short program at her much-anticipated season debut in Croatia this week.

S. Korea selected as host of 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup
South Korea was selected as the host of the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup here on Thursday.
The Korea Herald (

Nelson Mandela, 20th century colossus, dies at 95
Nelson Mandela, who became one of the world's most beloved statesmen and a colossus of the 20th century when he emerged ...

Korea, Australia agree trade pact
Korea and Australia have reached a free trade agreement after resolving controversial issues ov...

New loyalist group may emerge after Jang’s apparent dismissal
A new cadre of loyalists to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is expected to rise after Jang Song...

Making, sharing kimchi listed as UNESCO heritage
Kimjang, the tradition of making and sharing of kimchi that usually takes place in winter, was ...

Korea hits a wall with F1 Grand Prix race
South Korea has been dropped from the 2014 Formula One Grand Prix race program.The International Automobi...

Relatives of N. Korean leader‘s deposed uncle return home

Seoul issues first-ever fine dust alert

College students doubt effectiveness of English-only classes

Progressive Catholic priests berate government, ruling party

Korea, U.S., Britain to hold drills in waters off Korean Peninsula
The Korea Times (
With Biden, Park to play balancing act
President Park Geun-hye’s diplomatic balancing act is expected to continue in her meeting with visiting U.S. Vice President Joe Biden today. According to presidential aides, Park and Biden will have a meeting to be followed by l...

NK Jang's intel acquired via 3 possible channels
Political analysts narrowed down the National Information Service’s three possible channels used to acquire the first-class intelligence of Jang Song-thaek’s dissolution from North Korea’s central authority, sources reported Thu...

IMF chief unhappy with labor market  
Korea should include more women and young people in its labor market to ensure sustainable growth,... 

Duty free shops to sell more SME goods 
The Korea Customs Service said Thursday it will push duty-free shops to sell more products from sm... 

Korea, Australia set to sign FTA next year  
Korea and Australia have almost concluded their negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA), set... 

Pfizer, Hanmi fight over design of Viagra pill 
Pfizer Pharmaceutical Korea is in a legal battle with domestic drug maker Hanmi Pharmaceutical, ov...


Assembly endorses special committee on NIS  
The National Assembly endorsed a motion Thursday to form a special committee tasked with reforming... 

No F1 race in 2014  
There will be no Formula One (F1) racing event in Korea next year and it’s not a given that the co... 

Presidential administrator summoned on info leak  
The prosecution said Thursday that it summoned Jo O-young, a presidential administrator, the previ... 

'Cigarette prices should be doubled' 
The chief of a state-run health promotion agency said the government needs to raise the price of c... 

UNESCO lists kimchi-making as heritage 
Korea’s culture of collectively making kimchi, the country’s staple side-dish of fermented cabbage..
Dong A (
Korea surpasses Japan in exports to China
Korea has emerged as the largest exporter to China, surpassing Japan. It is the first time in 18 years for Japan to lose its lead in exports to China. Korea is expected to claim “triple crowns” in trade by marking...

Destroyers at Busan Port
The United States` Aegis cruiser Shiloh, South Korea`s destroyer Yulgok Yi Yi and Britain`s most advanced destroyer Daring (from left) are anchored side by side at a naval base in the South Korean port city of Busan....

Girls` Generation named Time`s Top 10 Songs of 2013
K-pop group Girls` Generation ranked fifth on U.S. news weekly magazine Time`s "Top 10 Songs of 2013" with "I Got a Boy." "The nine-woman South Korean group Girls` Generation is a ridiculously effective hook machine,...

Tears of a Greek veteran of the Korean War
Greek President Carlos Papoulias currently in Korea as state guest had a dinner Wednesday with President Park Geun-hye at the Presidential Office.
Chosun Ilbo (
How Did Kim Jong-un Consolidate His Power So Fast?
The ouster of Jang Song-taek, widely seen as the eminence grise of the North Korean regime, is prompting experts to speculate how Kim Jong-un has managed to consolidate his power much faster than his father Kim Jong-il.

U.S. Worried About NSA-Style Chinese Spying in Korea
The U.S. government is worried that Chinese telecom firm Huawei is entering Korea's wireless market because that could facilitate the Chinese government's wiretapping of Korea. Huawei was chosen as the supplier for the 2.6 GHz broadband LTE network for LG Uplus, Korea's third largest mobile network operator, in October last year.

Health Warning Issued in Seoul as Toxic Haze Lingers
Seoul was blanketed on Thursday by the highest-ever concentration of fine particles this year as toxic haze from China lingered for a third day. The Seoul Metropolitan Government issued the first pollution warning at 4 p.m.

Kimchi-Making Culture Joins UNESCO Intangible Heritage List
The Korean traditions of making and sharing kimchi have been included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Korea now has a total of 16 intangible cultural assets on the list.

Cearer Picture of Jang Song-taeks' Ouster Emerges

Is Kim Jong-un Rudderless Without Jang Song-taek?

Bloody Purge Targets Jang Song-taek's Cronies

55 Airlines Comply with Chinese Air Defense Zone

LG Bets on Curved-Screen Phone

Korea Hopes for Lucky Break in World Cup Draw
Hankyoreh (
Trade watchdog failing in its role to guard fair economy
Government’s pro-business policies have diluted FTC’s ability to investigate corporate practices
The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has been called the “prosecutors for the economy,” but its role in guarding the market economy now appears to be in question.
The organization is said to be focusing too much on winning favor with President Park Geun-hye - who has made “economic revival” rather than economic democratization into her top policy goal - and not enough on its primary purpose of investigating unfair corporate practices.

Korean communications project caught between US-China tensions
South Korean communications projects are being affected by frictions between the US and China.
The Wall Street Journal reported on Dec. 3 that the administration of US President Barack Obama was raising concerns about a Chinese communications company taking part in a South Korean project to build a state-of-the-art wireless network.

Biden’s visit might lead to improved ties between S. Korea and Japan
Could U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s tour in East Asia be a catalyst for improving relations between South Korea and Japan?
In addition to pressing concerns such as China’s declaration of an air defense identification zone (ADIZ), one agenda item during the talk between Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo on Dec. 3 was worsening relations between Seoul and Tokyo.

Park Geun-hye’s inevitability
This cartoon depicts President Park Geun-hye and her conservative associates moving along amid promises that she has broken, including not following through on welfare pledges, ...

Chondogyo join calls for Pres. Park’s resignation
Members of Chondogyo announce the release of a manifesto outside their headquarters in Seoul’s Kyungwoon neighborhood calling on President Park Geun-hye to responsibly handle th...

Make tuition info public
Members of People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy and Yonsei University’s student council hold a press conference in front of the school‘s main gate calling for the uni...

No more political maneuvering by the NIS
On Dec. 3, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) abruptly claimed that Jang Song-thaek, head of the Central Administrative Department of the North Korean Workers’ Party (KWP),...
Joong Ang (conservative): (
Korea beats Japan in China trade
2013 will also register the largest surplus and trade over $1 trillion
Marking the 50th anniversary of Trade Day yesterday, Korea had three pieces of good news: * It has become the largest exporter to China, beating out Japan for the first time.* It reached $1 trillion in trade volume for the third consecutive year.* By the end of the year, it is expected to rack up its largest trade surplus ever…

Jang Song-thaek is still alive, ministry believes
The once-powerful uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may have been purged, but he’s still alive, South Korea’s unification minister said yesterday…

Another nuclear reactor goes down
A turbine at the Hanbit-3 nuclear power reactor abruptly stopped operating yesterday morning, reigniting worries about nuclear safety and power shortages over the coming winter…

Lawmakers finally break through impasse
The National Assembly yesterday resumed its review of the budget proposal for next year, following a dramatic breakthrough in party talks. Leaders of the ruling Saenuri Party…

Blue House admits role of staffer in Chae leak
The presidential office confirmed yesterday that one of its staffers asked a Seoul district official to illegally access the family history of a 54-year-old woman…

Ministry to head cultural inspection
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced yesterday that it will conduct a general inspection on cultural properties nationwide along with the Cultural Heritage Administration…

12 textbook authors file injunction
Authors of six textbook publishers filed a suit with the Seoul Administrative Court yesterday and demanded that the Ministry of Education repeal an order to revise high school…

Pollution from China must be addressed, ministry says
Fine-particle pollution in Seoul and neighboring Gyeonggi regions reached a high yesterday, with concentration levels two to three times higher than normal…

E-Land a sign of women’s progress
Under Korea’s first female president - Park Geun-hye - the status and role of women in the workplace have been growing.E-Land, a retail conglomerate that owns…

Measures to help renters, landlords
As part of efforts to provide more stability to non-homeowners and also to boost private rentals, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said yesterday…

Survey finds fewer feel they are in middle class
The latest survey by Statistics Korea clearly shows that more people are unhappy about their lives in the first year of the Park Geun-hye administration…

Pfizer’s poll uncovers a healthy contradiction
Many Koreans appear to lack confidence when it comes to their health, though many of them say they look and feel younger than they actually are…

Abe readies $182 billion plan to boost the economy
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is readying a $182 billion economic package this week in his latest bid to pull the economy out of deflation…
Edaily (
[US the closing price]The U.S. Dow Jones Index, -68.26p(-0.43%) slightly down.
The U.S. Dow Jones Index Closing (At 2013.12.05) The Dow closed at 15,821.51p, slightly down -68.26p(-0.4...

[Table]Exchange Rate Quotation
This is Exchange rate Quotation offered by Korea Exchange Bank. [table] Exchange Rate Quotation Offered by KEB ...

[Table]Exchange Rate Currency Crossrate
2013.12.06 08:10(Korean time), this is Currency Crossrate of major 12 countries. [table] FX Cross Currency ...

[Table] Today’s Stock Market Brief
This is a stock market brief of Today. [table] Total stock market id="" width="570...

[Closed] Domestic rate of return of final bid closed. 3-year government bond down -1bp.
This is the rate of return of final bid. Quoted by Korea Financial Investment Association, domestic rate of return of final bid of 3-year government bond recorded at 3.02%, down (-1bp) from yesterday...
Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (
S. Korea set for a spate of M&A deals
A flood of companies will be put up for sale in South Korea. 10 trillion won ($9.4 billion) worth of conglomerate affiliates or business units under restructuring and 15 trillion won worth of public firms, which the government seeks to privatize, will be subject to mergers and acquisitions (M&As) next year. Taking into account resales of sound enterprises held by private equity funds (PEFs) and the disposal of those on which management rights will cha...
Samsung’s year-end reshuffle highlights accelerated promotions
Samsung Group conducted its year-end personnel reshuffle Thursday, giving 85 people accelerated promotions to new executive positions, the largest since 2006.

Hyundai Motor’s auto sales break through 1mn units in China
Hyundai Motor achieved annual sales of one million units in China for the first time in 11 years after its entry into China.

S. Korea, Australia virtually reach FTA
South Korea and Australia have virtually concluded a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), the Korean government said Thursday. 


'One of Seven Wonders of Winter' for a 22-day run

Hwacheon Mountain Trout Ice Festival opens Jan. 4

Named one of the 'even Wonders of Winter' by CNN and Lonely Planet, the Hwacheon Sancheoneo (Mountain Trout) Ice Festival is probably the most famous winter event in Korea. During the month of January every year, more than 1,000,000 people swarm Hwacheon in Gangwon province hoping to catch mountain trout bare-hand or ice fishing.
(Mayor Chung Gap-cheol invites the ambassadors and families to attend the Festival on Friday 17, 2014.)

1.4 million persons reportedly visited Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival last year having their fill of the joys of the winter--ice-fishing mountain trouts and treating their eyes to the colorful lanterns of the angels at the Seondeung Candle Light Festival that takes place in the night.

Who said Hwacheon offers only ice-fishing? You can land mountain trouts also from the water standing on the river bank (top left). Koreans, expats, young and old, all enjoy various events of the Festival.

Left: Visitors pass through the colorfully lit ice tunnel. Right: You can also enjoy a 'sky ride' down the river.

Nestled between the town of Hwacheon and the mountains, the Hwacheon River is not only covered by a thick layer of ice, but also by thousands of festival participants.

The Hwacheon Mountain Trout Ice Festival will be taking place in Hwacheon County in Gangwon-do province on Jan. 4-26, 2014. This virtually untouched region is known as the first area in Korea that freezes over in winter, and the river is covered with a thick layer of ice.

Visitors can try out ice fishing, and those who are feeling brave can try to catch mountain trout with their bare hands. Along with fun activities and performances, there is also an exhibition of ice sculptures that usually take 20 weeks to prepare. Visitors can sample raw and grilled mountain trout, both of which are delicious.

A foreign visitor said: “Unlike some Korean festivals I have been to, there is a lot to do at this festival. You can ride an ATV or go kart on the ice, go sledding, ice skating, push a metal cart on the ice, or do some regular reel fishing.”

The events that are most popular are ice fishing and bare-handed fishing. For the ice fishing, you are provided with a hole in the ice and a bag for putting your catch for 10,000 won of which you get 10,000-won Love Gift, money you can spend around the festival grounds on food and souvenirs. “If you aren’t Korean, make sure to head to the foreigner only section. It is not only less crowded, but there is English-speaking help and you are given a free fishing pole,” said the foreign visitor.

When you get on the ice, pick a hole, let out enough line to get your lure to the bottom of the river. Then, quickly flick your wrist upwards and let it float back to the bottom. Some persistence is required, he stressed.

Hwacheon is considered a “clean region” where mountain trouts and otters live. Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival is opened in every January under the slogan of “Unfrozen Hearts, Unforgettable Memories” at Hwacheon that has geographical features of the fastest ice freezing in the country because of cold valley wind and clean water.

This is a unique theme experience festival full with good shows and 40 or about various experience programs, such as ice sledding, snow sledding, snow sculpture and ice soccer, Sancheoneo experience programs combined with the image of Hwacheon that has clean natural environment with the first grade clean water in Bukhangang (river) for catching Sancheoneo by hand, Sancheoneo fishing on the ice to catch the fish easily and enjoy the fishing by everybody, breaking the ice with 40cm thickness and above and looking at Sancheoneo in the deep water for your exciting play available for experiencing at Hwacheon only and heart-warm memory in winter.

Winter Sancheoneo! Sancheoneo Fishing! To mention about ice fishing, you need to catch at least one Sancheoneo. It is an elegant fish underneath ice out of comparison to the other fishes due to moderate size and beautiful shape.

Sancheoneo is hard to catch as it is rare but everyone can catch one or two Sancheoneo at Hwacheon with somewhat good luck and knack since 32 or 3 tons of fresh Sancheoneo are being put just under the fishing place every day for visitors for Sancheoneo festival. It is just the reason why a child or young girl without fishing experience is indulged in Sancheoneo ice fishing. K

At the KUK Cultural Foundation Building behind Ritz Carlton Hotel

KUP hosts Year-end Concert with famed World Vision Children’s Choir of Korea

The Korea United Pharmaceutical Co. (KUP), hosts a Gala Year-end Dinner and Concert at the Cultural Foundation Building of the Company in Seoul (located behind the Ritz Carlton Hotel) on Dec. 26, 2013. It is presented by the famed World Vision of Korea Children’s Choir. Chairman Kang Duk-yung of the KUP invites the ambassadors and madams to the prestigious concert.

The repertoire consists of three parts, which include:

Part I:
Han-River Taryung (arr. Lee, Hyun Chul)
This is an arrangement of Korean folk song 'Han River Taryung' and winner of '2013 Andrea O. Veneracion International Choral Festival' in Folk song category. Using Korean traditional musical techniques and colors, it demonstrates the beauty and prosperity of Han river. Also fan dance emphasizes its beauty.

Surround A-Ri-Rang (arr. Lee, Sun Taek)
One of most famous Korean folk song in Korea would be 'Arirang', and this piece is an arrangement with this song in unique way. Divided into three groups, it starts with echoes and developed more dramatically. The final climax with Arirang is a breathtaking moment in this piece.

Gagopa (arr. Lee, Hyun Chul)
Originally composed by Kim Dong Jin, this famous Korean Art Song is re-arranged to emphasize its beauty. Longing for homeland and old friends, lyrical melody line shows the emotion of sadness and also happiness.

Part II:
Gloria (A. Vivaldi)
This is the first piece from 'Gloria' by baroque composer A. Vivaldi.

Laudate Dominum (W. A. Mozart)
This solemn and holy with full of beauty piece is composed by one of the most famous composer W.A. Mozart. Pure melody line and beautiful harmony fills the air as the song of angels.

As dew in Aprile, This little (B. Britten)
(from 'A Ceremony of Carols')
This two songs are from 'A Ceremony of Carols' by British composer B. Britten. It sings that Jesus was born in mother's womb and came to earth to win a battle with Satan. Rhythmic variety and repetitive pattern emphases the meaning of this carol.

Part III:
When I Sing (B. Henderson)
"When you feel blue or depressed, sing a song, then you will feel much better and be happy"
Bright melody and joyful rhythm makes our face smile.

Champs-Elys?es (M. Wilsh, M. Deighan)
Composed by Mike Wilsh and Mike Deighan, this chanson sings the beauty and free-and-easiness of Champ-elysees avenue in Paris. Many pop singers have sung this chansons and it is arranged for choral to sing in choir.

OST Medley (arr. Shin, Sang Woo)
Moon River / Over the Rainbow / Under the Sea / Sing / I Have a Dream
Moon River, Over the Rainbow, Under the Sea, Sing, I have a dream. These are most famous O.S.T. to all. Pianist and composer Shin Sang Woo, who perform in various fields, arrange this piece and he will play piano today.

Blessing (arr. Lee, Hyun Chul)
Famous CCM Artist Twila Paris composed this blessing based on Moses final blessing in Numbers 6 in the bible. Simple, but sincere melody fills with love and blessing.

About the World Vision Korea Children’s Choir
Throughout its 53-year history, various professional musicians in Korea and around the world compliment the Children’s Choir, praising the Choir as “Echoes of the Heaven.” The Choir’s achievement and quality have been proven by thousands of successful worldwide concerts.

World Vision Children’s Choir of Korea (led by Artistic Director Kim Hee-Churl) has been bringing messages of hope and love to children around the world since 1960.

After the Korean War (1950-3), the World Vision Children’s Choir brought aid from foreign sponsors to the orphans and war widows of Korea. Founded by Rev. Dr. Bob Pierce, the Children’s Choir was formed by those helped by the World Vision.

Their mission was to sing on hope and love through God, and to seek more sponsorship. After winning the highest award at the prestigious 'Let the Peoples Sing' competition organized by the BBC of the United Kingdom in 1978, the World Vision Children’s Choir of Korea has gained international fame.

For the past 53 years, the Choir has sun to give hope and love to the helpless and voiceless children in Korea and around the world.

The Choir also performed for combined traditions and fresh ideas to create the best choral music that the Choir is proud as it plays a role model in sharing peace, hope, and love.

About the Artistic Director Kim Hee-Churl
Hee Churl Kim studied choral conducting under worldly renowned conductor Hak Won Yoon in Chung-Ang University. In Georgia State University, he studied with Dr. John Heberlen, who was the president of ACDA. In 1993, Mr. Kim conducted Vancouver Chamber Choir in Eric Ericson Master Class as a representative of Asia in World Choral Symposium held in Canada. From 1995 to 1997, he joined Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus to sing with Robert Show, who was one of the best choral conductors in the world. He conducted Atlanta Korean Children's Choir and Atlanta Master Chorale, and he served as a president of Atlanta Korean Musician Association. From 1994 to 1997, while he was a visiting professor of Georgia Theological Seminary, he had served as a coordinator in 'Music and Worship Conference’ held by PCUSA. After returning to Korea in 1997, he had conducted many choirs, such as, World Vision Korea Children's Choir, Gwang-Myung City Women's Chorale, and Sung-Nam City Teacher's Choir. He also taught in Chung-Ang University. He also served as a board member of the Korean Church Music Association. Currently, he is the conductor of Gwacheon City Women's Choir, which is the only professional women's choir in Korea, had concert tours in Manila, Philippine by invitation of Philippine Madrigal Singers in 2004. Also, the choir was invited from Vancouver to celebrate the Winter Olympic Games in 2009. In 2004, he became an Artistic Director and Administrative Director of World Vision Korea Children's Choir. In 2009, he made a film called 'You and You' with World Vision Korea Children's Choir under director Je Hyun Park, who is one of the famous movie directors in Korea. As an artistic director, he has been hosting International Children's Choir Festival every three years by inviting the most prestige choirs from all around the world to help poor and devastated children in the world. As an opening concert of 2007 ICCF, he conducted a contemporary piece 'Gana and Dara' composed by In Sun Cho, worldly renown contemporary composer who served as a professor in Chung-Ang University. Mr. Kim made several CDs and DVDs, such as, 'Blessings', Songs of Love', 'Winter Sonata', and etc.

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